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Scientists And Stains
Who developed liquid media,
Who is the father of microbiology,
Fermentation principle and autocl...
60  cards
Resolution of eye light and elect...,
What is source in light microscope,
Location of condenser on light mi...
32  cards
Bacterial Anatomy And Physiology
Capsule of bacteria is,
Slime layer of bacteria is,
Capsule and slime layer both pres...
84  cards
Bacterial genetics
Dna nucleotides,
Dna nucleotides held by which bond,
Rna nucleotides
47  cards
All cocci are gram ve except,
Classification of gram ve cocci,
Shape of staphylococcus and micro...
61  cards
Types of streptococcacae on basis...,
Alpha hemolysis and color shown,
Alpha hemolysis include which org...
54  cards
Habitat of n meningitidis and n g...,
Disease caused by n meningitidis ...,
Shape of neisseria gonorrhea and ...
22  cards
Gram Positive Bacilli
All bacilli are gram negative except,
Corynebacterium is also known as,
Features of corynebacterium
99  cards
Gram Positive Bacilli Part 2
Most common location of spore in ...,
Terminal spores can be seen in wh...,
Central spore can be seen in whic...
164  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria
Edward and ewing classification o...,
Gram bacteria features,
All gram negative bacteria arr mo...
65  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria Part 2
Types of klebsiella,
K pneumonia causes,
K ozoenae is known to cause
94  cards
Vibrio And non fermenters
Classification of vibrio,
Halophilic vibrio includes,
Non halophilic vibrio includes
62  cards
Haemophilus features,
Oxidase positive organisms,
H influenzae also known as
60  cards
Organisms who are poorly gram sta...,
Spirochetes includes,
Treponema shape and motility
84  cards
Ricketssia And Miscallaneous Bacteria
Ricketssiae features,
Ricketssiae infection is transmit...,
Rash can be seen in all ricketssi...
64  cards
Miscellaneous Bacteria
Most common cause of walking pneu...,
Which bacteria don t have cell wall,
Which bacteria s cell membrane ha...
69  cards
Culture Media
Origin of agar,
Composition of agar,
Nutritional value of agar
68  cards
Sterilization And Disinfection
Sterilization definition,
Disinfection definiton,
Asepsis definition
105  cards
Virology - General Properties
Which virus have ribosomes,
Symmetry of dna viruses,
Symmetry of poxvirus
75  cards
DNA Virus - Herpesviridae
Classification of herpesviridae,
General properties of herpesvirid...,
Subfamilies of herpesviridae family
82  cards
DNA Viruses Part 2
Smallest virus,
Parvoviridae features,
Spread of parvoviridae
65  cards
Hepatitis Viruses
Types of hepatitis,
Genome of hepatitis viruses,
Hav belongs to which family
87  cards
RNA Virus - Myxovirus
Myxovirus includes,
Members of orthomyxovirus family,
Members of paramyxovirus family
74  cards
RNA Viruses - Picornaviridae And Rhabdoviridae
Smallest rna virus,
Picornaviridae family includes,
Route of transmission of rhinovirus
85  cards
Arbovirus includes,
Togavirus is known to cause,
Flavivirus is known to cause
75  cards
Retrovirus family includes,
Which hiv is more common in india,
Features of hiv virus
46  cards
COVID 19 And miscallenous Viruses
Family and genus of coronavirus,
Features of coronavirus,
Structure present in coronavirus
40  cards
Mycology - Introduction And classification
Fungus cell membrane and cell wal...,
Classification of fungus based on...,
Yeast form of fungus and examples
42  cards
Mycology Part 1
Tenia versicolor is caused by,
Malassezia furfur belongs to whic...,
Wood lamp examination finding in ...
95  cards
Opportunistic Fungal infections
Fungal organisms responsible for ...,
Cryptococcus is example of which ...,
Pathogenic organism known to caus...
63  cards
Parasitology - Classification And Amoeba
Types of amoeba,
Examples of intestinal amoeba,
Examples of free living amoeba
66  cards
Flagellates And Hemoflagellates
Flagellates includes,
Which is the most common parasiti...,
Habitat of giardia lamblia
74  cards
Coccidian Parasites
Coccidian parasites includes,
Definitive and intermediate host ...,
Infective forms in case of toxopl...
33  cards
Hematozoa includes,
World malaria day,
Malaria month in india
70  cards
Cestodes trematodes and nematodes...,
Which helminths have body cavity,
Which helminth have segmentation
85  cards
Trematodes aka,
Trematodes includes which organisms,
Infective form in case of tremato...
49  cards
Nematodes classification as per h...,
Nematodes affecting small intestine,
Nematodes affecting large intestine
142  cards

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