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The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedures for officers responding to incidents where an alarm has been activated. This order supports the Sheriff's Office Core Values of "_________", "_________", and "________".

"Community Focused"
"Always Improving"
"Worthy of Trust"


When responding to an activated alarm, officers are reminded that they should:

1. Respond promptly using a tactical approach; and

2. Be aware of any suspicious persons or vehicles which may be fleeing the area.


Whenever possible, units responding will coordinate their approaches to arrive at the scene at the same time. They shall be observant to cover all ______ points of the premises.



Robbery alarms are sometimes confirmed as bonafide while officers are enroute, and often the suspect(s) is gone before the officers arrive. However, robberies which are still in progress can seldom be detected when approaching a business. Therefore officers shall:

1. Approach the scene using extreme caution and all available cover; and

2. Verify that the suspect(s) has fled the scene or that the alarm is false, so as not to endanger officers' lives and possibly avoid a hostage situation.


If a broadcast verifying that the situation is under control is not made by HQ or within a few minutes after arrival by the on-scene officer(s), HQ shall attempt to ______ the owner/representative of the business.



If contact is made, HQ shall obtain a description and have the owner/representative meet the officer ______ the business.



Officers should verify that the person contacted was in fact the owner/representative and not a possible ______.



If satisfactory contact is not made, the alarm shall be considered to be ______ and in progress.



Units shall remain on alert until the situation is _______.



If the robbery alarm was bonafide and a business is equipped with a robbery camera, a ______ detective will be requested by a street supervisor. The detective request should be made, when possible, via the ____.




When responding to a burglary alarm, officers shall immediately, cautiously, and thoroughly inspect on foot the accessible areas of the building for any sign of _____ entry.



If a point of entry is found, officers should secure the point of entry by the use of ______ personnel, etc.;



If possible, locate and secure any other possible _____ routes.



Officers may call for _______ assistance (e.g., air unit, canine unit, etc.) to isolate and control the scene. If the canine unit has been called to respond, officers shall refrain from ______ the business.




_____/_____ alarms shall be handled in the same manner as silent alarms using the same precautions in discovering the cause of the alarm and the same procedures in citing false alarms.



The officer assigned the call will note in the narrative section of the alarm citation whether the alarm was a _____ or panic type.



Auto manufacturers are installing on various vehicles panic alarms as a means of communicating emergency situations to a central receiving point that has access to ________ _______ _____ (usually an area within a one hundred [100] meter radius [325 feet]) of the originating vehicle.

geographical location data


Vehicle panic alarms shall be handled in the same manner as _____ alarms using the same officer safety precautions in discovering the cause of the alarm. Vehicle alarms are not covered by _______, therefore no alarm citation will be issued.




Every effort will be made to locate the vehicle in question. If the vehicle is located, officers will attempt to determine the cause of the alarm (verified incident, accidental, or faulty equipment). If it is not a verified incident, officers will check back "Code __". If officers are not able to locate the vehicle, officers will check back "Code _".




Women who have an Injunction for Protection against their abusers and who are considered to be in imminent danger will be provided an _____ alarm system and pendant (if available). In the event officers receive an _____ alarm, they should realize that they are responding to a call where the potential for violence exists.



The response to these calls is the same as any other Priority ___ call and officers shall follow proper procedures in responding.



In the event an officer responds to an AWARE alarm which is a false alarm, an Alarm Citation will be issued. Officers will write the word "____" in large letters across the violation section of the alarm citation.



In the event of a bonafide alarm and the abuser is gone upon the officer's arrival, the appropriate report will be written and no _____ _____ will be issued.

alarm citation


Unless cancelled by HQ before arriving at the scene, officers shall issue an alarm citation for all ____ ____. Officers may elect not to issue a citation when false alarm was caused by obvious severe weather or electrical interference when the source is known, only after consulting with a supervisor. Officers should not, however, change the signal to "______ ______".

false alarms

"Premises Examination"


The officer shall record the specific information as to date, time and CCR# for the alarm. Addresses within apartment complexes or multi-office buildings must contain the apartment, suite or _____ _____.

office number


The business or resident name shall be recorded if known or if supplied by the ______ ______.

alarm company


The officer shall obtain information on the person at the location, if occupied, including his title (i.e., owner, manager, cleaning crew), and a valid driver's license number. This information should be placed in the _____ section of the citation. If the location is _________ leave this space blank.




The owner or agent is not required to respond unless notified by the ____ _____ or ___.

alarm company



If the location is occupied and secure record the ____ ____ in the appropriate place and indicate that all areas accessible to the officer were found secure.

decal number


Leave the ____ ____ of the citation in a conspicuous location (if possible, protected from the weather).

hard copy


If the location is not secure, or if the officer requests to check the building:

1. The officer shall notify HQ to advise the alarm company and request the agent or owner to respond.

2. If the owner or agent does not arrive within thirty minutes after notification, mark the citation for violation of section 168.103 "Failure of Representative to Respond Within Thirty Minutes."


Officers should not issue citations for violation of section _______________. The ____ ____ officer will issue such citations upon follow up. HQ does not have alarm registration information.

168.102 "Unlawful Operation of Unregistered Alarm"

alarm control


On audible alarms, officers shall obtain the name of the alarm company or owner/agent from the information required in the vicinity of the front entrance. The officer will request the ____ dispatcher to call the owner or agent or the alarm company. Once notified the owner or agent is required to respond within ____ minutes.




Alarm companies are required to notify the _______ ____ (with information about the person responding to the location) within __ minutes of the alarm. If the dispatcher does not advise that someone is enroute, officers should issue a citation and check back in service. Officers may be required to return and assist the owner or agent to check the building.

Communications Center



Officers should not convey or request that information indicating the premises is ______ to be relayed to an alarm company, the owner or agent.


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