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In addition to Sheriff's Office personnel being responsible for achieving the agencies crime prevention goals, the Crime Prevention Unit of the Community Affairs Division strives to prevent and reduce _____.



The Crime Prevention Unit partners with the established institutions within the community to recognize their potential for impacting crime by implementing changes in attitude and ______.



This is implemented through the promotion of programs for citizen involvement and programs to reduce ______ ______.

criminal opportunity


The Sheriff's Office is involved in a broad spectrum of activities such as:

- developing specialized crime prevention materials,

- educating the community through various crime prevention programs,

-promoting crime prevention assistance to groups, agencies, and other jurisdictions


The Community Affairs Division personnel also assist other components within the Sheriff's Office with integrating and coordinating crime prevention efforts throughout the Sheriff's Office.



The Community Affairs Division _____ is responsible for the overall operation of the Community Affairs Division.



In addition to following all Sheriff's Office General Orders and procedures, the Chief will ensure that the primary goals of the Community Affairs Division are accomplished, and that the responsibility for achieving the Sheriff's Office Community Relations objective is shared by all personnel.



The Community Affairs Division Chief shall establish a Community Relations Plan that includes provisions for:

1. Establishing liaison with formal community organizations and other community groups;

2. Developing community relation’s policies for the Sheriff's Office;

3. Publicizing agency objectives, problems and successes;

4. Conveying information transmitted from citizen’s organizations to the agency;

5. Improving agency practices bearing on police-community relations;

6. Identifying training needs through interviews with citizen representatives, consultations with those involved in internal investigations, and conferences with supervisors; and

7. Establishing community groups where such groups do not exist.


The Chief of Community Affairs shall be responsible for ensuring that all Community Relations Programs are evaluated ______.



A copy of the annual evaluation will be forwarded to the _____ ______.

Accreditation Unit


The _____ of Community Affairs shall coordinate the Sheriff's Office commitment to correcting actions, practices, and attitudes that may contribute to community tensions and grievances.



The Chief of Community Affairs shall ensure that a community survey is conducted at least once every _ years,



The Chief of Community Affairs shall ensure that a community survey is conducted at least once every three years, with the results forwarded to the _____



The Chief of Community Affairs shall ensure that a community survey is conducted at least once every three years, with the results forwarded to the Sheriff to determine citizen attitudes towards the Sheriff's Office and to identify and relate command policies with community concern in relation to:

1. Overall agency performance;

2. Overall competence of Sheriff's Office employees;

3. Officer's attitudes and behavior toward citizens;

4. Concern over safety and security within the Sheriff's Office service area as a whole;

5. Concern over safety and security within the sub-sector where the respondent lives; and

6. Recommendations and suggestions for improvement.


A copy of the community survey report will be forwarded to the ________ ______.

Accreditation Unit


Recognizing the Sheriff's Office commitment to the development and perpetuation of Community Crime Prevention Programs, the Police Community Affairs Division serves as the umbrella for specialized programs of community ______.



Division programs promote community involvement with law enforcement in positive ways. Programs will be designed to increase citizen recognition of what can be done to assist themselves, the ______, and the Sheriff's Office.



The success and effectiveness of any program largely depends upon the Sheriff's Office and the utilization of various _____ within the community.



Personnel of the Community Affairs Division will strive to develop and maintain liaison with members of the business community, local citizen groups, and local civic organizations for the purpose of exchanging ______ and identifying police service needs of the community.



If a need for a community group is identified and a group does not exist, the Police Community Affairs Division will assist and encourage the formation of such a group. In addition, Division personnel will promote police citizen contacts, discuss mutual problems, and encourage action aimed at solving community ______.



Any member of the Sheriff’s Office who receives information relevant to the report referred to in section III, B. of this order shall forward the information to the _____of Community affairs as soon as possible.



Should the information be received by mail, the letter shall be forwarded to the _____ ______ _____.

Community Affairs Division


Information which is received by telephone shall be documented on an ________ ________ _______ or an email and forwarded to the Chief of Community Affairs whenever transferring the actual call is not possible.

