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.01. This procedure provides officers with the specifications necessary to purchase uniforms and the various accessories
that each officer is required to..

possess and maintain.


.01. This procedure also establishes Departmental regulations for the proper clothing for officers in...

non-uniform assignments and civilian members, and the personal grooming of all officers.


.01. Command and Honor Guard uniform specifications are determined by...

The Chief of Police.


.01. Tactical Support Division uniform specifications are recommended by...

The Section Commander, through the
Division Commander, and submitted to the Labor Relations Committee and the Chief of Police for approval.


.01. Deviation from any regulation in this procedure is allowed only by permission of...

A member's Division Commander
when necessitated by a specialized or undercover duty assignment.


.03. Officers shall not wear a uniform or any part of a uniform while off-duty for any activity not authorized by the...

Chief of Police.


.03. All officers will possess and maintain in good order at least...

oOe (1) complete regulation uniform.


.03. Uniformed officers shall wear the appropriate insignia of rank as prescribed in this procedure affixed to all....

Uniform shirts and jackets.


03. Officers receiving Departmental awards may wear the commendation bar portions of the awards on...

The regulation uniform shirt.


.03. Unit pins are worn only on the..

Uniform shirt.


.03. Awards are worn on of the uniform shirt above the...

Nameplate on the right side of the regulation uniform shirt.


.03. The number of awards worn on the uniform shirt is...

Limited to six (6).


.03. The unit pins are worn on the uniform shirt above the...

Nametag and any commendation bars on the right side of the uniform shirt.


.03. The formal uniform, including the regulation hat, shall be worn by all officers to all...

Formal police functions (i.e.,funerals, Police Officer Memorial Day events, formal inspections, etc.) and when directed by the Chief of Police or the officer's Division Commander.


.03. must wear high-visibility clothing that meets the requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107: 2004 edition, class 2 or 3.

Any Officer working in the right-of-way of a federal-aid highway


.03. Officers working Fiesta Events will do so in Formal or Regulation Uniform, unless otherwise directed by the...

Fiesta Commander,


.03. Members wearing sunglasses shall not wear sunglasses with...

Brightly-colored frames, straps, or lens coatings.


.03. Any dark-colored lens, with or without a coating that IS..

silver-colored mirror IS ACCEPTABLE.


.03. Periodic inspections are made in accordance with GM Procedure 315, Line Inspections, by...

supervisory officers to ensure subordinates are in compliance.


.03. Any requested changes or additions to the uniform specifications are...

routed directly to the Labor Relations Committee for review.


.03. The Labor Relations Committee will review the request on uniform specifications and make a recommendation to...

The Chief of Police for final approval or wear testing if required...


.04. Uniforms or accessories requiring repair are not worn, unless the repair is...



.04. Trousers are no shorter than...

(1) inch above the juncture of the heel-sole and the upper part of the shoe or boot.


.04. Officers may wear the authorized uniform shorts during the period of April 1st through September 30th, with the approval of the...

Division Commander.


.04. Shall wear a regulation tie with the long sleeve authorized uniform shirt for official functions, meetings with outside agencies or departments, or as directed by the Chief.

Captains and above.


.04. The wearing of a tie with a long sleeve uniform shirt is optional for...

Lieutenants and below.


.05. The shoulder patch is wornon on all regulation uniform shirts and jackets below the shoulder seam measured at..

One half (1/2) inch.


.05. Regulation gold metal buttons affixed to the shoulder epaulets, and pocket flaps of the regulation uniform and jackets.shall be mandatory for...

All supervisors.


.05. Metal buttons are not authorized for..

Patrol Officers and Detective Investigators.


.05. The insignia of rank for a Lieutenant is worn....

(1/2) inch from and parallel to the front edge of each collar flap on the uniform shirt and centered on the epaulets of the uniform jacket.


05. The insignia of rank for a Sergeant and Detective Investigator is worn one-half (1/2) inch below ...

Each shoulder patch on the uniform shirt and uniform jacket.


05. Service bars may be worn on the...

left sleeve two (2) inches from the edge of the inner cuff of the long sleeve regulation uniform shirt.


.05. Buckles are not worn on the equipment belt which is worn in a position...

Over and concealing the trouser inner belt.


.05. A minimum of three belt keepers are worn with two keepers on the back of the equipment belt, one on...

Each side of the spinal column and a minimum of (1) on the front where it provides the best support.


.05. May choose to wear a garrison belt (1 3/4 to 2 plain black leather belt with buckle) with approved handgun/holster, handcuffs, extra magazine, intermediate weapon while in regulation uniform.

Captains and above.


.07. Officers requesting new body armor submit a written report along with their current issue of body armor, if applicable to…

Their Section and Division Commanders for inspection and written approval to order new body armor.


.07. Upon receipt of written approval by the Section and Division Commanders, officers shall take the approved report ...

The Department armorer.


.07. When picking up new body armor, officers will return old issue body armor to the…

Armory and Supply Office.


Officers with damaged clothing must submit a. request for reimbursement on...

Incident report form 65, interoffice memo with a copy of the report of the police incident in which the item was damaged or lost.


.08. Officers must submit reports for reimbursement Through his chain of command to his...

Division Commander


.08. Damaged items for which officers are requesting reimbursement shall be submitted along with…

Reports to the Division Commander.


.08. Request for reimbursement for damage clothing must be made…

Within (30) days from the date of the incident or within (30) days from the date the officer returns to duty, if on injury leave.


.08. The (__ __) upon inspection of the damaged item, determines the dollar amount to be reimbursed or the replacement cost of a Lost item in accordance with the (__ __ __) in the (__ __ __ __).

(Division Commander)
(Schedule on file)
(Accounting and Personnel Office)


.08. Depending on the amount of reimbursement, if any reimbursement is warranted, the division commander has a…

Request for payment form or petty cash voucher prepared and signed.


08. After replacing the damage, destroyed, or lost item, officers submit the signed...

request for payment form or petty cash voucher with the receipt of purchase to the accounting and personnel office for reimbursement.


.09. Members they were a United States flag pin on the...

left lapel of the jacket or coat.


.08. Members may wear the United States flag pin, the size being...

Not be larger than 1" X 1" in size and will not include any other images, opinions, depictions, statements, or representations.


.09. Female skirts length:

No shorter than 2 inches above the knee.


.09. Casual apparel for males shall consist of casual slacks or jeans with…

The Division Commander's approval.


.09. Field Apparel may consist of any and all clothing necessary as determined by....

Unit Directors.


.11. No portion of the mustache extends below for more than...

(1/4) inch Beyond the line of the upper lip.


.11. Sideburns shall be straight and they do not extend past...

The lower edge of the ear.


.11. Jewelry: rings may be worn, but only...

(1) Ring on each hand is permitted, however a wedding set is considered (1) ring.


.11. Earrings may be worn only by female officers and size may be...

(1/2) inch style loop earrings with a breakaway clasp.


.11. Undercover officers may deviate or be exempt from personal grooming regulations if they have prior permission from…

Their Division Commanders.

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