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The purpose of this order is to describe the functions of the Tele-Serv Unit. This order applies to all personnel assigned to Tele-Serv. The Tele-Serv Unit was established to provide a service to the ______ and to the ____.






The Tele-Serv Unit reviews all ____________________ and writes police reports on minor incidents over the telephone in order to relieve sector officers for more serious calls and investigations.




Citizen Online Reporting System submissions


______ assigned to Tele-Serv shall be courteous in all their dealings with citizens.





Reports must be ______ correct and factually accurate.





Tele-Serv personnel shall have a thorough knowledge of the Sheriff's Office specific _____ and _______ of the Tele-Serv function.



policies and procedures


The list of calls to be handled by the Tele-Serv Unit is explained in Article II.C., of this order. The following are exceptions to that list and will be dispatched to patrol officers when:

1. The suspect is present or an immediate apprehension can be made;

2. There is physical evidence to be collected;

3. There is a communication problem where the Tele-Serv   officer cannot determine what has occurred; or

4. The Tele-Serv Sergeant deems it necessary.


Tele-Serv officers will handle information calls from the ____.





During the established hours of the Tele-Serv Unit (0730 - 2300), _______ will transfer calls to Tele-Serv when they are unable to assist the general public with their questions.



security guards


Specific calls to be handled by Tele-Serv are as follows:

1. Missing Persons

2. Theft

3. Auto Theft

4. Criminal Mischief

5. Burglary

6. Property Check

7. Fraud Investigation

8. Follow-up

9. Con Game / Flim Flam

10. False Personation

11. Obscene/Lewd Telephone Calls

12. Threatening Phone Calls

13. Damaged Property

14. Lost Property

15. Information

16. Misdemeanor Stalking

17. Misdemeanor Assault

18. Robbery to Individual

19. Hit and Run Vehicle Crashes

20. Calls for Service (Civil)

21. Identity Theft


Missing Persons – Tele-Serv officers will write all missing persons reports from dependency shelters unless:

  1. Foul play is suspected;
  2. The victim has a serious medical or mental problem/condition; or
  3. The victim is 11 years old or younger.



Tele-Serv officers will notify National Crime Information Center (NCIC) by phone to verify:

a. If any missing person(s) were subjects of foul play when writing Supplemental Reports of returned missing persons; and

b. If NCIC has canceled any missing person(s) reports that could be in the process of being turned in, and would be, in fact, self canceling.


Tele-Serv officers will write Missing Persons recovery Supplemental Reports after verifying information received from the ________, who is assigned to the ________.



Validations Clerk Central Records Unit


Theft - Tele-Serv officers will write all thefts (including _________ at least 14 days overdue) except when there is physical evidence, the suspect's immediate apprehension is likely, or there is enough information to identify the suspect.



rental equipment


Tele-Serv will write a report on all gas drive-offs. Gas drive-offs can be classified as either _____ or ______ depending on the circumstances.



Fraud or Larceny


A gas drive-off shall be classified as _____ when an interaction occurs between the clerk or employee and the suspect. The simple act of turning on the gas pump does not necessarily establish an interaction between the suspect and employee. An interaction would be established when the employee actually assisted the suspect before turning on the pump so the employee could give a physical description of the suspect or the vehicle.





A gas drive-off should be classified as _____ when the suspect drives up, pumps gas and leaves without any interaction with the employee. An example of no interaction is when the suspect removes the nozzle from the pump and the employee is notified by a bell or buzzer to activate the pump. The employee activates the pump without establishing an interaction (visual contact) therefore, no physical description of the suspect or suspect vehicle can be provided.





When the appropriate information is available, Tele-Serv personnel will conduct a _________ and include the name, address, and sector number of the registered owner in the narrative of the report.



registration check


The Tele-Serv officer will check the appropriate box on the report, and ______ the case. If useful suspect or registration information is available, a __________ will be completed and sent to the victim or to the complainant if the victim is a business or juvenile.




State Attorney’s Card


Tele-Serv officers will write reports for stolen or lost tags (including _____ ___) and decals and route to NCIC.



temporary tags


Auto Theft - Tele-Serv officers will write only auto theft reports when:


a. It is involving rental vehicles which are at least 14 days overdue. The complainants will be advised that they must go to the State Attorney’s Office to file charges; and

b. When it is an auto theft attempt and no suspect is in custody, no evidence is being processed from the scene, or the attempt is not one of a series.


Tele-Serv officers will inform the complainant that they will be responsible for all _____ ______ ______ when their vehicles are recovered.




towing storage charges


Criminal Mischief – Tele-Serv officers will write all criminal mischief reports when there is no _____ or _______ ______ at the scene. If there is enough information to identify the suspect(s), the call will be dispatched to the appropriate zone.



suspect or physical evidence


Tele-Serv officers will write burglary to auto reports only when:

1. The victim is calling from another city;

2. When there is a significant time delay, more than eight hours;

3. The Victim refuses processing of vehicle (will have to bedetermined by the call-taker);

4. Inclement weather prevents processing of vehicle;

5. There is no physical evidence present; or

6. The vehicle has been moved.


Tele-Serv officers will not complete a report for burglary to an auto when:

1. The incident is in progress and/or a suspect is identified and/or apprehended;

2.  The complainant/victim is insistent on having a police officer respond to write the report; or

3.  When there is physical evidence at the scene to beprocessed.


With a supervisor’s approval, Tele-Serv officers will complete a report for burglaries to motel/hotel rooms where the victim is calling from another ____.





