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.01B. The confiscatory responsibilities of the SAPD are used as a basis for;

any impoundment of property by officers of the Park, Airport, and police Department.


.02. All property coming into possession of any officer, regardless of classification, is placed in the property room:

no later than the end of the officer's tour of duty.


.04B. The property room Customer service window is open to the public monday through friday from:

0745 hours to 1530 hours and closed on saturday and sunday, including city holidays.


.04C. Officers have access to the property room during the hours it is open to the public, but during the hours it is closed to the public, officers can secure property and evidence in;

the holding area, located in the Municipal Court Building at 401 S. Frio.


.05. Impounded property 4 classifications:

a. evidence
b. found property
c. personal property
d. recovered property


.05. All reclassifications of impounded property must have;

prior approval by a supervisor.


.06A. They receive or confiscate property, but only do so if a legitimate police purpose exists.

Members who are authorized to receive or confiscate property.


06B. When impounding property, members will complete form 113, receipt for property in;



.06B. Copies of the property receipt, form 113 are routed to:

a. original to records office
b. copy to the person
c. copy to follow up unit


.06B. Members attach a copy of their report to;

the property tag, and forward a copy of their report to the follow up unit.


.06B. For any impounded evidence requiring tests, send a report to the;

Medical examiner's office.


.06B. UEDI / CSI investigators will place evidence which is wet or damp with body fluids in the;

drying room, avoiding cross contamination.


.06B. Officers below the rank of detective-investigator impounding the same body fluid type evidence, will;

mark the evidence with biohazard stickers and place it in a locker.


.06B. Impounding property methods;

1. hypodermic needles in protective containers.
2. perishable items in refrigerator.
3. fixed blade knives covered with cardboard and
taped prior to packaging.
4. currency in {currency evidence bag}
5. Bio-Haz materials marked with stickers.


.06B. Currency evidence bags will remain sealed from;

impound to final disposition, property room personnel will not verify count.


.07A. Property is impounded using the File Q barcode system, accessible at the;

work stations located in the property room receiving area.


.07A. When the system, FileOnQ, is down, how is property and evidence impounded?

Property K tags will be used for property and evidence except for controlled substances. Property room personnel will key the data when the system functions return,


.07A. When the system is down, controlled substances are impounded using;

E tags


.07B. Who has the responsibility to ensure officer access to the system network:?

the officer's, by maintaining an active city network account.


.07B. Network accounts can be reactivated by contacting;

ITSD, 24 / 7.


.07C. Should an officer have trouble accessing FileOnQ, during off hours, they will contact the;

Communications Unit Sergeant.


.07E. The following items must have individual barcodes;

1. each different type of narcotics.
2. individual firearms
3. currency
4. articles, items serial numbered, or OAN
5. jewelry


.07F. If multiple items of {1} classification of property cannot be secured together, then;

plain manilla tags will be used to attach the barcodes to the remaining items.


.07G. For multiple items of more than one classification;

a separate barcode will be created for each classification of property.


.07H. When impounding property from different individuals, a;

separate barcode is used for the property from each person.


.08A. Property will be secured in lockers, cages, refrigerators, or safes, depending;

on the type and size of the property.


.08A. In the event there is no locker space available, all overflow;

personal and found property only, will be placed in the overflow container.


.08A. Property shall never be stored:

on the processing table.


.08A. Firearms shall be secured in;



.08A. Property to large for lockers are secured in;



.08A. Controlled substances are secured in;

narcotics safe.


.08A. All evidence, when possible, will be secured with;

evidence tape.


.08B. Evidence impounded after normal hours, to large for secured containers, or is one of the categories listed, the officer, or CSU investigator shall notify the;

Communications Unit supervisor and request an off duty member of the property room, return and take charge of the evidence.


.09C. Loaded firearms, except jammed firearms:

are not taken into the property room.


.09D. Officers unfamiliar with the unloading process, shall contact a;

supervisor, CSU investigator, UEDI, or the Armorer.


.09E. Place small jammed firearms in an;

enveloped marked 'jammed loaded firearms', and secure in a small locker.


.09E. Tag large firearms with a plain;

manila colored tag marked 'jammed loaded firearm' and secure in a long locker.


.10C. Narcotics to large for the safe are impounded;

in lockers labeled, 'NARCOTICS'.


.10D. Water from pipes, bongs, etc., will be;

drained prior to being brought into the property room.


