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The purpose of this order is to establish procedures for police escorts by members of the Sheriff's Office. The purpose of an escort is to provide ____ _______ of a vehicle or group of vehicles with as little inconvenience to the motoring public as possible. Every escort is meant to move a convoy of vehicles from one destination to another safely.

safe movement


Police escorts are classified as ______ and _________.

emergency and non-emergency.


Emergency escorts requiring the use of emergency equipment will not be conducted at any time. Extreme emergency medical situations will be handled by:

a. Remaining with the distressed person, requesting Fire/Rescue assistance, and rendering first aid; or

b. Placing distressed persons in the patrol vehicle and transporting them to the nearest hospital.


Non-emergency escorts are allowed as part of a procession with the approval of the _____ _____ of Special Events.

Assistant Chief


The Assistant Chief of the Special Events Unit shall approve all escorts for:

1. Public officials;

2. Dignitaries;

3. Hazardous or unusual cargo;

4. Sports Events;

5. Motorcycle Rides;

6. Funerals;

7. Special Events; and

8. Any other escort needs.


Privately owned oversized loads are escorted by ______ ______ ______. If an officer is required to escort an oversized load of the city (J.E.A., D.O.T., etc.), the approval of the Assistant Chief of Special Events is required.

private escort services


Private emergency vehicles will not be escorted by members of the _____ _____.

Sheriff's Office


________ owned emergency vehicles will be escorted when appropriate and approved by the Assistant Chief of Special Events.



Funeral escorts are approved by the Assistant Chief of Special Events and are classified as:

1. A full honor escort

2. An honor escort consisting of:

3. A police escort consisting of:

4. A courtesy escort consists of a lead and tail vehicle.


A full honor escort consisting of:

a. A flying wedge (minimum of five police motorcycles),

b. A star formation on the hearse,

c. A lead and tail police vehicle,

d. Stationary and roving traffic assignments,

e. Traffic lane blockage (no motorist shall pass or overtake the procession),

f. The family and hearse vehicles being escorted to the funeral service, and

g. A salute to the hearse and family members as they enter the site of internment.


An honor escort consisting of:

a. A flying wedge (minimum of three police motorcycles);

b. A lead and tail police vehicle;

c. Stationary and roving traffic assignments;

d. Traffic lane blockage;

e. The family and hearse being escorted to the service site; and

f. A salute to the hearse and family members as they enter the internment site.


A police escort consisting of:

a. A lead and tail police vehicle

b. Roving traffic assignments;

c. The hearse escorted to the service site; and

d. A right hand to left breast salute as the hearse and family enter the internment site.


When civilian vehicles require an escort for ______ _______ only (i.e., leading them to a certain highway, building, area, etc.), the use of emergency equipment is not needed and all traffic laws will be obeyed. Officers will notify their Sergeants prior to the escort. This type of escort does not need the approval of a Chief.

directional purposes


Officers must attend a four-hour training session on POLICE ESCORTS prior to escorting for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Officers wishing to escort as secondary employment on motorcycles must attend an eighteen-hour course conducted by the Criminal Justice Center. All training will be documented in the ______ Training Log.



Officers will utilize all emergency lighting with headlights, and the siren, horn, and whistles will be used when necessary to meet the requirements of Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 316.1974 and F.S.S. 316.126. Officers will use discretion with regard to respect to the family when using _____ _____ on funeral escorts.

audible signals


Every escort is meant to move a vehicle or set of vehicles from one destination to another safely. Every escort, intersection, or hazard must be evaluated for:

a. Road surface;

b. Road width;

c. Traffic control;

d. Traffic type;

e. Traffic volume;

f. Weather conditions; and

g. Any other special conditions.


Most motorcycle escorts will utilize the "______" method. This method will change only at the direction of a supervisor directing the escort.



The purpose of the "_____" method is to ensure all obstacles or hazards are dealt with by the escort motorcycles to allow for an uninterrupted flow of vehicles in the procession.



“Leapfrogging” is when the lead motorcycle officer secures any obstacle, hazard or intersection, which he arrives at first and remains until the tail motorcycle and last leapfrogging motor passes before re-entering the rotation. It is imperative all officers are fully briefed on the procedure to insure motor cycle officers do not collide with one another. _____ _____ should be given when passing to insure the approach is known.

