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A person who regularly has an intense experience of the presence and power of God resulting in a deep sense of union with Him



An obstinate denial after Baptism to believe a truth that Catholics must believe



Members of religious orders that rely on charity for support



The change in the bread and wine, which retain their physical form, to the Body and Blood of Christ



A person living a solitary life to commit him/herself more fully to prayer



An Arabic word meaning submission



An independent country ruled by the Pope until 1870

Papal States


The Church's sphere of power and authority, both politically and spiritually, during the Middle Ages



Buying or selling something spiritual, such as a grace, a Sacrament, a relic



A practice by which an emperor, King, etc. would appoint bishops or abbots

Lay Investiture


An official letter issued by the Pope named for the wax seal of authentication

papal bill


Latin for "and from the Son," a phrase added to the Nicene Creed causing disagreement between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodoxy



A break in Christian unity that takes place when a group of Christians separates itself from the Catholic Church



A type of educational corporation modeled on medieval craftsmen's guilds



A group of men or women who follow a common rule and live a communal life

Monastic community


A person claiming to be Pope in opposition to the Pope chosen by Church Law



In Eastern Orthodox Church, this is a spiritual father, its highest Bishops



The deliberate destruction of religious icons and symbols



The sins spoken to a priest in the Sacrament of Penance cannot be revealed

Seal of Confession


What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

Pilgrimage, alms to the poor, prayer, fasting, and creed


Describe the "alms the poor" pillar of Islam?

Obligated to give 2.5% of your wealth within a specific due date, if you are poor then you are obligated to serve with work instead of money


Describe the "prayer" pillar of Islam?

5x a day facing Mecca, often at a mosque but if you can't then just where you are, separated by gender, use a prayer rug and lay prostrate with forehead on the ground


Describe the "pilgrimage" pillar of Islam.

Called the Hajj, every Muslim must complete the journey at least once during the month of the Hajj, wear white sheets, face the Ka'aba at the mosque


Describe the "creed" pillar of Islam.

One sentence long, recited on speakers when being called to prayer at the mosque, recites belief that Mohammad is allahs servant and Allah is the one true God.


Describe the "fasting" pillar of Islam.

All (unless a serious health concern is present) must fast during the month of Ramadan. It lasts throughout all hours of daylight and the month moves every year.


Discuss any of the two guidelines found in the Quran.

Food restrictions- carrion, pork, blood, sacrificial meat other than to Allah is restricted (unless you are starving), must be killed and processed in a Muslim way (humanely, with the animal in good health and the fastest way possible) no alcohol because it prevents proper frame of mind
Women- a women is the equivalent of two men when witnessing something , the inherit half as much as men, responsible for bearing children, being obedient, remaining faithful and in return they are protected by husband, if not faithful they are beaten, many wear a hijab, niqab, or burka to protect themselves from immodesty


How do they choose the Pope?

Once the current pope has died or resigned, the college of cardinals (approx. 120) all meet, must be under 80 to vote. They lock themselves in the Papal Conclave. A 2/3 majority is required for the election of the pope. If there is no consensus the first or second time, the votes are burned and black smoke is released. In that case, the two cardinals with the most votes are the only ones on the ballot. When 2/3 majority is reached, white smoke is emitted and he will be sworn in later as the pope.


Why must all Catholics be a part of a church?

1. We need to hear the Word of God from someone else because if we just preach it to ourselves we might be selective of what teachings we choose to believe. We need guidance. 2. We also need to because since we are made in the image of God, who is a Trinity, we are social creatures, so being surrounded by a community will benefit us with guidance and support. 3. The church also provides access to the sacraments, which in return give us graces and communion with Christ.


How is the apostles creed a visible sign of unity?

Because when it is spoken at baptism, the person undergoing the sacrament will be permitted to enter the church and in communion with the Blessed Trinity.


What three sections is the Nicene Creed broken up by?

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit