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1.01 PURPOSE: The Rules and Regulations officially adopted and set forth in this manual are for the ...

guidance, regulation, and control of the conduct of all members of the police department of the City of San Antonio, Texas.


1.01 These rules are designed to promote efficiency, discipline, and good public relations by...

setting forth policies governing the conduct and demeanor of every member of the police department, both on and off-duty.


1.02 AUTHORITY: A. CITY CHARTER: Pursuant to Article V of the Charter of the City of San Antonio, the director, chief of the
police department, shall have....

supervision and control over the police department, subject to approval by the
city manager.


B. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT: Pursuant to Article VII of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Police Officers' Association, the chief shall have...

the exclusive right to establish, rescind, or modify departmental rules and regulations while such contract is in effect, subject to review by the city manager.


Changes will be made through departmental orders issued by the chief of police and reviewed by...

the Fire and Police Civil Service Commission and the city manager.


C. LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE: Pursuant to Chapter 143 of the Local Government Code, as amended, the chief of the San Antonio Police Department shall have the power to take disciplinary action or suspend
indefinitely an...

officer under his supervision for violation of either Chapter 143 of the Local Government
Code, the Civil Service Rules of the City of San Antonio, or of these rules and regulations.


In addition, the chief of police shall be empowered to take disciplinary action or suspend indefinitely any other...

police employee for violation of these rules and regulations.


1.03 SCOPE: These rules and regulations govern the...

conduct, responsibilities, duties, assignments of, and the use of equipment by all members of the department.


These rules and regulations may further cover such other matters as the chief of police may deem...

necessary or expedient for the proper conduct of the work of the department, and additionally incorporate departmental orders, directives, and procedures.


These rules and regulations become effective on the date of issuance and rescind the Rules and Regulations of the San Antonio Police Department issued on...

September 25, 1984 and became effective on November 1, 1984.


A. EFFECTIVE DATE: The Rules and Regulations of the San Antonio Police Department, which are incorporated in the General Manual, apply to...

all employees, both sworn and non-sworn, and have the effect of an order.


These rules and regulations, as revised and adopted on...

January 30, 2012, became effective on February 15, 2012.


B. RECEIPT OF ISSUANCE: All sworn and non-sworn members of this department will be issued a copy of...

the Rules and Regulations and are required to acknowledge its receipt.


A signed receipt acknowledging
acceptance of the rules and regulations shall be...

deemed sufficient notice of the existence and effect of the Rules and Regulations of the San Antonio Police Department.


Any recommendations for revision should be directed to...

the Office of the Chief of Police.


1.05 SUPERVISORY ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Each supervisory officer is required to acknowledge his personal responsibility for...

enforcing the provisions of these rules and regulations, departmental orders, and procedures of this department.


1.06 Means the job tasks of a member, which may include a specific beat, post, or
geographical responsibility.


Prior test question all definitions-they like these.


1.06 The unbroken line of authority extending from the chief of police through a single subordinate at each level of command down to the level of execution.




1.06 Refers to the San Antonio Police Department, the members of the organization, and the physical assets of the entity.




1.06 "DEPARTMENTAL ORDERS" Orders issued for the purpose of instruction, clarification of policy, and establishment of procedure or rules in the form of...

departmental orders, special orders, chief's memorandum, personnel orders, training bulletins, and division orders.



1.06 May be used synonymously with departmental orders.



1.06 Use of the masculine gender shall also include, where applicable, the female gender.



1.06 As soon as possible and feasible.



1.06 Any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance, which, when introduced into the body, may cause an impairment of any mental or physical capacity.



1.06 The action is permissive.



1.06 All employees of the San Antonio Police Department.



1.06 The action is mandatory.



1.06 A comprehensive, instructional, written communication providing direction in the accomplishment of a police related task.



1.06 The action is advisory. Where used, "should" indicates the procedure is not mandatory. However, it should be followed if the situation permits.



1.06 Any member who is subject to the authority of another.



1.06 Sworn personnel of this department who have attained the rank of sergeant or above.



1.06 That period of time beginning when the member reports for duty and ending when he is relieved from duty by either the dispatcher or a supervisory officer.



2.01 A. MAINTAIN BOOKS AND RECORDS: Supervisory officers shall maintain all books, records, and reports under the...

supervisory officer's authority in conformity with the rules, regulations, and procedures of the department.


2.01 B. ENFORCE RULES: Supervisory officers shall be uniform and impartial in the enforcement of these...

rules and procedures; the insurance of conformity on the part of command officers to all orders, directives, and other instructions issued to the members of the department.


2.01 C. KEEP INFORMED OF ACTIVITY UNDER COMMAND: Supervisory officers shall keep informed of all activity which affects their...

responsibility within the supervision; frequently testing the knowledge of subordinates as to conditions in their beats and posts or as to functions of their assignments.


2.01 D. Shall document all inspections and briefings of personnel.

Supervisory officers


2.01 E. COORDINATE ACTIVITIES WITH OTHER UNITS: Command officers shall keep advised of the operations of other...

divisions of the department, and coordinates the activities of their command with other divisions and sections of the department.


2.01 F. HAVE UPDATED EMPLOYEE LOCATOR LIST: Supervisory officers shall have at their residence the current Employee Locator List, properly...

corrected to date. Supervisory officers receiving locator lists must frequently review them and check all changes with the personnel involved.

Prior test question


2.02 CHAIN OF COMMAND: All officers shall familiarize themselves with the...

command structure of the department and shall operate within it.


2.03 DIRECTIVE SYSTEM: All departmental personnel shall familiarize themselves with the...

formal means of communications within the


3.01 A. LAWS: Members shall abide by the laws of the United States and...

the State of Texas, and ordinances of the City of San Antonio


3.01 B. ORDERS, RULES, REGULATIONS, AND PROCEDURES: Members shall abide by the...

departmental orders, rules, regulations, and procedures of the San Antonio Police Department


Members shall speak...

the truth at all times. Reports and written communications from any member shall also reflect the truth.


Members shall obey all lawful orders and directions given by...

supervisory officers and shall comply with instructions given by the police dispatcher. Such obedience shall be prompt and willing.


3.03 A. INSUBORDINATION: Defying the authority of any...

supervisory officer by obvious disrespect, disputing his orders, or failure or deliberate refusal to obey any lawful order given by him shall be deemed insubordination.


3.03 B. MANNER OF ISSUING ORDERS: Orders from a supervisor to a subordinate shall be in..

clear, understandable language, civil in tone, and issued in pursuit of departmental business.


3.03 C. UNLAWFUL ORDERS: No ______ shall knowingly or willfully issue any order which is a violation of any law, ordinance, or departmental rule.

(commanding) or (supervisory officer )
Prior test question!


3.03 D. CRITICISM OF LAWFUL ORDERS: Members shall not publicly criticize or comment derogatorily to anyone about...

instructions or orders they have received from a supervisory officer. (Prior test question)


3.03 E. CONFLICT OF ORDERS: Should any subordinate receive an order which conflicts with a previous order from another supervisory officer or with any general order, he shall respectfully...

call attention to the conflict. If the supervisory officer giving the conflicting order does not change the same so as to eliminate the conflict, his order shall stand and the responsibility shall rest with the supervisor.


3.03 F. OBEDIENCE TO UNLAWFUL ORDERS NOT REQUIRED: No member is required to obey an order which is...

contrary to the laws of the United States, statutes of the State of Texas, or ordinances of the City of San Antonio.


3.03 G. OBEDIENCE TO UNJUST OR IMPROPER ORDERS: Members who are given orders they feel are unjust or contrary to departmental orders or the Rules and Regulations of the Department must...

first obey the order to the best of their ability and may then proceed to appeal as provided herein.


3.03 H. REPORTING UNLAWFUL ORDERS: Any member who is given any unlawful, unjust, or improper order ...

Shall at the first opportunity report in writing to the chief of police, through the chain of command, the facts of the incident together with his own action.


3.03 I. Members shall appeal for relief from orders or instructions which are unlawful or unjust and such appeals must be...

made in writing to HIGHER AUTHORITY through the chain of command.


3.04 Members shall serve the public through...

direction, counseling, assistance, and protection of life and property.


3.04 A. Must maintain an impartial attitude toward complainants and violators.

Members, while being vigorous and unrelenting in the enforcement of the law.


