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The purpose of this order is to establish procedures for walking beat, motor cart patrol functions, and officer candidate qualifications. This order supports the Sheriff's Office Core Value of “______ ______”

Community Focused


The Walking Beat officers are part of the ______ ______. The goals of the Walking Beat officers are to provide police service in areas where vehicle patrol/response is
slowed by congestion and/or physical barriers to vehicle patrol and to promote good public relations and easier access by the public.

Patrol Division


The _____ _____ will also provide higher visibility of police presence and provide better response in areas too large for a Walking Beat officers to be effective.

motor carts


Walking Beat officers will be assigned to areas where there:

1. Are high concentrations of calls for service involving other persons on foot or pedestrians; and

2. Is a need for frequent inspections such as business and commercial areas.


Walking Beat officers will be assigned to geographic assignments to meet the Sheriff's Office and community objectives. Examples of geographic assignments
can include, but are not limited to:

1. Congested traffic areas during peak hours;

2. The Jacksonville Landing;

3. The Riverwalk;

4. Five Points area;

5. Cathedral residences;

6. The downtown area; and

7. Any other areas designated by Zone Commanders.


Walking Beat officers can use motor carts to patrol areas where there is dense vehicular or pedestrian traffic but foot patrol is limited by distance and vehicle patrol
is slowed by congestion. The patrol areas can include, but are not limited to:

1. Hemming Park area;

2. Jacksonville Landing;

3. Riverwalk; and

4. Cathedral residences.


Walking Beat officers will respond to any type of call for service except those involving the transportation of _____ and ______ _______


vehicle pursuits.


Walking Beat officers shall be particularly helpful to the public in providing assistance, ______, and information when needed.



_______ _______ is a priority to the unit and should be emphasized at all times in an effort to stay informed about neighborhood problems, thus improving community
and Sheriff's Office cooperation.

Community relations


Walking Beat officers shall determine the existence of _______ ________ within their areas and the time and place of _______ _______ meetings. Officers shall
attempt to periodically attend these meetings, if possible, in order to establish and maintain lines of communication with the business community.

merchant associations


Walking Beat officers may be assigned to directed patrol activities with the permission of the unit sergeant or higher authority. The assignments may include, but are not limited to:

1. Crimes against property;

2. Crimes against persons;

3. Drug and/or alcohol violations; and

4. Crowd control.


Walking Beat officers are to pay particular attention to alleyways, alcoves, and other recesses which would facilitate panhandlers, unlicensed businesses, and persons attempting to commit crimes against ______ or ______ engaged in lawful activities.

property or persons


It is incumbent on Walking Beat officers to monitor the presence and activities of vagrants, transients, and the criminal element in order to deny them the opportunity
to engage in unlawful and/or prohibited behavior. Monitoring is accomplished by:

1. Personal contact;

2. Completion of a Field Investigation Report;

3. Referral to an appropriate social service agency;

4. Issuance of Notice to Appear Citations; or

5. Physical arrest.


Walking Beat officers are not to double up or follow one another when utilizing motor carts throughout their tour or congregate unless:

1. Directed to do so by the unit sergeant or higher authority;

2. Requested as a back-up; or

3. Assigned on the same call.


Inclement or harsh _____ _____ shall not inhibit Walking Beat officers from carrying out their assignments as each officer shall be issued all necessary foul
weather gear to carry out their assignments.

weather conditions


Walking Beat officers are to ensure that each cart is stocked/supplied with:

1. All necessary reports;

2. Citations; and

3. First aid kit, fire extinguisher, and other safety equipment as directed by the unit sergeant.


At the direction of the section ________ or higher authority, Walking Beat officers may be deployed at special events or where large crowds may create special



Such events may include, but are not limited to:

1. Parades;

2. Rallies; and

3. Sporting events.


Traffic crashes involving _____ _____ will be reported as outlined in written directives for Sheriff's Office vehicles.

motor carts


Officers assigned to the Walking Beat Unit shall adhere to the written directives for standard ______ issuance.



Additional equipment shall also include:

1. Rubber boots; and

2. Rain suit.


Each officer assigned to a motor cart shall be responsible for checking fluid levels, tires for proper inflation and wear, and damage each ___.



All damage shall be reported according to ______ ______.

written directives


Each officer using a cart is responsible for ensuring that the cart is free of excess ____ and _____ at the end of each shift.

dirt and litter


The carts will be refueled by the day shift operators at least _____ per week as needed.



In the event of a flat tire, officers will contact a Walking Beat ______. The______s will have a key to the storage area where the spare tires are kept.



Officers are encouraged to dress appropriately for cold weather and are not to use the ______ ______ in the carts. The heaters could cause a fire or explosion if
improperly ignited.

catalytic heaters


Officers assigned to a cart may not return to the Police Memorial Building from their assigned area(s) more than __ minutes prior to the end of their shift.



Monthly vehicle inspections will be done on each motor cart utilizing the ________ ________ _____. The motor carts will be inspected by the supervisor in charge in the unit.

Vehicle Inspection Form (P-0102E)


Officers must have a minimum of ___ years patrol experience.



Officers cannot have any suspensions within the previous __ months.



Officers must have overall evaluations of satisfactory or above during the last __ months.



Good _____ ______ skills are required.

human relation


Officers must be in good physical condition and able to walk a ____ ______ to cover assigned beats

long distance

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