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what is mucositis?

acute inflammation of the mucosa
white/yellow fibrinous slough and ulceration with bleeding
unpleasant odour


what does mucositis cause?
when does it heal?

hard to speak/eat/swallow
cant tolerate prosthesis
heals 2-3 weeks post cancer tx


how to treat mucositis?

soft tb
hydrogen peroxide
topical analgesics
soft, bland, non cariogenic diet @ low temp
avoid alcohol and tobacco


how might the salivary glands be affected after cancer tx?

reduced secretions 3/4 days after tx
increases susceptibility to infection
increased risk of demineralisation
dry friable mucosa that cant tolerate prosthesis


what are radiation caries and how do you treat them?

exposed roots suscpetible
daily F/2800 TP
saliva substitue
non cariogenic diet


what is osteonecrosis of the jaw?

damage to the bone cells/vessels in bone. Change in endothelial cells = sclerosis of vessels


what is dysgensia?

altered/loss of taste
regained 2-4 months after tx
zinc dietary supplements


what is trismus?

opening of mouth is difficult
occurs 3-6 months after tx
exercise and stretching appliances


how to give chx after cancer tx?

2x daily
no tb = 3-4x daily
dilute = 10ml MW:10ml water
stagger use of chx/nystatin by at least one hour


how to clean the oral tissues with chx?

sponge/gauze dipped in chx and use to gently clean
cant tolerate chx 0.9%