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how do you know if a function is odd? What kind of symmetry does it have?

Plug in -x for x and your equation will be -f(x) (exact opposite). It has rotational symmetry 180 degrees about the origin


How can you tell if a function is even? What kind of symmetry does it have?

Plug in -x for x, and your equation will remain exactly the same {{f(x)}}
Reflection symmetry over the y-axis


if your function is not odd or even, what is it? what kind of symmetry does this kind of function have

neither--no symmetry


what are points of inflection

where concavity changes


which way do you view a graph to tell if it is increasing or decreasing

left to right


what is the difference between intercepts, roots, and zeroes?

no difference


what does an open point signify on a graph

that breaks one of the rules in your piecewise function rules


how would you express that your domain can be all real numbers greater than -2 using interval notation

Domain= {R's: (-2, [infinity sign])}


what is a secant line

a line that intersects two points


A ________________ is a location on a graph where your line stops increasing and starts decreasing

relative max


The ________ ________ ________ is used to determine whether the graph of an equation is a function of y in terms of x

Vertical Line Test


The _______ of a function f are the values of x for which f(x)=0

zeroes (roots, x-intercepts)


A function f is ______ on an interval when, for any x1 and x2 in the interval, x1 is less than x2 implies f(x1) is greater than f(x2)



The ______ ______ _______ _______ between any two points (x1, f(x1)) and (x2, f(x2)) is the slope of the line through the two points, and this lines is called the _____ line

average rate of change, secant


A function f is _____ when, for each x in the domain of f, f(-x)=-f(x)



true or false- a function with a square root cannot have a domain that is the set of all real numbers

false-- the x value could be raised to an even root underneath the square root
i.e. y=square root of x^2


if the graph of a function was a) even or b) odd. what ordered pair could also lie on that graph if (-5/3, -7) did

a) (5/3, -7)
b) (5/3, 7)


what is domain

set of all values that the independent variable (usually x) can be


what is the range

the set of all values that the dependent variable (usually y) can be


what does relation mean

set of ordered pairs (mapping, x/y chart, etc.)


what is f(1)=4 in simpler terms?

(1,4) an ordered pair


what is a function

a specific relation saying your x value can never produce two or more y values


true or false-- if an equation has a y value which produces 2 x values, it is NOT a function

false- although an x value cannot produce two or more y values, a y value can produce two or more x values


what is a piecewise function

a function with multiple equations, each with designated rules


what is (x^2-1) said to be

difference of perfect squares


what is implied domain

values acceptable for x for a certain function (given)
usually in in piecewise


what is the variable under the radical called



how do you solve a difference quotient

make two large brackets, plug in when they are asking you to. simplify and solve


how do you express that the domain of a function is x greater than or equal to 1 in interval notation. What notation is it in above?

[-1, infinity) inequality


A relation that assigns to each element x from a set of inputs, or _________, exactly one element y in a set of outputs, or ______, is called a ______.

domain, range, function