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.01. This procedure provides officers with guidelines necessary for the safe carrying and handling of APPROVED:

* firearms., * intermediate weapons. prior test question.


.01. This procedure sets guidelines for the TYPES of:

-AUTHORIZED weapons.
-AUTHORIZED ammunition.
-AUTHORIZED holsters.
prior test question.


.01. This procedure provides for the approval or non-approval of all...

AUTHORIZED weapons. prior test question.


.02. While on-duty or while off-duty, officers shall carry only...



.02. For the purpose of participating in sporting/leisure activities is the only time firearms may be carried which are...

NOT APPROVED by the Department.


.02. While on-duty, officers shall carry one primary handgun and may carry one secondary handgun if...

APPROVED on SAPD Form #60-RCF, Request to
Carry Firearm.


.02. Number of handguns that may be carried by on-duty officers.

No more than two.


.02. Off-duty officers have the discretion whether or not to carry an...

APPROVED handgun.


.02. May store their firearms in a secure area instead of carrying the firearms on their person.

Officers working inside a police facility.

prior test question


.02. Shall carry at least one (1) approved intermediate weapon.

All officers, when in uniform.


.02. All officers having been issued an Electronic Control Devices (ECD) shall...

carry it when in uniform.


.02. All officers having been issued a shoulder weapon shall...

carry it when on duty.


.04. A. The Armory and Supply Office is located at the Training Academy and is supervised by the...

Firearms Proficiency Control Officer (FPCO)

prior test question


.04. B. Access into the Armory and Supply Office is restricted to...

armory personnel and the Training Academy Commander or designees.

prior test question


.04.C. Access into all areas of the Ready Room is restricted to...

personnel assigned to the Armory and Supply Office and unit/shift directors and/or their designees.

prior test question


.04.C. May obtain a key for the Ready Room at the Security Desk in case of an emergency. which is located at Police Headquarters.

A supervisor


.04.C. The Security Desk is located at...

Police Headquarters.


.05. Officers, both on-duty and off-duty, while carrying the handguns on their person, must carry handguns in an...


prior test question


.05. May carry handguns in a container such as a purse, briefcase, fanny pack, carrying bag, etc.

Officers working in plain clothes or undercover assignments, as well as off-duty officers.


.05. While in a police vehicle, a shoulder weapon is carried in the...

vehicle transport mode:


.05. May necessitate the need for an officer to have the shoulder weapon in the vehicle in other than the vehicle transport mode.

Exigent circumstances involving officer and public safety.


Shoulder weapons, when carried to and from a police facility, are...

empty with the action open and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.


.06. To carry another approved handgun as their primary handgun, officers assigned to the Special Operations Unit may receive approval from...

Their Division Commander.

prior test question


.06. On-duty plainclothes officers shall carry a sufficient amount of reserve ammunition to allow for the...

Complete reloading of their primary handgun.


.06. Officers carrying an approved handgun other than the Glock Model 22, 23, or 27 shall have prior...

written authorization, though their chain of command, from the Office of the Chief of Police, or his designee.


.06. Shoulder weapons, whether issued by the Department or personally owned, will only be carried by an officer who has received...

written approval from his chain of command, including his Division Commander and the
FPCO. prior test question.


.06. May authorize, in writing, officers working undercover assignments to carry an authorized weapon in a manner other than in an approved holster or approved case.

The Chief of Police or his designee (supervisory officer)

prior test question


.06. May authorize officers working undercover assignments not to carry a firearm for a specific assignment which may place the officer in greater danger than being armed.

The Unit/Shift Director or his designee (supervisory officer)

prior test question


.06. Illustrates the relationship between an officer’s duty status and the options of which handgun(s) he/she is allowed to carry.

The approved handgun matrix.

prior test question


.06. An officer may be approved to carry one (1) personally owned rifle and/or one (1) personally owned shotgun with...

approval and registration by the Department for police use.


.06. All designated riflemen shall identify themselves to the...

Shift Sergeant, prior to duty. prior test question


.07. The only exception to this procedure, civilians being prohibited from carrying weapons, applies to non sworn members, who handle weapons during the;

course and scope of their duties, when it is authorized by appropriate authority and when it is work related


.08. The Training Academy Commander or his designee shall determine the TYPES of:

firearms, ammunition, holsters, and shoulder weapon cases, officers are approved to carry both on and off-duty, subject to the approval of the Chief of Police.


