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.01. This procedure provides officers with the necessary information to, determine the;

geographical boundaries of, the Department’s jurisdiction.


.02A. Officers shall be aware of all geographical boundaries of the Department’s jurisdiction prior to responding to any;

dispatched or on-site call prior to taking any police action.


.02B. The Department shall be responsible to ensure that officers are provided with jurisdictional boundaries through maps, and when in question shall refer to;

city ordinances which are on file in the City Clerk’s Office.


.03A. Any officer dispatched to a call or an on-site incident that is in close proximity to any geographical boundary of the City of San Antonio shall determine if the location of the call or incident is within the;

corporate limits of the City of San Antonio prior to responding to the call or incident.


.03B. If an officer cannot determine if the location of the call or incident is within the corporate limits of COSA, the officer shall;

contact the Communications Unit information channel for clarification.


.03C. The officer shall advise the dispatcher, and request that the call be sent to the law enforcement agency, that has official jurisdiction, when an officer has determined that a dispatched call or on-site incident is outside the;

geographical boundaries of COSA.


.03C. If the officer is close to the location of a call, outside COSA boundaries, the officer shall advise the complainant, that he does not have jurisdictional authority, to handle the call, with approval from;

the dispatcher or a supervisory officer.


.03C. If the call, not within the corporate limits of COSA, is of an emergency nature, the officer shall;

advise the dispatcher.


.04A. Who shall, upon request, shall provide officers with information on the geographical boundaries of the Department’s jurisdiction?

The Communications Unit.


.04B. The Communications Unit may use any available official maps, charts, or other documents to determine;

the geographical boundaries.


.04C. When the Communications Unit is unable to determine the exact geographical boundaries, which other city departments may be contacted to obtain the necessary information?

Public Works, Planning and Development Services, or Fire Department .

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