Property Check - Tele-Serv officers will complete a _____ _____ ______ for unoccupied residences/buildings that will be vacant for more than 24 hours.

Property Watch Report


A Property Watch Report will not be written for less than a __ hour time period;





Calls for service requesting a premises check for a period less than 24 hours will be sent via computer terminal to the appropriate ____ ______ with all pertinent information;



zone dispatcher


The zone dispatcher will assign the call to the sub-sector officer who will handle the check ______ calls for service. The dispatcher will ensure that the information is passed on to the next watch, if necessary;





After completing the report, the Tele-Serv officer will read the disclaimer as _____ on the Property Watch Report to the requester; and the Tele-Serv officer will ___ a copy of the report to the appropriate zone.







Fraud Investigation - Tele-Serv officers will write all fraud reports except when there is ______ to be placed in the Property and Evidence Facility.





Follow-up - Tele-Serv officers will write ________ reports in which additional information or property needs to be added to the original report. The return of missing persons Supplemental Reports will only be handled by the Tele-Serv officers.





Teleserv Officer Follow Up Exceptions:

a. A returning missing person is 11 years old or younger (Tele-Serv will write Missing Person returns reported by dependency shelters, regardless of age);

b. The original missing person report indicates that foul play was suspected;

c. A returning missing person has a serious medical or mental problem/condition;

d. Additional charges are to be placed against a returning escaped prisoner; and

e. Referring to additional property, the complainant has excess of 10 items to be added. In this case, the complainant will be directed to:

(1) Make a numbered list of the items, leaving at least a two inch margin along the left side;

(2) Include a complete description of the items (e.g., serial numbers, identifiable marks, value, etc.);

(3) Write the original Central Communication Report (CCR)

number, date, victim's name, address, telephone number,

race, sex, age, and date of birth at the top of the first page; and

(4) Email the information to the Tele-Serv officer providing the instructions or mail the list to the following address:

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

ATTN: Tele-Serv Unit

501 East Bay Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32202




Tele-Serv will not write Supplemental Reports for traffic ________.



crash reports


Con Game/Flim Flam - Tele-Serv officers will write all cases of Flim Flam, except when the ______ _______ of the suspect is possible by patrol officers.



immediate apprehension


Elderly exploitation will be routed to the _____ _____ Unit.



Special Assault


False Personation - Tele-Serv officers will write all cases unless it involves the impersonation of a ________.



police officer


Obscene/Lewd Telephone Calls - Tele-Serv officers will write all Misdemeanor Obscene/ Lewd Calls as defined in Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 365.16. The below procedures are to be followed when handling these cases:

a. If the suspect is known to the victim and solvability factors exist, the incident shall be classified as an Managed Criminal Investigative (MCI) "Category A" offense, and the case suspended; a State Attorney Card will be completed and sent to the victim or complainant if the victim is a business or juvenile;

b. If the suspect is not known to the victim and the call is of a threatening, harassing, or obscene nature, the General Offense/Incident Report will be routed to the Integrity/Special Investigation Unit;

c. If the call is a nuisance in nature (i.e., hang-ups, heavy breathing, children playing on the telephone, etc.), there is no pattern to the calls, and they are not repeatedly being received by the victim, a report is not required. The telephone subscriber will be instructed to contact the phone company and file a complaint; or

d. If there is a voice recording as evidence, Tele-Serv officers will complete the report and note in the narrative what was said on the voice recording.


Threatening Phone Calls - If the call is of a threatening nature, officers will be dispatched to the call, conduct an initial investigation, and complete a _______________ Report.



General Offense/Incident


Damaged Property - Tele-Serv officers will write ______ ______ reports when resulting from a non-criminal incident and the property is owned by the City of Jacksonville.



damaged property


Lost Property - Tele-Serv will write Lost Property reports where:

a. Serial numbers are available; or

b. The item is:

(1) Valued at $1,500 or more; or

(2) One of a kind and may be identified by its distinct markings or by photographs.


Information - Tele-Serv officers will write all informational type reports and forward them to the appropriate unit. Information reports are not to be used when a crime has occurred except in Florida Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) reported cases. Officers will write all reports requested by DCFS employees involving Child Abuse, Child Neglect, or Elderly Abuse that occur within our jurisdiction. The following information is to be included in the report:

a. Complainant information will be the DCFS employee actually placing the call;

b. Location of incident will be the DCFS employee's office;

c. The alleged victim, suspect, and/or witness information will not be completed on the front of the report. That information will be included in the narrative as complete as possible (name, address, race, sex and telephone number); and

d. Briefly state the allegations making it clear that the information is being obtained from DCFS.