.08. An AR-15 style rifle in 5.56 mm/.223 caliber only, must have a minimum of two-30 round magazines with a...

magazine coupler or stock pouch.


.08. Officers shall carry only ammunition that is...



.08. In their department-issued handguns, officers shall carry and fire only...

department-issued duty ammunition


.08. Must be inspected, approved, and registered by the FPCO prior to an officer attempting to shoot the qualification course with the ammunition.

Non-department issued ammunition.


.08. Officers are responsible for providing their own duty ammunition for all...

personally-owned handguns, including ammunition needed for training and qualification courses.


.08. Holsters and cases shall be inspected and approved by the FPCO prior to...

being carried by officers.


.08. Shall be registered with the training academy.

The information regarding and officer's authorized weapons, ammunition, and holsters.


.09. Must be registered with the department.

All personally owned firearms carry on or off duty by officers.


.09. Officers Shall register with the FPCO.

Personally owned firearms.


.`09. All personally-owned firearms, carried on or off-duty by officers, must be...

approved by the FPCO,


.09. Officers who sustain loss, theft, or damage to their personally-owned handguns, shoulder weapons, holsters, or
shoulder weapon cases may receive reimbursement for...

the cost of replacement or repair.


.09. Will check all firearms for stolen in the NCIC/TCIC files, and document the results on SAPD Form #60-RCF, Request to Carry Firearm, prior to approving and registering the firearms.



.09. Any firearms found to be stolen by the FPCO will be...

impounded into the Property Room.


09. Ensures the officer in possession of a stolen firearm writes a report indicating the circumstances of his possession of the firearm.



The officer's report indicating the circumstances of his possession of the stolen firearm will be forwarded to the...

officer’s division commander and the OFFICE of the Chief.


.09. The FPCO (supervisor) or the supervisor notified of a stolen firearm will ensure an offense report is written regarding the stolen firearm. The original report will be...

ROUTED to the Records OFFICE and copies will be FORWARDED to the follow-up UNIT, the officer’s division commander, and the OFFICE of the Chief.


.10. Officers, prior to carrying personally-owned handguns and secondary handguns, must receive...

written approval from the FPCO on SAPD Form #60-RCF, Request to Carry firearm.


.10. The qualification training for carrying personally-owned handguns and secondary handguns shall be incorporated into the...

Secondary Handgun Course, administered and scored by the FPCO.


.10. Officers who attend the Secondary Handgun Course shall attend such training while...



.10. Will be granted, according to established leave practices, for attending the Secondary Handgun Course/firearms training.

Accrued leave.


.10. Must carry the department issued Glock Model 22 as their primary handgun.

Officers in formal/regulation uniform.


.10. If approved by the CHIEF of Police, department-wide training may be scheduled when...

officers attend their annual in-service training.


.10. Officers who choose to carry a personally-owned handguns as a secondary handgun shall first attend the...

Secondary Handgun Course required for officers who choose to carry two handguns at the same time.


.10. Shall schedule Secondary Handgun Courses as needed and will publish this information in the Daily Bulletin.

The Training Academy Commander.


.10. After the Secondary Handgun Courses are published, will contact the Training Academy Firearms Range Staff to schedule the training course and/or registration process,

Officers who choose to carry a personally-owned handgun or a secondary handgun.


.10. Officers will request approval to carry personally owned handguns by submitting SAPD Form #60-RCF, to the FPCO during the...

Officers’ scheduled secondary Handgun Course.


.10 Officers may submit and have a maximum of (2) personally-owned handguns approved and registered with...

the department for police use.


.10. A holster and ammunition for each handgun must also be...

submitted for approval.


.10. Secondary handguns shall be worn...

completely concealed on the officer’s person in an approved holster.


.10. Officers, who choose to carry any approved handgun as a secondary handgun, shall first attend the...

Secondary Handgun Course and receive secondary handgun training required for officers who choose to carry two handguns at the same time.


.10. For secondary handguns, officers are not required to...

carry additional reloading ammunition.


.10. Officers who successfully complete the training and receive written approval from the FPCO on SAPD Form #60-RCF, may carry the handgun(s) as a...

secondary handgun or as a primary handgun.


.11. Officers shall receive written (__) on SAPD Form #60-RCF, from their (__) prior to attending shoulder weapon training and carrying a shoulder weapon.

(approval) (division commander)


.11. A (__ __ __) shall request officers for the Designated Rifleman Program based on availability within a specific (__) or (__).