Audible signals


All motorcycle officers will pass to the ____ side of the procession.



If the motorcade or procession is moving in the left lanes then passing on the right will be authorized and announced by the ____ _____.

lead officer


In a Presidential escort, the United States Secret Service prohibits passing to the _____ and/or cutting through a motorcade. Passing the _______ in Presidential escort in a one-lane situation is prohibited.




If a JSO helicopter is used:

1) The helicopter will fly at a minimum altitude of one thousand feet and one mile in front of the escort in an attempt to locate traffic hazards, road closures, trains or obstructions along the escort route; and

2) The helicopter will not fly over the escort.


“Leapfrogging” motorcycles will not ride ____ by ____, but will ride in a staggered position. The purpose is to allow the lead motor the ability to respond to a hazard/threat on either side of the roadway. The next motorcycle in line will then become the lead motorcycle, responding to the next hazard/threat. If two motorcycles are needed at an intersection, the two _____ motorcycles will respond.

side by side



Escort motorcycles will only ride as fast as the officer in front of them. NO MOTORCYCLE WILL ____ ANOTHER MOTORCYCLE RIDING AHEAD OF THEM.



In the event the lead motorcycle misses or cannot stop for a hazard/threat, the lead motorcycle will _____ to the hazard/threat and the motorcycle _____ him will take the responsibility. The lead motorcycle will then proceed to the next hazard/threat or intersection.




If several motorcycles arrive at a busy intersection and all lanes of traffic are blocked, the lead motorcycle will decide the ____ with all other motorcycles following. Motorcycles will not take their own paths as this creates ______ with drivers not knowing which way to move.




When possible all escorts will operate on a dedicated radio talkgroup (tactical, car to car etc.) requested through the _________ ______.

Communications Center.


At no time will a non-JSO employee (Private escort services) be allowed to work off of a ___ radio frequency for any escorts, to include on or off duty escorts of any kind.



An adequate number of units will be assigned. One Officer will never work an escort alone. The ______ ______ ______ will determine the number of officers needed for any escort.

Special Events Sergeant


For all _______ or high-level escorts the briefing will be conducted in a controlled formal setting. No escort will be conducted until all questions and issues have been addressed. When possible, officers will ride and check the proposed route prior to the escort.



All escorts will have a ____ and ____ police unit. These units will be police cars equipped with emergency lighting.

lead and tail


The Lead unit will assume the direction and coordination of the escort. The ____ unit will communicate the location of the ___ on a regular basis.



When a change in _____ or _______ is needed the change will be communicated prior to the change and time will be given for any unit involved to communicate any problem with the change.

lanes or direction


When blocking ________, the primary goal is to clear the ________ out entirely. If this cannot be done, then the direction being traveled will be cleared.



All Motorcycle Ride Escorts will be coordinated by the _____ _____ Unit and approved by the Assistant Chief of Special Events.

Special Events


Motorcycle rides must have an approved street closure permit issued by the City of Jacksonville Traffic Engineer, and Sheriff’s Office Special Events _____.



Approved escorted rides will only be on _______ approved in the permit.



The number of officers will be determined by the size of the ride. If the ride is under ___ motorcycles, a lead and tail vehicle will be utilized and _____ additional escort vehicles will work a “leapfrog” method.




The lead vehicle will be a _______.



If the ride will have over 500 riders and less than ___, an additional ____ escort officers will be added.




The Special Events Unit or assigned supervisor has the authority to add to the escort officer numbers if additional issues warrant an increase in staffing. No motorcycle rides with over ___ riders will be approved without permission of the ______ of Patrol and Enforcement.




Prior to departure, the police supervisor or his designee will conduct a ______ ______ to all riders participating.

safety briefing


Immediately following every escort, all escort officers will conduct a ______. This is to be done while on scene when all details are fresh. The purpose is for training and evaluation not to criticize. The debriefing is to discuss any deficiencies that may have occurred during the escort, which may cause a change or review of policy. An ____ _____ ______ will be completed after all escorts and submitted to the Assistant Chief of Special Events.


after action report

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