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.01. This procedure establishes guidelines for the…

Routine use of city vehicles.


.04. Members in a city vehicle transport only…

Authorized persons.


.04. Authorized persons include..

On duty members, prisoners, complainants, and witnesses.


.04. Approval to transport off-duty members or non-members must be received from the…

Unit supervisor.


.04C. Ensure all units under their command maintain a daily record of the assignment and use of all city vehicles assigned to their respective commands.

Division commanders.


.05. For automated fueling the FLEET SERVICES OFFICES has equipped all...

MARKED POLICE vehicles with a "CANceiver".


.05. When will members refuel any city vehicle they operate?

Prior to ending their tour, utilizing their COSA ID.


.05. Members operate a city vehicle with a lost, damaged, or inoperative FOB key:

1. Notify Police Fleet Services.
2. Go to Automotive Operations Office prepared to provide veh number and odometer


.06. Members of units, which do not have city vehicles assigned, may request the use of a vehicle from…

Personnel at the Fleet Services Management Office.


.06. The department maintains a Limited number of...

Fleet Services Administrative vehicles which are temporarily assigned.


.06B. Fleet Services Administrative vehicles temporary assignment priority:

1. Unit with no vehicle assigned.
2. Temporary use by member, in unit with no vehicle assigned, to travel out of city on approved trip.


.06. Fleet services administrative vehicles and keys are returned to the...

Fleet Services Management Office.


.07. Prior to being assigned a take-home vehicle, members will complete and submit SAPD form # 167-TBA, through their change of command to the...

Office of the chief of police.


.07. Members assigned a take-home vehicle shall return the vehicle to their assigned units if they are off-duty for a...

Period exceeding three days.


.07. Members assigned a take-home vehicle shall return the vehicle to their parent unit if they are…

On light duty status.


.07C. Upon receiving written approval from the chief, members assigned a take home vehicle, while on standby or subject to immediate call out may use the vehicle as their...

Primary means of transportation.


Are on permanent stand by and subject to immediate call out based on their position.

Assistant Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs


.07C. Members may transport immediate family members in their take-home vehicle only when subject to…

Immediate call out and when using the vehicle as their primary means of transportation.


.07E. Members requiring a temporary replacement for a take-home vehicle will use a vehicle from…

Their assigned units.


.07E. Members assigned to units which have no vehicles, will make arrangements through the…

Police Fleet Services Management Office.


.08. Members discovering damage to the city vehicle or equipment shall immediately notify…

Their supervisor.


.08. Members discovering mechanical impairment, which may affect the safe operation of the vehicle, immediately report the condition to the…

Vehicle repair shop and their immediate supervisor.


.08. Members encountering mechanical problems with their assigned vehicle which would not ordinarily impair the safe operation of the vehicle, immediately notify…

Their supervisor. The supervisor determines whether the vehicle is immediately repaired or kept in service and the repair made later.


.08. Members remove portable items from vehicles placed in the repair shop if the repairs cause the vehicle to remain out of service...

Beyond the end of the officers tour of duty.


.08. Members shall ensure proper preventive maintenance is performed on their assigned vehicle on a regular basis or when notified by the…

Vehicle repair shop.


.09. Members do not expose a city vehicle to unreasonable hazards or abuse, except in…

Exigent circumstances.


.09. Members must remove portable equipment from city vehicles parked or stored overnight at a location other than a…

Police facility.


.09. Members park city vehicles on the headquarters parking lot in the visitor spaces when…

Attending court or conducting assigned duties within the area.


.09E. Members requesting reimbursement of parking fees must submit a…

Petty cash voucher, with the parking receipt attached, to their division commander.


Members receiving citations in city vehicles shall immediately submit a report and attach the violation and forward it through the chain of command to...

The office of the chief.


.09. If the member was performing his assigned duties when a citation was issued, the office of the chief will represent…

The Department in the adjudication of the ticket or violation.


.10. Members authorized offering a city vehicle outside of Bexar county should present an approved travel request to the...

Accounting and personnel office at least 14 calendar days prior to departure.


.10. On their return to the city, members return the assigned city vehicle to the...

Issuing unit on the first business day following their return.

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