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.01A. Opportunities for supplemental outside training, education, and professional affiliation sometimes allow for a;

higher degree of individual development than would be otherwise available from local sources.


.01B. Members may request authorization for travel when such travel is in the interest of the;

San Antonio Police Department and the City of San Antonio.


.01C. This procedure provides a process whereby travel needs are requested, evaluated, prioritized, and disbursed in as;

fair and equitable manner as possible.


.02 The policy of the Department, pertaining to employee travel, requires members to properly plan, prudently utilize, and thoroughly document expenditures;

allocated for the various functions necessitating travel, due to limitations in the resources available for this purpose.


.03B. SAPD Form #106, Travel Request, is required for members who are subpoenaed;

by agencies outside of Bexar County.


.04A. Members requesting travel funds should discuss its justification with and obtain;

the concurrence of their immediate supervisor.


.04B. The travel request is completed and submitted to the approving supervisor with the following information:

1. Specific benefit, function, or purpose;
2. Course title or school name;
3. Location of activity;
4. Dates /times, leave in conjunction with travel;
5. Itemized projected expenses:
6. Commentary on benefit or purpose of program;
7. Request for administrative leave.


.04B. Itemized projected expenses for the request contain:

a. Transportation
b. Lodging;
c. Meals (per diem, Authorization )
d. Transportation at destination
e. Registration, tuition, conference fees;
f. Incidental or anticipated costs.


.04C. The member's supervisor, upon reception of the travel request, confers with his immediate commander to evaluate the benefit of the requested expenditure and determines the availability of budgeted funds through the;

Manager of the Fiscal Services Office.


.04C. Approvals are initialed in the appropriate space by both supervisors and;

forwarded to the office of the Division Commander.


.04C. Denials are initialed by;

both supervisors and returned to the requesting member.


.04D. The Division Commander reviews the travel request and if approved will initial and forward it to the;

Fiscal Planning Manager for a budget allocation review.


.04D. If the travel request is training related, in addition to forwarding the approved request to the Fiscal Planning Manager, the Division Commander will also forward it to the;

Training Academy Commander for a prioritization review.


.04D. Should the request be denied, the Division Commander initials and;

returns the request down the chain of command to the requesting member.


.04E. Fiscal Planning Manager consults with the Training Academy Commander, if applicable, and conducts an evaluation of the request in relation to those previously budgeted and prioritized by;

the Office of the Chief at the beginning of the fiscal year.


.04E. Approvals are initialed and copies forwarded to the;

Accounting and Personnel Office, then down the requesting member's chain of command including a memo listing further instructions.


.04F. All approved travel requests must be submitted to the;

Accounting and Personnel Office at least (14) working days prior to departure.


.05A. Members whose travel request is received later than the (14th) working day prior to the member's departure are;

not eligible for a cash advance, unless authorized by the Chief of Police.


.06A. Members requesting the use of a city vehicle for travel outside Bexar County must be authorized to operate a city vehicle by the;

Risk Management Division.


.06A. Members requesting the use of a city vehicle for travel outside Bexar County must have requested and received approval on SAPD Form #106, Travel Request and obtain a (if applicable);

a city motor fuel credit card from the Accounting and Personnel Office


.06A. To reserve a city vehicle for travel outside Bexar County, members contact the;

Fleet Services Office at least (24) hours prior to departure.


.07A. Members receiving travel authorization, must finalize travel arrangements, by contacting the;

Accounting and Personnel Office no later than (3) working days prior to departure.


.07C. Attendance at any outside conference, school, or seminar is on a voluntary basis. Regardless of trip length;

no overtime is to be paid for travel or excess attendance time.


.07D. Members return on the same day as the conclusion of any program. No expenses;

are authorized beyond that day.


.07E. Each member shall be responsible for obtaining original receipts for all expenses, excluding;

the member's meals, incurred as a result of authorized travel.


.07E. Reimbursements are not authorized without;

original receipts.


.07F. Each member shall submit all receipts to the Accounting and Personnel Office;

no later than (3) working days after the member's return to duty.


.08A. The allowance for expenses includes all reasonable costs necessarily incurred while;

conducting city business.


.08A. The expenses of a member's family are not eligible for payment by the City without;

prior approval by the City Manager.


.08B. Allowable expenses are covered by Administrative Directive 2.3, Eligible travel expenses include, but not limited to:

a. Intercity transportation; b. Local transportation;
c. Lodging; d. Meals;
e. Registration fees.


.08C. Eligible (restricted) expenses include, but are not limited to: Unusual expenses: such as entertainment for promotion of City interest may be eligible depending on the;

particular circumstance and with proper approval of the Chief of Police


Other incidental expenses: Expenses eligible for payment include tolls, parking charges, cab fares,
business related telephone calls, and reasonable laundry and dry cleaning costs, where absence from the San Antonio area;

extends over a period of (5) or more consecutive days.

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