3.04 B. Members shall at all times be courteous, kind, patient, and respectful in dealing with the public, and shall...

strive to merit the esteem of all law abiding citizens by an impartial discharge of their
official duties.


3.04 C. Members, on-duty or off-duty, shall be governed by...

the ordinary and reasonable rules of good conduct and behavior, and shall not commit any act tending to bring reproach or discredit on themselves or the department.


3.04 D. All members of the department, when called upon to do so by...

any person, shall, in a courteous manner, give their name and/or badge number.


3.04 E. Shall identify himself as a police officer and state the purpose or reason for his actions.

An officer not in uniform, when exerting police authority.


3.04 F. Members shall not give aid or assistance in...

civil cases, except to prevent a breach of the peace or halt a disturbance.


3.04 G. Members shall maintain sufficient competency to...

properly perform their duties and assume the responsibilities of their positions.


3.05 Members shall maintain themselves in...

good physical and mental condition.


3.05 A. All members, by frequent bathing, shall...

exercise good bodily hygiene and


3.05 B. All members, by regular exercise and moderate living, shall maintain themselves in such a...

physical condition as to be able to handle strenuous physical contacts or demands required of the active, uniformed law enforcement officer.


3.05 C. No member shall become physically or mentally dependent upon alcohol or any controlled substance unless...

administered by a licensed physician. Dependence upon a prescribed drug is not an excuse for being unable to perform.


3.05 D. Members shall neither possess, use, nor distribute any substances regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, except possession related to...

official police duties. Use or possession of a controlled substance under this section is no violation if such use or possession is under the direction of a licensed physician.


3.05 E. Members may be required to seek medical or...

psychological services upon the order of the chief of police.


3.06 Members shall conduct themselves in such a manner so as to bring about the…

Greatest harmony and cooperation among the various units of the department.


3.06 A. Members shall treat other members of the department with respect, Affording them...

The response due to them as co-workers.


3.06 B. COURTESY: Members shall be courteous, civil, and respectful to their…

Supervisory officers and associates, and shall not use threatening or insulting language, whether on or off duty. Prior test question



Members shall exhibit respect for supervisory officers at all times. Prior test question


3.06 E. Members shall act together and protect one another in time of danger or…

Under circumstances where danger might reasonably be impending.


3.06 D. Members shall cooperate, support, and assist each other at every opportunity, and shall not…

Publicly criticize the work or the manner of performance of duty of any other member.


3.06 F. Members shall abstain from performing any acts or making any statements, oral or written, which are directed at...

their coworkers with the intent to destroy the morale, good order, and working relationships with such coworkers.


3.07. Members of the department shall not criticize or ridiculed the...

department, it's policies, administrators, or public officials through speech, writings, or other forms of expression:


3.07 A. Members shall not use speech, writing, or other forms of expression that are…

Defamatory, obscene, or unlawful.


3.07 B. Member shall not use speech, writings, or other forms of expression that tend to…

Interfere with or undermine the effectiveness of the department to provide public services.


3.07 C. Member shall not use speech, writings, or other forms of expression that tend to interfere with...

The maintenance of proper discipline.


3.07 D. Damages Reputation Of Department: Members shall not use speech, writings, or other forms of expression that...

Damage or impair the reputation or efficiency of the department.


3.07 F. Members shall not use speech, writings, or other forms of expression that are…

Made with reckless disregard for the truth.


3.08 A. No member of the department shall make known any information concerning the progress of an investigation or proposed action against a…

Known or reported law violation or condition, or any proposed police action of any type, to persons not authorized to receive it.


3.08. B. Members shall not present Themselves as representing the department in any matter unless delegated or authorized to do so by a...

Supervisory officer. Prior test question


3.08 C. No member of the department shall make a public address or write for publication concerning the…

The affairs of the department without the consent of the chief of police.


3.08 D. Statements of policy, information regarding changes in organization, or disciplinary action will be made from the…

Office of the Chief of Police, and no member of the department, unless specifically authorize, will discuss such matters with others.


3.08 E. It is FORBIDDEN to give information about any prisoner in confinement to any…

Attorney, bondsman, the agent of either, or any other person not authorized to receive it.


3.08 F. No member shall recommend to any person the employment of a…

Particular attorney, counselor or bondsman. No member shall suggest the name or names of any attorney or other person to a prisoner.


