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This was the nickname given to the era during James Monroe's presidency between the years of 1817-1825.

Era of Good Feelings


The demise of this party after the War of 1812 left the Democratic-Republicans in control of Congress and the presidency.

Federalist Party


Name a few issues that contradict the Era of Good Feelings.

Protective tariffs,
Federal aid for internal improvement,
Expansion of slavery into new territories,
Factions within the Republican party


What Congressman from Kentucky promoted the idea of internal improvements?

Henry Clay


What was the name of Henry Clay's plan for internal improvements?

American System


This term refers to the development of a national transportation system.

Internal improvements


Henry Clay's American System consisted of what three parts?

Protective Tariffs,
National Bank,
Internal Improvements,


Because of the South's dependence on agricultural plantations and slave labor, the South benefited least from what?

Internal improvements


Who became the 5th president of the United States and his two terms became known as the Era of Good Feelings.

Pres. James Monroe (1817-1825)


4 out of the first 5 presidents were from Virginia. What was this referred as?

Virginia Dynasty


In 1817, this agreement between the U.S. and Britain demilitarized the Great Lakes region and the U.S. also got fishing rights.

Rush-Bagot Disarmament


In 1819, the United States purchased Flordia from Spain in this treaty?

Adams-Onis Treaty (Florida Purchase)


In 1819, this was the first depression in the United States. State banks loaned money to land speculators and the banks did not have enough gold to back their currency, which caused bank runs. Severely hit Westerners.

Panic of 1819


In 1820, when Missouri was going to be admitted into the Union, this was passed to prohibit the further introduction of slaves and children of slaves would be emancipated at the age of 25. This gradual end to slavery was defeated.

Tallmadge Amendment (Missouri's admission)


In 1820, this compromise admitted Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state, which maintained the balance between free and slave states. 12 free and 12 slave. This also banned slavery north of the 36 30 line.

Missouri Compromise of 1820


The Missouri Compromise of 1820 set aside the issue of the expansion of slavery until which time period?



During the Era of Good Feelings, Americans became torn between nationalism and sectionalism. Define both of these terms.

Nationalism - loyalty to the Union
Sectionalism - loyalty to one's own region


In 1823, this stated that Europeans could not intervene in the Western Hemisphere. The America's were off limits to European colonization and the U.S. would not interfere with existing European colonies and wars.

Monroe Doctrine (1823)


In 1823, Russia dropped its claim to Oregon in this treaty.

Russo-American Treaty (1823)


In the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, but John Quincy Adams won the presidency because of Speaker of the House Henry Clay. What nickname did this election earn?

Corrupt Bargin of 1824