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.03 Classification of Impounded Vehicles

A. Impounded for forfeiture;
B. Impounded for evidence;
C. Impounded as prisoner's personal property;
D. Impounded for traffic violations;
E. Impounded as an abandoned vehicle;
F. Impounded as a recovered stolen vehicle; and
G. Impounded from crash scene.


.04A. Growdon Storage Facility - Located at 3625 Growdon Road. This facility receives all impounded vehicles, except;

vehicles impounded for downtown area parking violations.


04B.This facility receives vehicles impounded for downtown area parking violations.

Storage facility belonging to the holder of the current wrecker contract.


.05C. Officers will first check for Evidence of Financial Responsibility on the vehicle, if the driver is unable to provide such proof, the officer will accept;

Proof of Financial Responsibility on the driver.


.06A. Officers submit a written report, showing justification for impoundment, when impounding any vehicle, except;

vehicles involved in crashes or from a "0700 - 0900 or 1600 - 1800 Tow-Away-Zone" are taken to the contract wrecker company storage facility.


Copies of the report are forwarded to:

1. The Vehicle Crimes Unit; and
2. Municipal Court, if applicable, attached to the
Order of Impoundment.


.06B. In the TSR remarks column the officer notes the following:

1., Waiting or labor time after first [15] minutes;
2. The words 'Hold for MC', vehicle
impounded pursuant to an Order of
3. The words NO INSURANCE for any vehicle
impounded for that purpose.


.06B. Officers are required to Complete SAPD Form #113, Receipt For Property, in duplicate, for any property received from an individual or Licensed Vehicle Storage Facility the receipt is routed as

a. Original to Records Office;
b. A copy to person the property is taken from.


E. Officers inform the vehicle owners/drivers their vehicles are impounded at the Growdon Storage Facility for failure to provide;

Evidence of Financial Responsibility.


.08B. When a vehicle is impounded as evidence, the officer will:

1. Write "Evidence" on the TSR;
2. Route a copy to the follow-up unit;
3. Request UEDI /CSU Investigator process vehicle.


.10A. Officers ticket and /or impound vehicles for any of the following traffic violations or court orders:

1. "Tow-Away-Zone" Parking Restrictions;
2. Traffic Hazards;
3. Uninsured Driver;
4. Parked over [2] hr untraveled part expressway


.10A. Uninsured driver may waive transportation, and released at the scene, if safe to do so, officers document

all incidents where the driver/occupants refuse transportation, on an Incident report.


.10A. Driver/occupants under 17 years of age have 30 minute wait-time for a parent, legal guardian or custodian picks them up before being;

* Returned to the Youth Processing Office.
* Being taken to their residence.
* Waiving Transportation if safe to do so.


.10C. Officers utilize following to attempt to verify insurance coverage before towing.

1. Ask driver for phone of insurance company.
2. Contact dispatch, they verify information.
3. If verified no violation insurance ticket.


.10C. Before decision to tow, officers consider:

a. disabilities; b. weather conditions.
c. call load. d. animals in car.
e. time of day f. Location
g. out of state driver h. Exigent circumstances
i. physical condition driver.
f. any children in car and how many.


.10C. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes, mandatory time period, before the wrecker arrives, for;

the driver to provide proof of insurance.


.10C. Officers will not initiate an inventory of the vehicle until;

after the 30 minute time frame has elapsed.


.10C. An admission to being an uninsured driver allows the officer to;

proceed without a mandatory waiting period.


.10C. Once it has been determined the driver is uninsured, officers shall not allow vehicles to be parked instead of towed. They will either;

have the vehicle towed or allow the driver to proceed with the vehicle.


.10C. If an officer makes the decision not to tow an eligible vehicle because the driver fails to provide Evidence of Financial Responsibility, the officer will

notify his supervisor of this decision before allowing the driver to proceed.


.10C. This provides the supervisor the opportunity to;

review and approve those circumstances which caused the officer to decide not to tow.


.10C. Nothing in this procedure requires the

supervisor to make the scene to determine if a tow is required.


.10D. The following N-Codes will be used on all traffic stops involving “Failure to provide Evidence of Financial Responsibility,” when the vehicle is released. Also, the

sergeant authorizing the decision not to tow will have their name entered on the Dispatch N-Code card.


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on condition of driver (elderly, sick, etc.);

N-Code 19


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on weather conditions;

N-Code 20


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on call load;

N-Code 21


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on the driver is from out of state;

N-Code 22


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on small children in the vehicle and/or the number of children;

N-Code 23


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on if the driver or other occupants are disabled;

N-Code 24


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on the fact that there are animals in vehicle.

N-Code 25


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on the nature and quantity of contents in the vehicle (potential financial loss, perishable items, etc).

N-Code 26


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on exigent circumstances (health-care crisis, etc.);

N-Code 27


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on Time of Day;

N-Code 28


.10D. Decision Not to Tow based on Location (desolate areas, open fields, safety issues, etc.)

N-Code 29


.11A. Vehicles abandoned on any public street, or any dedicated street on city property form #114, Official Police Notice

[green sticker], is placed on the windshield;


.11A. A parking ticket is issued for "Using the Street for Storage" and the vehicle is impounded If the vehicle, after receiving a green sticker, remains;

after [24] hours.


.11B. Vehicles abandoned on city-owned property other than dedicated streets are handled in the same manner as an abandoned vehicle on a public street, except;

no parking ticket is issued.


.11C. Vehicles are impounded if parked on the untraveled portion of an expressway for;

over [2] hour


.12C. Recovered stolen vehicles not used in any serious offense, the vehicle is processed for evidence, and the owner is contacted, the officer allows the owner a

minimum of [1] hour to claim his vehicle at the


.12C. When recovering a stolen vehicle from a licensed vehicle storage facility, officers are required to complete SAPD Form #113, Receipt for Property,

in duplicate.


.13C. If a driver can make his vehicle drivable after minor repairs, the officer will allow the driver

[15] minutes after the completion of the investigation to repair his vehicle.


.14A. Vehicles found parked under the following circumstances are ticketed and/or relocated in lieu of being impounded:

1. On parade routes - Ticketed only if parked after
restrictions are posted;
2. Hindering repair by public works crew Ticketed
only if parked after restrictions are posted;
3. Blocking driveways.


.14B. Vehicles are relocated in the immediate area. Officers notify the

Security Desk as to the new location of the vehicle.


.15B. An inventory is limited to places where a person ordinarily would store or leave items of personal property, such as:

1. Passenger compartment;
2. Trunk, if key is available;
3. Any open container.


.15D. Locked vehicles - officer inventories visible property, listing them on the TSR and in his report. The vehicle is impounded at the Growdon Storage Facility, on Secure Row, only after a;

supervisor personally inspects the vehicle and authorizes the storage by signing the TSR;


.15D. Unlocked vehicles with bulky or excessive amounts of property - These vehicles are impounded at the Growdon Storage Facility, on

Secure Row, only after a supervisor personally inspects the vehicles and authorizes the storage by
signing the TSR.

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