Intradepartmental Correspondence Form (P-0004)


The various units within the Community Affairs Division are committed to maintaining a relationship with the community that fosters open communication and good rapport between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Jacksonville. These units include:

1. The Community Posse:

2. The Safety Education Unit (S.E.U.):

3. The Crime Prevention Unit (C.P.U):


a group of volunteers who have been trained in various applications of property and personal crime prevention techniques. The group assists the Office of the Sheriff with crime prevention activities aimed at reducing and preventing crime with primary concentration in the residential areas of the community through the establishment of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Related watch programs also include Business Watch and Apartment Watch (Safe Housing Programs).

The Community Posse


This unit works to establish a rapport between the students, teachers, parents, and the Office of the Sheriff. Through various programs, students have the opportunity to become more familiar with law enforcement, school safety, and crime prevention. Programs are presented by a uniformed police officer, which allows participants to discover the variety of services afforded by the police. By being presented in a relaxed atmosphere, the Safety Education unit, through their various programs, is able to encourage public support and a positive attitude toward law enforcement. Officers of the Safety Education Unit will assist school officials in the organization, instruction, and supervision of the School Safety Patrol program.

The Safety Education Unit (S.E.U.)


This unit provides a variety of programs, which include Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, Burglary and Robbery Prevention, Personal Safety and General Crime Prevention. The C.P.U. also conducts security surveys applying the concept of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). These programs serve to help prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Through these programs community partnerships and problem solving is encouraged and enhanced. The C.P.U. constantly develops positive relationships with the community and promotes involvement in the quest for better crime control and prevention.

The Crime Prevention Unit (C.P.U)


As directed by the Sheriff, the _____ ______ will maintain and establish liaison with formal community organizations and other community groups at least ______, when there is a need for it, or in response to requests, for the purpose to exchange information and to identify police service needs of the community, as well as related governmental agencies.

Division Chief



Division personnel will be knowledgeable in the workings of other divisions within the Sheriff's Office so that personnel can better publicize Sheriff's Office _______, problems, and successes. This information will be presented in community workshops, neighborhood watch groups, Sheriff’s Advisory Council Meetings, and speaking engagements.



Community Affairs Division personnel are responsible for transmitting information of concern from citizen organizations to the Sheriff's Office. This information may be obtained from speaking engagements, neighborhood watch programs, police community workshops, individual interviews, by serving on community boards, and while acting as consultant to various groups. All personnel within the various divisions and units at the Sheriff’s Office are responsible for relaying information of concern to the ______ ______ Division.

Community Affairs


Ideas for training needs or improving police community affairs for the Sheriff's Office will be obtained from _______ with citizen representatives, consultations with the Professional Standards Division, and conferences with Sheriff's Office supervisors.



Upon notice of meetings, Community Affairs Division personnel will provide input into the development and/or revision of zoning policies, building codes, fire codes, and residential and building permits.



Community Affairs Division personnel will direct activities and provide support to other divisions, units and areas in the community which include, but are not limited to:

1. The targeting of programs by crime type and geographic area on the basis of an analysis of local crime data;

2. The targeting of programs that address community perceptions and misconceptions of crime; and

3. The development of recommendations for application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.) principles which will be made available to all city agencies, such as zoning, code enforcement, JFRD, etc.


Using information obtained by members of the Sheriff’s Office from community meetings, citizen contacts, as well as civic and business leaders, the Special Assistant to the Sheriff shall prepare a quarterly Tension Indicator Report for the Sheriff which will include:

1. A description of current concerns voiced by the community;

2. A description of potential problems that have a bearing on law enforcement activities within the community;

3. A statement of recommended actions that address previously identified concerns and problems; and

4. A statement of progress made toward addressing previously identified concerns and problems.


A copy of the quarterly Tension Indicator Report will be forwarded to the _____ _____.

Accreditation Unit.


Crime prevention programs include, but are not limited to:

1. Security Surveys (both business and residential);

2. Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch;

3. S.E.U. programs in schools;

4. Stranger Awareness Program for age appropriate school children


Youth Services Programs are a part of the Crime Prevention Programs and include:

1. Safety Education;

2. School Resources;

3. Crossing Guard Activities; and

4. Community Recreational Youth Programs.


All Crime Prevention Programs will be evaluated at least once every _____ years. A final copy of the evaluation will be forwarded to the Accreditation Unit.


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