3.09 INFORMATION ON BULLETIN: Members are responsible for reading the department's daily bulletin...

Prior to beginning their tour of duty. (Prior test question)


3.09 INFORMATION ON BULLETIN: Departmental personnel (a.___ __ ___) after any absence shall read all (b.___) published during their absence, (c.___ __ ___ __ ___).

a. Returning to duty
b. Directives
c. Prior to returning to duty
(Prior test question)


3.10 CURRENT ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE: All members shall report to their (a.___ ___) and to the (b.___ ___ ___ ___) on any change of address and/or telephone number (c.___ ___ ___ ___).

a. immediate supervisor
b. accounting and personnel unit
c. within two working days
(Prior test question twice)


3.10 Members may rely on a cellular-phone as a means of being contacted for…

Departmental standby and/or call back purposes.


3.11 A. DRINKING ON DUTY: Members shall not drink intoxicating beverages while duty. No member shall report for duty exhibiting..

the order of INTOXICANTS or any of the elements or appearances of INTOXICATION.


3.11 A. DRINKING ON DUTY: The exception shall be for a (a.___) to accomplish a specific (b.___ ___) or (c.___) when approved by (d.__ ___).

a. Member
b. Police assignment
c. Mission
d. A supervisor


3.11 B. Members shall not be intoxicated while…

In public view.


3.11 B. No member, while off-duty, shall drink intoxicating beverages to an extent which…

Renders him unfit to report for duty.


3.11 C. Intoxicants in any form will not be brought into any police facility, including city vehicles, except when...

APPROVED by A SUPERVISOR (Prior test question)


3.11 D. CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL: No (a.___) shall drink (b.___) in uniform.

a. officer
b. intoxicants


3.12 USE OF TOBACCO: Members shall Refrain from the use of tobacco in any form while…

In direct contact with the public.


3.13 Every (__) is responsible for having in his possession a valid operator's license.



3.14 FINANCIAL OBLIGATION: No member in a (a.___ ___) shall place himself under financial obligation to a (b.___), nor shall a (c.___) solicit a (d.___) as a comaker or endorser of any note or obligation.

a. supervisory position
b. subordinate
c. supervisor
d. subordinate


3.15 A. ACCEPTING GIFTS: Members shall not received from prisoners, persons recently released from custody, persons suspected of criminal activity, nor their representatives, either directly or indirectly, any…

Tangible or intangible property, whether it is a gift or the result of a purchase or trade.


3.15 B. Members shall not borrow anything of value from any person or persons…

Known or suspected to be engaged in criminal activity.


3.15 C. SOLICITATIONS: Members shall not solicit funds for the benefit of any member, the department, or any public or private agency without the (__ __) of the (__ _ __).

(written authority) (Chief of police)
Prior test question


3.17 A. Members of the department shall not engage in any outside employment, nor own, operate, or have any financial interest in any business activity without the (__ __). of the (__ _ __).

(written permission) (Chief of police) Prior test question


3.18 B. Officers losing their badges, firearms, or other city equipment through negligence or carelessness may be…

obligated to pay for the replacement cost or an amount determined by the degree of negligence on the part of the officer.
(Prior test question)


3.18 B. LOST THROUGH NEGLIGENCE: Loss or damage to city property occurring while the (__) is acting properly in the (__ _ __), or in a burglary of his home, is not classified as negligence.

(Member) (line of duty)


3.18 B. LOST THROUGH NEGLIGENCE: Members should not leave removable…

City issue equipment in plain view in any vehicle. (Prior test question)


3.18 B. LOST THROUGH NEGLIGENCE: An (a.___) may be found negligent if he or she leaves (b.___ ___ ___) in any vehicle (city or privately owned) and the property is stolen, as a result of a (c.___) of that vehicle.

a. Officer
b. City issued equipment
c. Burglary
(Prior test question)


3.18 D. Inventoried city property, which includes city vehicles, shall not be used by any member of the department without the…

Knowledge and permission of the person responsible for said equipment or vehicle.


3.19 UNAUTHORIZED EXPENDITURES: Obligation of funds or financial liability shall not be incurred in the name of the police department or the City of San Antonio by any member of the department unless...

