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_______________ is the primary investigative agency for all boating accidents which occur on the inland waters of the State. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office will provide support to the ___ with their investigation.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)


Operators of any boat involved in an accident or collision (in, on, entering, or leaving the water) where any injury, death, or disappearance of any person from on board, or total property damage of _____ or more are required by Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 327.30 to report the accident or collision to the FWC.



Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Officers responding to boating accidents and/or collisions shall:

1. Care for any injured persons, secure the vessels, and identify the vessel operators. Any vessel operator exhibiting characteristics of impairment from alcohol and/or controlled substances shall be kept under observation and detained until FWC arrives at the scene (unless transported for injuries);

2. Advise the zone dispatcher of the situation and any need for assistance from other sources such as boats, aircraft, etc. The Communications Watch Supervisor maintains a list of available units and will determine what units to call to the scene;

3. Contact FWC through the NCIC dispatcher; and 

a. FWC may not have an officer on duty at the time, but they will call out an officer to respond to accidents or collisions with any injury, death, or missing person; and

b. FWC will assume responsibility for the accident or collision investigation and the Florida Boating Accident Report; and 

(1) FWC's decision to respond to the scene is at their discretion. FWC may not respond to accident cases with only property damage or cases where the injuries were minor and all parties have left the scene, 

(2) Officers shall advise the operators of those vessels that they are still required to notify FWC of the accident and/or collision within 24 hours, and 

(3) Accidents or collisions with damages totaling less than $2,000.00 (property damage only - no injuries or death) require no report. 

4. Conduct an investigation and complete a General Offense/Incident Report for any persons missing as a result of the boating accident or collision;


A Florida Boating Accident Report will or will not be completed by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office personnel.

will not


Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Officers are authorized to issue Uniform Boating Citations and make arrests under F.S.S. Chapter 327 and 328. Although enforcement of these chapters is generally the responsibility of __________________, and the FWC, Patrol officers may, pursuant to F.S.S. 901.15 (9), based on an affidavit provided by a federal or military law enforcement officer, arrest individuals charged with Boating Violations including boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Marine Unit


The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Marine Unit is staffed _____ _____and is available for callout after duty hours (if authorized by a supervisor).

year round


Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Officers that are not assigned to the Marine Unit will not be issued _____ _____ _____ books. Citation books are available in the Breath Testing room located at the Pretrial Detention Facility.

Uniform Boating Citation


F.S.S. Chapter 327 authorizes all law enforcement officers to board vessels for the purpose of conducting a _____ ______. Officers boarding vessels for the purpose of making an arrest or conducting a search are governed by F.S.S Chapters 901, 910, 933, in addition to Federal and International Laws. If a question arises regarding their jurisdiction, officers should contact the State Attorney on call.

safety inspection


Marine Unit Officers may also be cross-designated as ___ agents and will have federal jurisdiction as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


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