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.02B. Park Police Officers direct their primary enforcement activities to designated parklands of the City, are available to respond to call calls for police services;

within the City as dispatched by SAPD, and take enforcement action on those incidents occurring within their presence or view throughout the City.


.03A. Airport Police Officers have the authority to take initial enforcement action on;

any violation of the law coming to their attention.


.03A. They have field investigative responsibilities that include the following incidents or offenses that occur within their jurisdiction:

1. Situations requiring incident /offense reports.
2. Public /private property vehicle accidents;
3. Parking violations;
4. Ordinance violations;
5. Texas Transportation Code;
6. Texas Penal Code.
7. Transportation Security Administration and other Federal Regulations;


B. Park Police have authority to take initial action on any violation of the law coming to their attention, and have field investigative responsibilities for:

1. Offenses up to 3rd Degree Felonies;
2. Texas Transportation Code violations.
3. Parking violations
4. ordinance violations;
5. Accidents, excluding fatalities, intoxication
manslaughter and intoxication assault;


.04B. Emergency calls received by Airport dispatchers or Park Police service agents are immediately

relayed to the SAPD Communications Unit by the most expedient means, to include 911 system, direct phone line, the dispatch computer, or through the police radio system.


.06A. Airport Police Officers having prisoners in custody transport the prisoners to the Detention Center and complete the booking process;

They may request transportation from the SAPD Communications Unit, for extenuating circumstances.


.06B. Park Police Officers must request the response of a San Antonio Police Officer, if they have a person under arrest for;

any offense above a 3rd Degree Felony


.06B. For all offenses above a 3rd Degree Felony, the San Antonio Police Officer;

shall determine the existence of probable cause for the arrest.


.06B. If the San Antonio Police Officer disagrees with the charges against a prisoner, an;

SAPD Detective Investigator or an SAPD Supervisor will be consulted.


.07C. Are responsible for reviewing and approving their officer’s reports, and for forwarding all completed, accurate, and original reports to the San Antonio Police Department’s Records Section.

Airport Police and Park Police supervisors.


.08B. If the physical evidence requires testing or processing, such as a drug test or finger printing, the Airport Police Officer or Park Police Officer shall;

request an SAPD Crime Scene Investigator to the scene to conduct the testing or processing.


.08C. Found property and personal property shall be placed into the;

Airport Police Lost and Found Room.

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