Authorized by the chief of police pursuant to ordinance. (Prior test question)


3.20 NOTICE OF SICK LEAVE: Notice that a member is sick or injured and cannot report for duty will be made to…

His immediate supervisor. (Prior test question)


3.22 When a member become sick while on duty to the extent must leave his duty station, he shall...

Immediately notify his supervisor. (Prior test question)


3.23 A. Members, on sick or injury leave, shall remain at their place of residence unless...

It is necessary for them to go to a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.


3.23 A. If for medical reasons it should be necessary for a sick or injured remember to stay at some location other than his residence, he notifies...

His supervisor, who shall ensure the new temporary address is made a matter of record. Prior test question


3.23 B. NO EXTRA EMPLOYMENT: Members shall neither engage in…

Outside employment nor work any city overtime while on sick or injured leave. (Prior test question)


3.23 B. Members, after having been out on sick or injured leave, must (__ _ __ __ _ __) before engaging in any outside employment or working city overtime.

(complete one regular tour of duty) Prior test question


3.23 C. Members on limited duty or light duty status will not engage in any off duty employment or work any overtime for the city. The overtime restriction on…

Limited duty only may be waived during an emergency.


3.25 A. Off-duty officers, in uniform or not,…

shall not engage in traffic stops. (Prior test question)


3.25 A. In cases involving crashes or where probable cause exists for the offense of driving while intoxicated, off-duty officers…

should contact the dispatcher to request an on-duty officer to make the traffic stop. (Prior test question)


4.01 A. When an officer, not on duty, as a matter come to his attention that is not an emergency situation requiring immediate action, he...

shall call the police dispatcher and request the assignment of the on-duty officer. (Prior test question)


3.25 On-duty not in uniform: The vehicle used in making the traffic stop shall have an…

Emergency light prominently displayed and siren as required for emergency vehicles by the Texas motor vehicle laws. (Prior test question)


3.25 C. On-duty officers, not in uniform, other than that situation outlined in paragraph B,..

shall not make traffic stops.


3.25 C. On-duty officers, not in uniform: If there is a need to stop a traffic violator, the non-uniformed officer shall...

request a uniformed officer in a marked vehicle to make the traffic stop. (Prior test question)


3.27 A. DUTY TO GIVE INFORMATION: A member shall, when requested, answer questions, render statements, or surrender material relevant to a…

Professional standards section investigation.


3.27 B. Any member who is the subject of a professional standards section investigation gives a written report, provided he is advised:

1. The report for departmental purposes only.
2. The report will not be used against him in any subsequent criminal investigation or prosecution. 3. Should he fail to give a written report, a lawful order to do so will be given.


3.28 B. Members shall familiarized themselves with all written directives which are…

Published by the department and which affect their assignment.


3.31 D. Any officer discharging a weapon accidentally or intentionally, except on the target range or while lawfully hunting wild game, shall immediately report the incident in writing to...

his immediate supervisor. (Prior test question)


3.35 Any member arrested, charged, indicted for a state offense, in any state, above a class C misdemeanor or a class C involving the duties and responsibilities of office, or for a federal criminal offense, must...

Immediately provide the office of the chief of police with written notification of such incident.


3.35 When a member is arrested, charged, or indicted in any state, the member must provide the office of the chief of police with the name of the…

Arresting agency, a description of the nature of the charges, and the style, court and cause number of the charge or indictment, if any.


3.25 B. On-duty officers, not in uniform may make traffic stops only when they're assignment require such traffic stops and when such traffic stops are approved by...

THEIR division commander in WRITING. (Prior test question)


4.01 A. Once the on duty officer has arrived, the off-duty officer will not interfere or participate in the incident unless...

requested to do so by the officer assigned to handle the incident.


4.03 Are REQUIRED to take prompt and effective POLICE action conforming to departmental policies with respects to violations of laws and ordinances.

(On-duty members) Prior test question


4.04 Members, unless otherwise directed, shall report for duty or present themselves at the time and place specified by proper authority. They shall be…

Properly uniformed, or dressed, and equipped. (Prior test question)


4.06 On-Duty Activities: Members shall not remain at any one place longer than...

is necessary to accomplish a police objective. (Prior test question)


4.07 Officers shall respond without delay to all calls for (a.___) service from (b.___) and (c. ___ ___).

a. police
b. citizens
c. other members


4.07 Prompt Response To All Calls: Immediately upon completion of the call, officers shall....

Notify the dispatcher of their return to service.
(Prior test question "dispatcher")


4.08 Members observing anything of a dangerous or hazardous nature, citizens in distress, anything that might occasion public inconvenience, or seems irregular or offensive shall…

Ensure proper action and report the incident in writing.


