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The purpose of this order is to provide _______ ______ with procedures for developing strategies for deployments and directed patrol activities.

patrol personnel


All patrol time available beyond answering calls for service and conducting investigations should be directed toward a specific _______.



______ ______ ______ is the focus of effort toward resolving a law enforcement problem. Such focus will more effectively utilize the officer's time when not answering calls for police service or conducting investigations.

Directed Patrol Activity


A Directed Patrol tactic can range from simply maintaining additional presence in a particular area to being out of service for an entire watch conducting a formal ________.



______ _______ are particularly useful against patterned criminal activity. However, _________ may be used where the public is being inconvenienced or in danger and/or to assist when there are excessive calls for service.

Patrol Deployments



Whenever officers feel that a problem or _____ _____ should be addressed with an out-of-service deployment, they shall discuss the situation with their supervisor.

crime pattern 


Officers should be prepared to show ________ warranting the deployment (i.e., daily logs, computer printouts, Intra-departmental correspondence, etc.). 



Appropriate justification should indicate an excessive number of calls for a particular problem as well as the number of reported incidents in a limited area within a particular ____ ____.

time span


Justification warranting a deployment could also include:

1. Complaints from the public regarding the problem;

2. Supporting data from the Crime Analysis Unit (C.A.U.); or

3. Any other valid reason warranting the use of manpower.


Once it is determined that the problem should be addressed by a deployment, _____ and _____ will be developed and a Directed Patrol Worksheet (P-883) initiated.

strategy and tactics


Officers conducting any type of deployment or directed patrol activities in which they will be out-of-service for a period of one hour or longer shall:

1. Obtain advance approval from their respective Watch Commander; and

2. Complete a Directed Patrol Worksheet.


If the Crime Analysis Unit (C.A.U.) identifies a crime trend or pattern of criminal activity, personnel from that unit shall initiate a _____ ______ ______. The
worksheet containing the pertinent information will then be forwarded to the appropriate Zone Commander who in turn will assign it to a Watch Commander for assessment and assignment.

Directed Patrol Worksheet


______ _______ are responsible for making the most effective use of personnel and other resources. Prior to approving a deployment, the _______ _______ should assess the expected benefit (not necessarily numbers of tickets or arrests) to the community which should be carefully weighed against the cost in manpower availability for handling calls for service.

Watch Commanders


If a Watch Commander deems it necessary to employ the use of Directed Patrol tactics or deployment or receives a worksheet from the C.A.U. and the resources are not available (i.e., manpower, calls for service are too heavy, availability of money, etc.) a _____ ______ ______ shall be completed documenting the need for the deployment and stating why the deployment could not be implemented at that particular point in time.

Directed Patrol Worksheet (P-883)


Anytime an officer is going to work a special assignment or deployment which will take more than one hour, the Watch Commander will notify the Communication Watch Supervisor of the following information via Form-4:

1. The officers involved;

2. Time of assignment;

3. Place of assignment;

4. Nature of assignment;

5. Radio call numbers;

6. Whether vehicles to be used will be marked or unmarked;

7. If officers will be monitoring a radio frequency;

8. Reserve officer(s) involved; and

9. Whether or not officers will be in uniform or plain clothes.


For deployments requiring the utilization of cash from the Investigative Fund, Officers shall refer to Operations Order ___.

5.1 (Criminal Investigative Fund)


Officers assigned on deployments should follow proper procedures for utilization of the ______ Channel or notification of the Communications Center.



Anytime a deployment involves a pre-planned high risk operation all officers involved will wear approved body armor. Pre-planned high risk operations are defined as any operation where the possibility of hazardous conditions can be anticipated, serving search and arrest warrants, or conducting ______.



If the special assignment or deployment extends to or beyond the officer(s) regular duty hours, they will check ____ at the conclusion of the assignment.



Officers are expected to recognize the need for directed patrol situations and develop ______ and ______ to approach problems in their assigned areas.

strategies and tactics


While the ______ _____ ______ is primarily designed for use with out of service deployments on crime problems, the worksheet should also be used for in-service directed patrol efforts. Because these worksheets are used for record keeping and information sharing, officers are particularly encouraged to complete a worksheet on any directed patrol activity which nets positive results.

Directed Patrol Worksheet


_____ _____ _______ can be used to address a variety of traffic related problems such as impaired drivers, or any other traffic violations which are not being adequately controlled with other law enforcement techniques.

Safety Check Deployments


In the event a safety check deployment is utilized, the following procedures shall apply:

1. The supervisor of the proposed operation shall initiate a Directed Patrol Worksheet (P-883), showing themselves as the tactical leader of said operation; and

2. The supervisor completing the Directed Patrol Worksheet should be aware that the safety check deployment must be conducted in such a manner as to eliminate the discretion of the officers in the field. Thus, the Directed Patrol Worksheet should contain the following guidelines in the "Description of Strategy" section in an effort to accomplish this:

a. Procedures regarding the selection of vehicles (i.e., officers will check every third vehicle or every fifth vehicle, etc.);

b. Detention Techniques - Officers shall have the driver pull over, out of traffic for safety reasons and conduct the appropriate investigation; and

c. Duty Assignments - All officers involved should have specific duty assignments while conducting the safety check deployment and these should be noted on the worksheet.


In choosing a site for the safety check deployment, a location should be considered which offers sufficient _____ and which would allow officers to provide sufficient warning to motorists in advance of the stop. The advance warning can be accomplished by posting a sign or an officer with a marked police unit a safe distance from the actual stopping point;



Officers conducting a safety check deployment should easily be identifiable by ____ or other distinguishing features. The safety vest provided by the Sheriff's Office shall also be worn.



The supervisor in charge of the safety check deployment shall ensure that adequate ______ is available so as to minimize the delay of the driver.



Appropriate enforcement action should be taken when law violations are discovered. Supervisors in charge of the operation shall ensure that the Directed Patrol Worksheet is completed and submitted to their _____ _______ or appropriate supervisor.

Watch Commander


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