(Patrol Division Commander) (district) (section)


.11. Upon written approval on Form #60-RCF, Request to Carry Firearm, from the FPCO, an officer may be approved to carry one (1) personally owned rifle and/or one (1) personally owned shotgun with the...

approval and registration by the Department for police use.


.11. Only (1) (__ __) will be Department-issued.

(shoulder weapon)


.11. Officers will be allowed to carry only (__) shoulder weapons (department-issued or personally-owned), while (__-__).

(approved) (on-duty)


.11.E. Officers shall carry shoulder weapons in accordance with the guidelines listed in...

their SOP, as well as this procedure.


.12. Preparation, handling, and deployment instructions for all (__ __) shall be incorporated into the firearms training courses established by the Training Academy Commander and/or the (__ __ __ __).

(authorized weapons) (Special Operations Unit staff)


.12. Shall ensure preparation, handling, and deployment guidelines for these weapons are included into their SOP manuals.

Division Commanders who AUTHORIZE the carrying of shoulder weapons.


.13 All officers must qualify each (__) year with their(__ __-__) Glock, and with any other handgun they choose to carry.

(calendar) (assigned department-issued)


.13 All officers shall qualify wearing the Sam Browne or other Departmentally approved holster, when...

qualifying with their duty handgun.


.13 . Officers who choose to carry a Glock handgun as a secondary handgun must successfully complete the...

Secondary Handgun Course required for officers who choose to carry two handguns at the same time.


.13. Officers wanting to qualify with a handgun, other than their Department issued GLOCK Model 22, must have the...

handgun, holster, and ammunition approved.


.13. On the day and time of an officer’s scheduled departmental in-service qualification period, or at such other time as scheduled by the FPCO, Officers are afforded...

Two (2) attempts on a given day at qualifying with the department-issued Glock.


.13. Officers are afforded (2) attempts on a (__ __) at qualifying with personally-owned handguns.

(given day)


.13. Officers who fail to qualify during their scheduled dept in-service qualification or who do not qualify during a calendar year with a dept.-issued Glock will:

a. Surrender dept.-issued Glock to the FPCO.
b. Surrender dept. shoulder wpn to the FPCO.
c. Not allowed to qualify any firearm until qualified with dept Glock
d. Not allowed to carry firearm, on or off-duty.


.13. Officers who fail to qualify with a dept-issued Glock will be removed from Designated Rifleman Program until further notice by...

A Patrol Division Commander.


.13. When an officer fails to qualify with his dept-issued Glock, the FPCO shall immediately...

Notify the Training Academy Commander.


.13. Officers failing to qualify are prohibited from wearing the police uniform or working off-duty employment in city facilities or outside employment, which requires...

An extension of police services, until they qualify.


.13. When scheduled, after failing to qualify the on the first (2) attempts, the officer will be given...

(2) new attempts to qualify and must score a minimum of seventy percent (70%).


.13. When an officer fails to qualify after the fourth attempt, the FPCO shall immediately...

Notify the Training Academy Commander.


.13. In the event an officer fails to qualify after the fourth attempt, the Training Academy Commander...

contacts the Office of the Chief to place the officer on special assignment to the Training Academy for firearm remediation course.


.13. The officer failing to qualify after the fourth attempt will attend a...

(16) hour firearm remediation course at the Training Academy.


.13. Upon completion of the firearms remediation course, officers are given...

(2) final attempts to qualify.


.13. Officers who qualify on one of (2) final attempts are...

Released from special assignment and returned to assigned unit.


.13. All officers who are assigned to the remediation course, shall be required to attend...

Quarterly remedial firearms training.


.13. Officers who fail to qualify on their final attempts are retained on special assignment, with a...

Recommendation for termination sent to the Chief of Police.


.13. Personally-Owned Handguns; Officers who fail to qualify,after the second attempt on a given day will not be...

Approved to carry the handgun.


.13. Personally-Owned Handguns; Additional attempts to qualify may be...

Scheduled with the officer BY the FPCO.


.14. Shall post on the SAPD Intranet (S.A.M. Resources, Trng Academy On-Line Registration) for the dates and times when shoulder weapon training courses will occur.

The Training Academy Commander.


.14. (__ __) who have approved officers to attend shoulder weapon training will schedule their officers for shoulder weapon training and provide the FPCO with the (__) SAPD Form #60-RCF.