4.09 Members will have a continuing duty to report facts and information relative to criminal offenses until the criminal offense has been…

Reported in writing through proper channels.


4.10 E. Member shall immediately report all incidents in which it appears the city of San Antonio…

May be liable for damages. (No specification to duty status.)


4.10 G. (a.___) shall immediately (b.___) any suits or legal processes found against them by reasons of acts performed by them in the line of duty.

a. Members
b. Report


4.10 G. (a.___) are to bring the original (b.___) to the (c.___ ___) and sign a form requesting the Legal Representation, which will be forwarded to the (d.___ ___ ___).

a. Personnel
b. Citation
c. Chief's office
d. City attorney's office


4.10. G. In the event (a.___) receive or are served with a suit or legal process after (b.___ ___) hrs, (0745-1630) hrs, they shall report to the (c.___ __ __ ___) the next (d.___) day with the original citation.

a. personnel
b. normal business
c. Office of the Chief
d. business


4.11 These officers shall carry notebooks or notepads to record the details of any police action they might take.

Field officers


4.11 "WILL" take and keep notes of the police actions in which they are involved.

All officers


4.11 Data pertinent to cases investigated will be kept and maintained by the…

Officer involved.


4.12 B. Members shall complete and submit all reports prior to…

Going off duty.


4.12 C. (__ __) shall be professionally written in good grammatical form and shall not contain slang, profanity, colloquial expressions, insulting racial terminology, except when the language is a quotation and is essential to the investigation, as part of the offense, or related to the (__ __).

(Members' reports) (officer's action)


4.12 C. Forms & Content: Information to be restricted from the public portion of the report.

1. Matters relating to investigate techniques or procedures.
2. Opinions or judgments of the officer.
3. Facts Tending to identify suspects or informants.
4. Information which should be confidential and which relates to a continuing investigation.


4.13 DUTY TO TAKE ACTION: Officers are charged with the responsibility to:

enforce local ordinances, state laws, federal statutes, to preserve the peace, and to protect lives and property.


4.13 All officers will take immediate action to prevent any (__ __) offense, or to arrest, if reasonably possible, any (__ __) offender, and to protect all persons and property from (__ __).

(obvious felony) (known felony) (imminent harm)


4.14 Members of the department shall salute national colors during the playing of the...

National anthem with the hand salute appropriate to their dress:


4.14 At the first note of music: stand at attention executes a military salute;

1. Full uniform with headgear.


4.14 At the first note: stand at attention hold this position until the last note music has been played;

2. Uniform without Headgear.


4.14 At the first note: stand at attention place right hand over heart;

3. Relaxed apparel or civilian attire:


4.15 A. "This" has to responsibility for investigating allegations of noncriminal misconduct by members of the department.

The Professional Standards Section.


4.15 B. Members who have a reason to believe another member of the department should be investigated shall write a report to the…

Commander of the Professional Standards Section giving the details of that belief. (Prior test question)


4.15 C. "They" may conduct preliminary investigations under certain circumstances.

Supervisory officers (Prior test question)


4.15 C. 1. (a.___ ___) may conduct preliminary investigations only to the extent necessary to determine the (b.___) of a complaint or provide (c.___) for an investigation.

a. Supervisory officers
b. validity
c. justification
(Prior test question)


4.15 C. 2. (a.___ ___) may conduct preliminary investigations if a violation is occurring and the (b.___) may escape detection if an investigation is delayed.

a. Supervisory officers
b. offender


4.16 Members shall not leave their beats or assigned areas except in the line of duty, upon authorization of...

a supervisor or at the end of a scheduled tour of duty. (Prior test question)


1.06. Any level of mental or physical incapacitation resulting from the voluntary introduction of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance into the body.



3.04 Members shall also respect the rights of individuals and perform their services with...

Honesty, sincerity, courage, and sound judgment.


3.04 Members shall at all times consider it their responsibility to be of service to anyone who may be in...

Danger or distress, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

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