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.01. This establish procedures to ensure public confidence and mutual trust through the provision of services in a fair and equitable fashion; and to protect our officers from unwarranted accusations of;

misconduct when they act within the dictates of Department policy and the law.


.02A. police officers employed by the San Antonio Police Department are strictly prohibited from engaging in;

racial/bias profiling in any aspect of law enforcement-initiated actions.


.02B. Police Officers shall not use race, national origin, citizenship, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability for a law enforcement-initiated action, except;

to determine whether a person matches a specific description of a particular suspect.


.04A. Each officer has a responsibility for preventing racial/bias profiling. Officers must remain;

customer-oriented, while also considering their safety and the safety of others.


.04A. Officers should:

1. Extend a greeting if they stop or detain;
2. Identify themselves by name;
3. Explain reason for stop or detention;
4. Afford person opportunity explain behavior;
5. Politely ask for I.D;
6. Remain courteous.
7. Project professional demeanor.


.04B. Officers shall refrain from participating in or encouraging any actions or statements which could be perceived as;

racial/bias profiling.


.04B. Officers must document law enforcement-action and report any acts or perceived acts of;

racial/bias profiling.


.04C. Officers making custodial /non-custodial arrests shall base the arrests on probable cause supporting the elements of the offense and not on;

racial/bias profiling.


.04C. They shall base a lawful detention on reasonable suspicion at the time of the stop and not on racial/bias profiling.

Officers conducting a lawful detention, including stop and frisks.


.04C. Officers shall refrain from participating in or encouraging any actions or statements which could be;

reasonably perceived as racial /bias profiling.


.04C. Officers shall report any acts of racial /bias profiling in writing to;

their immediate supervisor.


.04D. They shall monitor the actions of the officers under their command to ensure racial /bias profiling does not occur and is not condoned.

Supervisory officers


.04D. Whenever Supervisors observe, or are made aware of, any racial/bias profiling;

they shall take immediate and appropriate remedial action.


.04D. Immediately document any complaint or observed incident of any acts or perceived acts of racial/bias profiling.

Supervisory officers


.04D. Supervisory officers immediately submit all reports of racial/bias profiling through their chain of command to their;

Division Commander.


.05B. Any Officer who receives an allegation of racial/bias profiling, including the officer who initiated the stop, shall immediately report the allegation of racial /bias profiling to;

hisimmediate supervisor.


.05B. The Officer shall also document the allegation in writing on SAPD Form #2-2, Incident Report, which shall include the;

nature of the complaint or allegation along with the name, address and phone number of each complainant and witness.


.05B. After the incident, the report shall be immediately completed and;

given to the Officer’s supervisor.


.05B. The Officer shall also explain to the complainant the;

Department’s process for filing a complaint with the Internal Affairs Unit.


.05B. If the complainant request to speak with a supervisor, the Officer shall;

immediately notify a supervisor of the request.


.05C. Supervisory officers addressing racial /biased profiling complaints shall immediately notify the;

Section Commanders or Unit Directors of any cases where an officer is involved in allegations of serious misconduct or suspected criminal activity;


.05C. Supervisory officers addressing racial /biased profiling complaints shall immediately;

contact and interview the complainants


.05D. Investigates all complaints of racial/bias profiling against officers.

The Internal Affairs Unit


.05D. The Internal Affairs Unit presents the findings of;

all formal complaint investigations of racial/bias profiling to the Chief's Advisory Action Board.


.05D. The complainants will receive written notification advising them of the;

final disposition of their complaint.


.06. The Department shall be responsible for providing training to all officers in racial/bias profiling to emphasize the need to;

respect the rights of all citizens to be free from unreasonable government intrusion or law enforcement-initiated action.


.06. Racial Profiling training shall include:

A. Cadet Training;
B. In-Service;
C. Minority input for curriculum development;
D. Incorporation of the TCLEOSE Curriculum;
E. Patrol Officers, Supervisors, FTOs, lesson plans.


.07A. The SAPD considers racial /bias profiling a serious form of officer misconduct. The Department shall take;

direct and immediate actions to prevent such behavior, and to remedy all reported instances of racial/bias profiling.


.07B. Officers who are found to have engaged in racial/bias profiling will be subject to appropriate corrective action including, but not limited to;

referral to the Officer Concern Program, and/or discipline such as discharge or criminal actions.


.08A. Must be collected on the operator of any motor vehicle stopped for an alleged violation of a law or ordinance.

Racial Profile data


.08A. Officers who initiate a motor vehicle stop, which does not result in the production of an Incident or Offense report, shall document such occurrence by submitting one the following forms:

1. Traffic citation;
2. Traffic warning citation;
3. Curfew violation;
4. Field Interview;
5. DWI report;
6. Gang Contact Data Sheet;


.08B. The data forms are designed for the primary purpose of law enforcement; however, they have been modified to;

comply with governmental mandates on racial/bias profiling, so must be filled-out correctly, completely, and on a timely basis.


.08C. Profile Data shall be filled out only once for each individual (operator of motor vehicle only). If a traffic citation or warning citation is the only documentation of the motor vehicle stop, the;

information shall be included on the citation.


.08C. If an Incident Report, Offense Report, Curfew Violation, Field Interview, DWI Report, or Gang Form is written, the profile data should;

go on the report or form and not on the citation.


.09B. Who has the responsibility to ensure copies of news articles, educational stories, and videos relating to racial /bias profiling are annually maintained to provide documentation of this Department’s commitment to educating the public?

Police Media Services Detail


.10A. All racial /bias information required to be collected in accordance with Article 2.133 of the Code of Criminal Procedure must be;

compiled and analyzed annually.


.10B. In accordance with Article 2.134 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the previous year’s information collected on racial/bias profiling must be submitted to the;

governing body of the City of San Antonio and to the (TCLEOSE) by March 1st of each year.

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