(Division commanders) (original)


.14. Officers shall pass the Basic Rifle Course or the Basic Shotgun Course administered and scored by the...

FPCO prior to being APPROVED to carry a shoulder weapon.


.14. The FPCO and/or the Certified Firearms Instructor assigned to the Special Operations Unit will issue the officer written notification on SAPD Form #60-RCF, advising the officer...

If he is AUTHORIZED to carry a shoulder weapon.


.14. Officers assigned to the Designated Rifleman/Shotgun program shall be required to qualify with the Dept. issued GLOCK with a minimum score of..

80% or better during the in-service qualification course of fire.


.14. Any officer who had not attended in-service and shot an 80% or better on the qualification course, will be required to

fire a qual course on the first day of the rifleman/shotgun 40 hour school.


.14. Shoulder weapon qualification criteria for officers assigned to the SWAT Detail shall be determined by the...

Certified Firearms Instructor assigned to the Special Operations Unit, with approval from the FPCO and the COMMANDER OF THE TACTICAL SUPPORT DIVISION.


.14. Officers failing to qualify with a shoulder weapon shall not be...

AUTHORIZED to carry a shoulder weapon.


.14. The FPCO will issue a written notification on SAPD Form #60-RCF to the officer failing to qualify with a shoulder weapon and their...

Supervisor, advising the officer he is not AUTHORIZED to carry a shoulder weapon.


.14. The officer’s (__ __) will be notified by the FPCO when an officer fails to qualify with a shoulder weapon.

(division commander)


.14. Officers failing to qualify with a shoulder weapon will be removed, until further notice, from the designated Rifleman Program...

By a Patrol Division commander.


.13. With approval from the (__ __ __), the FPCO may reschedule a qualification attempt for officers who have failed shoulder weapon qualification.

(officer’s division commander)


.13. The FPCO will register firearm(s) with the Department by completing SAPD Form #60-RCF, indicating approval or denial, and both FPCO and officer, shall...

Sign indicating knowledge of approval or denial.


.13. The FPCO will give the officer a completed copy of SAPD Form #60-RCF and the officer will...

ROUTE a copy of the completed form through his chain of command to HIS DIVISION COMMANDER.


.13. The officer’s (__/__ __) shall file a copy of the 60-RCF,in the officer’s (__ __).

(unit/shift director) (field file)


.13. FPCO shall maintain and file the (__) SAPD Form #60-RCF, and shall register the information on firearm(s) in the (__ __ __ __).

(original) (police firearms computer program)


.13. Officers who no longer choose to have a personally-owned weapon registered with the Department will submit a written report to the FPCO requesting the handgun, rifle, or shotgun be...

Removed from the officers’ approval list and route a copy of the report through their chain of command.


.14. They will conduct repairs, modifications, or change parts to department issued firearms.

Only the department armor or the Academy assigned FPCO or certified range staff.


.14. Officers shall not make modifications or change any parts to any firearms without the…

Written approval of the FPCO..


.14. Officers desiring to modify or change any parts to a firearm shall make a…

Request in writing to the FPCO, who shall have the final decision.


.14. Any repairs to personally owned firearms by a non-department armorer must be...

reported To the FPCO in writing.


.14. Upon discovering unauthorized repairs, modifications, or parts to a personally own firearm, the Incident shall be documented on SAPD form 60–RCF by the...

Academy assigned FPCO or Academy assigned range staff, and advise the officer the firearm is not approved to be carried for Police use.


The FPCO submits a written report detailing the unauthorized repairs, modifications, or parts to the...

Training Academy Commander


The Training Academy Commander Shall notify the officer's...

Division Commander. for possible disciplinary action.


.15. Custodian of departmental weapon ranges and establishes safety rules for all ranges used by the department.

Training Academy Commander.


.15. Training Academy Commander ensures training qualification courses are established and document for..

authorized weapons


.15. Appoints the firearms proficiency control officer and his designees.

Training Academy Commander


.15. When an officer fails to qualify or his qualification is about to expire or has expired, the Training Academy Commander notifies...

– Office of the Chief of Police.
– Internal Affairs Unit.
– Officers Division Commander.


.15. In charge of departmental weapon ranges during firearm exercises.

Firearms Proficiency Control Officer


Inspects, approves, and documents all firearms, holsters, ammunition, and shoulder weapon cases officers are authorized to carry for police use.

Firearms Proficiency Control Officer


.14. Makes repairs, modifications, and changes parts on department issued firearms.

