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The ___ _____ Investigations Unit gives our agency a unit with the primary mission of targeting individuals responsible for providing firearms to violent criminals in our community and sustaining that mission by enhancing prosecution through specific follow up efforts. This Unit supports the Sheriff’s Office Core Values of “Community Focused” and “Always Improving.”

Gun Crime


_______ – Florida State Statutes (F.S.S.) 790.001(6), and 18 U.S. Code 921(a) define a “______” as – any weapon (including a starter gun) which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; any _______ muffler or ______ silencer; any destructive device; or any machine gun. The term ______ does not include any antique ______ unless the antique ______ is used in the commission of a crime.



Destructive Device – F.S.S. 790.001(4), and 18 U.S. Code 921(a)(3) define “destructive device” as – any bomb, grenade, mine, rocket, missile, pipe bomb, or similar device containing an explosive, incendiary, or poison gas and includes any frangible container filled with an explosive, incendiary, explosive gas, or expanding gas, which is designed or so constructed as to explode by such filler and is capable of causing bodily harm or property damage; any combination of parts either designed or intended for use in converting any device into a destructive device and from which a destructive device may be readily assembled; any device declared a destructive device by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; any type of weapon which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of any explosive and which has a barrel with a bore of ________ or more in diameter; and ammunition for such destructive devices, but not including shotgun shells or any other ammunition designed for use in a firearm other than a destructive device.

one-half inch


“Destructive device” does not include:

1. A device which is not designed, redesigned, used, or intended for use as a weapon;

2. Any device, although originally designed as a weapon, which is redesigned so that it may be used solely as a signaling, line-throwing, safety, or similar device;

3. Any shotgun other than a short-barreled shotgun; or

4. Any non-automatic rifle (other than a short-barreled rifle) generally recognized or particularly suitable for use for the hunting of big game.


_________- The illegal diversion of legally owned firearms from lawful commerce into unlawful commerce.

Firearms Trafficking


Prohibited person – Any individual prohibited by State and/or Federal law from owning or possessing a firearm and ammunition to include but not limited to the following:

1. Convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year (persons under indictment or information for such a crime are prohibited from receiving firearms or ammunition) (18 U.S. Code 922(g) & (n) and F.S.S. 790.23);

2. Fugitive from Justice (requires interstate flight to avoid prosecution or testimony in a criminal case) (18 U.S. Code 922);

3. Drug Users or Addicts (often shown by recent conviction for use, recent possession of drugs, or recent arrest for use of drugs, or positive drug tests) (18 U.S. Code 922 and F.S.S. 790.25(2)(b)(1);

4. Aliens illegally or unlawfully within the U.S. or those lawfully admitted in non-immigrant status (i.e. aliens without permanent residence status) (18 U.S. Code 922);

5. Mental defectives or persons committed to a mental institution (18 U.S. Code 922 and F.S.S. 790.25(2)(b)(1));

6. Formally renounced U.S. Citizenship (18 U.S. Code 922);

7. Dishonorably discharged from the military (18 U.S. Code 922); and

8. Convicted of a misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence (18 U.S.Code 922) and/or when a person is subject to an injunction for protection against acts of domestic violence (F.S.S. 790.233(1).


Straw Purchase – A term used to describe when the actual buyer of a firearm uses another person, the “straw purchaser” to execute the paperwork necessary to purchase a firearm from a ____________ dealer.

federal firearms licensed


_____________ - A license that enables an individual or company to engage in a business pertaining to the interstate or intrastate sale of firearms.

Federal Firearms License (FFL)


_______– A computer database managed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). It enables law enforcement agencies to track the movement of a recovered firearm from its first sale by the manufacturer through the distribution chain to the retail purchaser.



The Gun Crime Investigations Unit will:

1. Work closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) Investigative Units, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), U.S. Attorney’s Office, State Attorney’s Office (SAO) and the ATF.

2. Collaborate on cases involving illegal firearms trafficking, straw purchases and possession of firearms by prohibited persons.


Detectives from the Gun Crime Investigations Unit will:

1. Closely coordinate investigative efforts with the assigned Special Prosecutor on state prosecuted cases, or the assigned Assistant U.S. Attorney on federally prosecuted cases. Investigative efforts will be exhausted on assigned cases to aid prosecutors in seeking maximum sentences for violent offenders.

2. Follow up on Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon cases and narcotics charges involving firearms.

3. Utilize covert and overt investigative techniques, including the development of confidential sources/informants to address issues concerning straw purchases, illegal firearms sales, and possession of firearms by prohibited persons when directed.


All firearms submitted by JSO into the Property and Evidence Facility will be traced by _____. This requires the submitting officer/detective to complete the required Department of Treasury, ATF National Tracing Center Trace Request sheet (form ATFF 3312.1, 3-2000). This form is located at the Property and Evidence Facility submission window and must be filled out completely and legibly.



The Gun Crime Investigations Unit Supervisor or his designee will be notified 24 hours a day under the following circumstances:

1. Theft of firearm(s) from Federal Licensed Firearm Businesses;

2. Burglary or Attempted Burglaries to Federal Licensed Firearm Businesses; or

3. When a suspect is in custody for burglary, attempted burglary or thefts of firearm(s) from a Federal Firearm Licensed Business (i.e., Gun Dealer, Pawn Shop, Retail Dealer);

4. A prohibited individual is arrested for illegally possessing two or more guns;

5. An individual is arrested for possession of an illegal machine gun, short barreled rifle or short barreled shotgun; or

6. An individual is arrested for trafficking amounts of narcotics and is also in possession of a firearm.


In incidents not covered in the above circumstances, if an officer believes that a Gun Crime Investigations Unit Detective can substantially aid in an investigation, a ______ may authorize a call out.



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