Information reports on elderly abuse will be routed to the ______ ______Unit.



Special Assault


Misdemeanor Stalking - Tele-Serv officers will write reports of stalking when:

a. The complaint is not Domestic Violence related; and

b. The suspect is not present.


Misdemeanor Assault - Tele-Serv officers will write complaints of misdemeanor assault when:

a. The suspect is not present; and

b. The complaint is not Domestic Violence related.


Robbery to Individual - Tele-Serv officers will write reports of Robbery to Individuals when:

a. The victim is reporting the incident from another location;

b. There are no witnesses present;

c. There is no physical evidence;

d. The victim is not injured; and

e. The suspect may have left the scene and there is no information that may lead to the immediate arrest of the suspect(s) (i.e., vehicle description, tag number, etc.).


Hit and Run Vehicle Crashes – Tele-Serv officers will write hit and run reports Field Investigative Report (FIR) when:

a. The incident occurred at another location;

b. There are no injuries to the driver and/or passengers;

c. The time of the crash is unknown; and

d. There is no suspect information.


Calls for Service (Civil) – Tele-Serv can handle calls for service that are civil in nature when:

a. The complainant is seeking advice; or

b. The complainant is seeking a report for insurance purposes.


Identity Theft – Tele-Serv officers will write all reports of identity thefts.





Tele-Serv personnel must inform the ______ _______ _______ prior to sending any Tele-Serv type call to the street. If any unusual circumstances exist, as mentioned above, the Tele-Serv officer shall indicate this on the Additional Information Line of the Call for Assistance Screen (GMR).



Communications Center Supervisor


The ________ Supervisor will make the decision whether or not to write a report when circumstances indicate a possible deviation from those listed in Article II. B, of this order.




Tele-Serv (will)  or (will not) handle Escaped Prisoner reports.



will not


In order to inform victims of services available to them, officers assigned to the Tele-Serv Unit will advise victims that the Victim/Witness Service Guide (P-0390) can be accessed in one of the following manners:

1. Anytime online at www.jaxsheriff.org;

a. The Tele-Sev officer will instruct the victim to click on the “Victim Services Coordinator” link, located on the lower left side of the Sheriff’s Office home page; and

b. Next, click on the “Victim/Witness Services Guide” link.


2. Pick up a Victim/Witness Services Guide (P-0390) at the Police Memorial Building (PMB) or any police substation during operating hours;

3. Call the City Victim Services office at (904) 630-6300 and request information on available victim services; or

4. Request that the Tele-Serv officer mail a Victim/Witness Services Guide (P-0390) to the victim’s address.


The Tele-Serv officer will document in the _______ of the General Offense/Incident Report that the citizen was informed of how to access the victim services information and which option the victim selected.





In order to answer questions from citizens, Tele-Serv officers will familiarize themselves with the _____ ______ available.



victim services


The Tele-Serv Supervisor will ensure that all reports are ______ and grammatically correct.





The Tele-Serv Supervisor will be responsible for monitoring Article II. D. of this order on a _____ basis.





In the absence of the Tele-Serv Supervisor, _______ ________ are authorized to approve Tele-Serv reports when requested.



police supervisors


The Tele-Serv Supervisor or his designee will review and approve or reject all ______ _______ _______ _______ submissions as outlined in Article V of this order.

Citizen Online Reporting System


The Tele-Serv Supervisor may authorize the writing of any police report deemed necessary.





When mitigating circumstances exist, the Tele-Serv Supervisor may determine that certain calls need to be ______ to the patrol zones for dispatch.



Any Tele-Serv calls that are found to be in progress, have physical evidence at the scene, or an immediate suspect apprehension is possible shall be diverted to the _______ _______ for dispatch to a patrol officer.



Communications Center


The Tele-Serv Unit will be notified when new submissions have been queued in the _____ _____ ______.



Online Reporting System.


All submissions will be reviewed and approved or rejected within __ hours by the Tele-Serv Unit Supervisor or his designee. The reviewer will follow the criteria listed in Unit Procedure 04.101 (Citizen Online Reporting Review Procedures) to determine whether a submission will be imported into the CopsMore server and assigned a case number.





If approved, the online report will be submitted to the _______ server. An email will be sent to the citizen reporter advising him that the report has been approved and will contain the report’s tracking number, a link to a free copy of the report, a link to the Victim/ Witness Service Guide, and a link allowing the citizen to provide feedback regarding his Online Reporting experience.





If rejected, an _____ will be sent to the citizen reporter advising the reason for rejection and the appropriate action that the citizen must take.





Once an online report has been imported into the CopsMore system, the report will be printed at the ____ _____ and routed according to normal reporting procedures.

Copy Center


Citizen generated online _________ Reports are not available at this time. Therefore, additional information concerning a crime previously reported online will require Tele-Serv Unit officers to complete a Supplemental Report with the additional information and route the report to the appropriate unit for follow-up




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