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The purpose of this order is to ensure that law enforcement services will be provided on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis by deploying patrol personnel in direct response to workload demand. This order supports the Sheriff's Office Core Value of "_________".

"Always Improving"


Patrol shifts are designed to provide continuous coverage by overlapping work hours during shift changes, and may be adjusted, based on ____________.

workload demands


The primary patrol shifts are:

1. Morning Shift
2. Day shift
3. Alpha Shift
4. Evening Shift
5. Bravo Shift
6. Midnight shift.


Days off are scheduled by assigning each Sergeant and squad a color code. Regular days off will be per the ________ calendar. This system provides an impartial basis for selection of days off and provides for scheduling of days off in accordance with daily workloads.



Other divisions, _____ and ______, may rotate shifts according to schedules that have been established to meet each particular division's needs.

civilian and sworn


Officers will be assigned to a zone by the _________.

Chiefs of Patrol.


_________ shall assign personnel to primary shifts in such a manner that staffing levels are based on workload demand.

Zone Commanders


____________ shall make squad and sector assignments to maintain sector coverage and in response to workload demands.

Watch Commanders


Under normal conditions, each Sergeant will have no more than ___ officers assigned to his squad.



In general, when a division/unit is able to meet its ______ staffing requirements, it is encouraged to allow interested employees to be _______ assigned to other divisions/units.




This will afford an employee an opportunity for individual growth as well as fostering improved job performance and satisfaction. _________ in particular, can gain significant investigative experience by being temporarily assigned to the Investigations Division.

Patrol Officers


Procedures for requesting and being temporarily assigned to other units are as follows:

1. An employee may request temporary assignment to any position via a request in writing through his chain-of-command to his Division Chief/Unit Commander. The expected duration of the assignment shall be included in the request However, an employee may only act as an observer when temporarily transferred to a position which requires _________ training (e.g. Marine Unit, Air Unit, etc.).;



Procedures for requesting and being temporarily assigned to other units are as follows:

2. Approval from both the employee's Division Chief/Unit Commander and the __________ of the division/unit to which the employee is requesting assignment is necessary for the assignment to be made; and

Commanding Officer


Patrol personnel not assigned to a _______ shall be assigned work hours and days off in response to departmental needs.

primary shift


It is the policy of the Sheriff's Office that whenever possible, all personnel shall work set schedules with established ______ and ______.

days off and hours


Any change of schedule will be made to suit the needs and requirements of the Sheriff's Office and in accordance with applicable employee ________.



General sector/subsector rotation is at the discretion of the __________.

Zone Commander


The suggested minimum time between any general rotation is ___ months. This is not intended to prohibit a Watch Commander from changing individual subsector assignments to increase effectiveness.



___________ will post a copy of the working roll call, with sector assignments, on their respective zone bulletin boards in the drill hall at the beginning of each shift.

Watch Commanders


_______ are responsible for checking their assignments after being dismissed from the roll call formation.


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