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The purpose of this Order is to establish policy and procedure concerning the utilization and manning of police barricades. This order supports the Sheriff’s Office Core Values of "______ ______ and ________ _______".

“Always Improving” and “Community Focused.”


It is the policy of the Office of the Sheriff to utilize police barricades, roadblocks or restricted areas when necessary to protect the ____ and _____ of the citizens of the City of Jacksonville in special situations in which they might otherwise be endangered. Special situations may arise as a result of natural disasters and/or criminal activity which make it necessary to restrict citizen ingress and egress to certain areas by placing barricades or road-blocks on streets or roadways.

life and property


A police barricade may be any ______ or ______ of any kind which displays the designation, "Police Barricade", and the instruction, "Do Not Cross", and the official insignia or name of the Office of the Sheriff that has been placed by or at the direction of a Jacksonville Police Officer.

obstruction or barrier


It is the responsibility of the first officer on the scene or assigned beat officer to make an initial decision concerning the necessity of creating a _______ area by use of some type of temporary barricade.



The first officer on the scene will notify the ________ _______ and request notification of the officer's immediate supervisor and the Patrol Watch Commander of the incident.

Communications Center


The Supervisor or Commanding Officer will make a decision concerning the duration or necessity to continue the barricade. Barricades shall continue only as long as practical to protect the ______ ______ or carry out the police mission.

public interest


The first Supervisor on the scene will establish a _______ ____, notify the Communications Center of the location and, if needed, request the use of the Tactical Radio Channel. Responding unit will report to the _______ ____ or designated staging area.

Command Post


All police vehicles used by Patrol Division Sergeants and Evidence Technicians will carry "______ _____" signs provided by the Department to use in emergency situations.

"Police Barricade"


Persons who reside within the restricted area or have businesses within a restricted area may gain admittance to that area only after any and all emergency situations which may be dangerous to ___ and _____ have ceased and police officers at the scene authorize the person to enter the area.

life and property


Efforts will be made at the scene to contact authorized representatives of the business(es) within the restricted area. These persons can be valuable in determining who may have need to be within the area under ________.



______ personnel will be given limited access according to the need to be present and the potential hazards present in the affected area.



____ _____ will be given or denied access to restricted areas based on potential hazards or likelihood of interference with official functions.

News media


A person denied entry into a restricted area by an officer on the scene, shall have the right to request to see the ____   ________ at the scene or his designee to explain his situation and reasons for entering the restricted area. The _____ ________ or his designee shall have final authority as to whether a person can enter a restricted area.

Field Commander


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