.11A. Ammunition and fireworks storage magazines are available at each substation for officers to impound;

non-evidence firearms ammunition and fireworks.


.11A. Substation ammo and fireworks magazines are only used for items in good condition, not;

corroded, damaged, improvised or deteriorated ammo, fireworks, fuels, powders, explosives, or suspected explosives will be stored.


.11A. Substation ammo and fireworks magazines: No smoking;

within the posted {25} feet.


.11A. Substation ammo and fireworks magazines: A written inventory sheet and the keys will be kept by the:

station commander or designee.


.11A. Substation ammo and fireworks magazines: who is responsible for clearing out the magazines?

Bomb squad maintains a set of keys to all substation magazines, and will clear them, once each calendar quarter, and one week after July 4 and Jan 1 of each year.


.11A. Ammo classified as evidence is placed into the property room, however, any fireworks classified as evidence will be;

photographed, prior to being placed in the ammo and fireworks magazines.


.11A. Questions concerning the ammo / fireworks magazines can be made by calling bomb squad personnel during regular hours, after hours, the bomb squad can be contacted through the;

Dispatch Supervisor.


.12A. Evidence from biological, chemical, nuclear or terrorist event, or other property associated, is gathered and maintained by the;

1. SAFD HazMat response team.
2. Arson Unit.
3. SAPD bomb squad.


.12B. Clandestine narcotics lab chemicals, or equipment, notify;

Narcotics unit, specialized training for situation.


.12E. Live animals are taken to the;

Animal Care Services Department by Animal Care Services personnel.


.12F. Body parts, human or animal are taken to the;

Medical Examiner's office.


.12G. Property is taken to the vehicle storage unit when it measures;

over {8} feet in height / length, or weighing over {200} pounds.


.13A. Keeps a log of after hours entry into the property room.

Security Systems Desk personnel.


.13B. Security Systems Desk personnel can be contacted using the phone on the;

West entrance to the property room.


.14. Emergency Opening of Property Room after hours is accomplished by contacting the Communications Unit Supervisor, and only for the following circumstances:

1. Cash in excess of $5,000.
2. To large amount of weapons fit in lockers.
3. Amount of narcotics wont fit in lockers.
4. Volume of property wont fit in holding area.
5. A Supervisor determines property to valuable.
6. Holding area entrance is impaired.


.15C. When an actor is booked for misdemeanor, the photo of property is attached to the;

Magistrate's copy of the field note offense report.


.15D. When property released in the field through the release of property green form, officers will complete the form in;

triplicate, and writes [FIELD RELEASE] on it.


.15. Property release form is routed as follows.

a. Original to Records Office.
b. Copy to follow up unit.
c. Copy to owner of property.


.16B. Temporary release of property SAPD 113-3, pink, is used to remove items for trial, etc, in addition officers may now use the;

webview request, online, and provide a copy of a subpoena duces tecum for the property if applicable.


.16E. Temporarily released property is returned;

within 14 days or it is overdue, approved extensions, specifying the additional time required may be submitted to the property room supervisor.


.16F. Overdue notice sent to officer, with a copy to his unit commander, for the return of the property;

within 7 days, and if the property is not returned within the 7 days, a second notice is sent to the officer with copies to his unit commander and his division commander.


.17C. Found property, except firearms, may be claimed by the finder;

after 120 days.


.17C. Found firearms may be claimed by the finder;

after 120 days, provided the finder has not been convicted of a crime prohibiting them from firearm possession, and clearance obtained through the homicide and property crimes units.


.17D. Is authorized to release all personal property except for firearms.

Property room


.17D. Firearms impounded as personal property are releasable only by the;

Homicide unit.


.17E. Firearms, regardless of classification is only releasable with;

supervisory approval.


.17F. Currency classified as evidence may only be released by the;

Detective assigned, with supervisory approval. If detective is absent, his supervisor may release it.


.17F. Currency may be released only by;

the authority of a supervisor from the follow up unit.


.18B. Property or evidence impounded in violation of this procedure and are rejected will be;

placed in the return locker, located at 401 S. Frio.


.18B. The officer and his supervisor will receive notice of the rejected property via email of the following;

a. description of items impounded.
b. violation committed.
c. the return locker number for the items.
d. combination, access code to retrieve items.
e. code or combination is only provided to officer.


.18B. Repeated violations or a single severe act, causing a rejection will be;

addressed through the chain of command.

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