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.02A. The San Antonio Police Department investigates all reports of persons who are missing from, who were;

last seen in, or who are believed to be in the City of San Antonio.


.02B. The Department also assists citizens in attempting to locate persons who are not missing, but who may be temporarily lost, i.e.,

motorists from out of town who are following each other and who become lost due to heavy traffic conditions.


.04B. Should it become apparent the person cannot be located without further assistance, the officer;

notifies a supervisory officer concerning the situation, a supervisory officer makes a decision regarding any further disposition of the case.


.05C. These cases are taken by a Patrol Division officer in the field.

1. Child [10] years of age or younger,
2. Elderly or confused adult,
3. Case where foul play is suspected.


.05D. All other reports of missing persons, except from the San Antonio State Hospital, are taken, in person, by any of the following:

1. Any Patrol Division officer;
2. A Police Services Agent at substation;
3. Homicide Unit.Missing Persons Detail.


.05E. Missing persons from the San Antonio State Hospital may be called in to;

Missing Persons Detail.


.05F. A missing persons report is not taken if a person is not;

missing from or last seen in the City of San Antonio.


.06. In addition to offense reports, and missing person data sheet forms, being sent to the Missing Persons Detail, via fax or hand delivered, prior to checking back into service, notification of an active missing person is;

always made with a voice telephone call.


.07A. The cancellation of a missing person report is recorded on SAPD Form #2-2S, Supplement Report or may be cancelled on;

SAPD Form #207-YCS, Missing Person “Cleared Information” Checklist, if canceled by the Missing Persons Detail.


.07A. A report of a missing adult is canceled when the;

1. Reporting person requests cancellation,
2. Person is located by SAPD,
3. Located by another jurisdiction and notification is forwarded to the SAPD.


.07A. A report of a missing juvenile is canceled only when the missing juvenile is;

in the custody of a law enforcement agency or the juvenile's relatives


.07B. When a missing person returns or is located, the officer taking the subsequent report cancels the missing person search by;

notifying the dispatcher, and the Missing Persons Detail, and routes a copy of the incident report to the Missing Persons Detail.


.07C. When a missing person from a mental health facility is located, the officer notifies the appropriate mental health facility of the patient's location. If the patient is a danger to himself or others, or if the;

appropriate mental health facility requests the patient be returned, he is transported to the appropriate mental health facility.


.08. All information received on reported missing persons and any requests for information on missing persons thought to be in the City of San Antonio are forwarded to the;

Missing Persons Detail.

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