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.02A. The Family Assistance Program is designed to provide support and assistance to the families of active duty officers who;

die, receive serious bodily injuries, or suffer catastrophic illnesses.


.02B. The Program also provides support and advice to family members upon the;

death of a retiree.


.04A. Family Assistance Officers are a group of officers appointed by the;

Chief of Police to administer the Family Assistance Program.


.04C. Upon notification of an officer's death, serious bodily injury, or catastrophic illness a Family Assistance Officer;

shall initiate the Family Assistance Program and provide the level of assistance that is prescribed


.04D. All aspects of San Antonio Police Department funerals are coordinated by the;

lead Family Assistance Officer assigned to the family by the Office of the Chief.


.05A. Death of Active Duty Officer services provided.

1. Notification of next of kin, if death occurs on-duty;
2. Transportation to hospital for family members;
3. Notification of the SAPD chaplain;
4. Assistance in making funeral arrangements;
5. Assistance in arranging immediate financial aid;
6. Assistance with paperwork for all eligible benefits;
7. Counseling for family of officers killed.


.05B. Death of Retired Officer services provided

1. Assistance contacting the Honor Guard to request the services provided for retirees;
2. Family counseling and advice, if requested.


.05C. Serious Bodily Injury (to include any incident in which an officer suffers a gunshot wound, regardless of severity), or Catastrophic Illness to Active Duty Officer services provided;

1. Notification of next of kin;
2. Transportation to hospital, if requested;
3. Advise on benefits, workman's comp injured on-duty;
4. Assistance to apply for eligible benefits;
5. Notification of the SAPD Chaplain.


.06A. Shall notify the Family Assistance Program supervisor when: an on-duty officer is killed, receives serious bodily injuries (to include any incident in which an officer suffers a gunshot wound, regardless of severity); or notified by any member that an off-duty officer has died, received serious bodily injuries, or suffers a catastrophic illness.

The Communications Unit supervisor


.06B. Any member learning of the death of a retired officer is asked to notify the Office of the Chief, who will notify the;

Family Assistance Program supervisor.


.06C. Any member having a need to contact a Family Assistance Officer should contact the;

Office of the Chief.

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