– Armorer.


.14. Maintains firearms training.
–Records officers training.
– Enters officers' weapon info into the police firearms computer program".

Firearms Proficiency Control Officer


.14 Administers and scores firearms qualification process for all officers.

– FPCO's Designee.


.14. Notifies Training Academy Cmdr. in writing when officers fail to qualify with dept issued Glock, qualification has expired or is about to expire, andunauthorized repairs, modifications, or parts on authorized weapons.

Firearms Proficiency Control Officer


.15. Maintains Armory and Supply Office, and issues authorized supplies when needed.



.15. Replaces OC canisters,or ECD related equipment return to the armory by officers and completes appropriate section of SAPD form 62-RFI.



.15. Whenever OC spray or ECD related equipment are returned for placement the Armorer forwards a copy of the form to the...

Internal Affairs Unit


.15. Insures officers under their command or direction carry only authorized weapons.

Section Commanders/Unit Directors


.15. Maintain inventory list of all Shoulder weapons assigned to their personnel and unit.

Section Commanders/Unit Directors


.15. When officers transfer from the duty station, he ensures dept issued rifles or shotguns are cleaned and returned to the SAPD armory to allow Armorer to inventory equipment and inspect the firearm.

Section Commanders/Unit Directors


.15. Ensure through periodic inspections officers under their supervision carry approved firearms, holsters, ammo, intermediate wpns and equipment is in proper working order.

Supervisory Officers


.14. Verify info on any APPROVED Firearms checked in or out of Ready Room is properly entered into the weapon's logbook.

Supervisory Officers


.15. All Officers carry only AUTHORIZED...

weapons, ammunition, and holsters on-duty or off-duty.


.15. Maintain qualifications on all authorized weapons carried, ensure weapons function properly.

All Officers.


Officers carrying a department issued approved firearm or ECD which is damaged or is operative shall...

Immediately return the firearm or ECD to the armory for inspection and/or repair.


.14. If the armory is closed, a (__) shall accompany the officer to the (__ __) to obtain a spare firearm or ECD to replace the one damaged or in operable.

(Supervisor) (ready room)


.14. A written report listing the malfunction or damage shall be attached to the firearm or ECD and a copy of the report is…

ROUTED through the officer's chain of command to HIS DIVISION COMMANDER.


.14. The loss or theft of a department-issued or personally-owned APPROVED firearm shall immediately be reported to the...

Department Armorer and a Supervisory Officer.


.14. Will ensure an offense report is written if the firearm loss or theft occurred inside the city limits.

The Supervisory Officer


.14. If the loss or theft of a firearm occurs in another jurisdiction, the officer shall...

Write an incident report under an SAPD case number detailing the loss or theft.


.15. The officer routes a copy of his report documenting the loss or theft ...

Through his chain of command and to the Armorer.


.15. Any officer discharging a firearm except on the target range or lawfully hunting shall...

Immediately notify an on-duty supervisor and report the incident in writing, through his chain of command, to the division commander.


.15. Will review all the circumstances surrounding the firearm discharge to ensure all policy, training, weapon/equipment, and discipline issues are addressed.

The supervisor notified.


The officers initial report of a firearm discharge and the supervisor's written review and recommendations are then...

Forwarded through the chain of command for final review and disposition.


.15. Shall review reports/recommendations, and based on the merits, substance, and gravity of the incident, will request further investigation, implement discipline, or recommend no disciplinary action.

The Division Commander


.15. Regardless of the outcome, all reports with recommendations will be…

Routed to the Internal Affairs Unit and will be maintained on file in accordance with the department's retention schedule.


.15. Any officer discharging an intermediate weapon accidentally or intentionally shall immediately notify an...

On-duty supervisor and report the incident in writing through his chain of command, to his division commander.


.15. Any officer who uses OC spray/gel shall return the canister, even if partially used, to the armory or ready room to...

Obtain replacement equipment prior to the end of HIS tour of duty.


ECD Cartridges are replaced…

Prior to the end of the OFFICER's tour of duty.


To replace the used OC spray/gel or fire ECD cartridges if the armory is closed...

A Supervisor shall accompany the officer to the ready room.


.15. SAPD form 62-RFI receipt shall be completed and attached To the used OC spray/gel canister by...

The officer (and the supervisor when applicable).


.15. For an ECD and/or cartridge, one copy of the replacement receipt shall be left in a…

Designated receptacle in the Ready Room.

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