pediatric principles & techniques

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QUIZ 1-PS4OTAs (Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants - Chapter 1
Ot practitioners working with chi...,
________ are the most consistent ...,
Pediatric ot practitioners use kn...
35  cards
QUIZ 1-PS4OTAs - Chapter 2
What is most important in ot the ...,
_________ have the most significa...,
Two distinct functions of an ot p...
36  cards
QUIZ 1-PS4OTAs - Chapter 3
A _________ __________ ______ sys...,
41  cards
QUIZ 1-Ch 4 - PowerPoint - Educational System
In school settings these professi...,
2 roles for ot pract,
In 1975 the us congress passed eh...
30  cards
QUIZ 1-Ch 5 - PowerPoint - Community Systems
This type of practice is defined ...,
This type of practice is defined ...,
What kind of perspective does com...
23  cards
QUIZ 1-PS4OTAs - Chapter 6
The act or process of growth matu...,
Exhibiting qualities traits or ch...,
Occurring naturally not deviating...
27  cards
Stimulus light touch on side of f...,
Stimulus light touch on oral cavi...,
S dropping head more than 30 degr...
12  cards
QUIZ 1-Jeopardy questions
Federal program that provides hea...,
A physician who specializes in ph...,
An individual who is educated and...
11  cards
QUIZ 1-Chapter 5
What is typical development,
What is normal development,
What is principles of development
19  cards
QUIZ 1-Chapter 8
What are basic self care items fo...,
What does oral motor control play...,
Some ways to develop oral motor c...
44  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 11
Client factors include,
Body structures refers to ________,
Body functions refers to ______
64  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 12 - Part 1 (Pgs 190-199A)
This system consists of bones joi...,
This system consists of muscles t...,
Bands of tough inelastic fibrous ...
57  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 12 - Part 2 (Pgs 199B-211A)
These types of injuries involve d...,
This is an injury that does not d...,
A break in the external surface o...
69  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 12 - Part 3 (Pgs 212-223)
What does pdd stand for,
What is the most common pdd,
This is characterized by sever an...
58  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 12 - Part 4 (Pgs 224-233)
What bone are we no longer in nee...,
Proof that we don t need fibula a...,
Burns tbsa stands for
11  cards
QUIZ 2 - Chapter 13 - Part 2 (Pgs 250-265)
Children separated from parents d...,
____ is an immediate stress respo...,
If asd symptoms continue for more...
19  cards
Quiz 2- Chapter 14
First lady michelle obama highlig...,
A child or adolescent is overweig...,
13  cards
Quiz 2 - Chapter 16
Developmental motor disorders ari...,
Immediate direct result of the co...,
Prenatal risk factors associated ...
18  cards
QUIZ #4 - Chapter 13 - Phys dys or tm I can't remember
Activities of daily living skills...,
What are the skills that support ...,
Daily activities can be separated...
36  cards
Quiz 3 - All you wanted to know and MORE about Chapter 18!-P
Adl stands for,
Adls are an area of occupational ...,
Adls comprise meaningful activiti...
76  cards
Quiz 3-Review Information
Occupations shared by at least tw...,
When the child comes into home fr...,
When a child wants to go out and ...
31  cards
Quiz 3 - Chapter 20 - Play
Children learn and refine skills ...,
The primary occupation of childhood,
Life would be lacking without chi...
14  cards
Quiz 3 - Chapter 21 - HANDWRITING
This skill is one of the function...,
60 of a school day can be spend o...,
When a student is unable to put _...
32  cards
Quiz 3 - Chapter 22 - Therapeutic Media
An intervening substance through ...,
A means or manner of procedure es...,
In the early days of ot ____ were...
10  cards
Quiz 3 - Chapter 23 - Motor Control: Fine Motor Skills
The ability to use the eyes hands...,
Stacking blocks putting simple pu...,
Moving objects withing the hand t...
26  cards
Exam 4 - Ch 17
Ot practitioners use ______ and _...,
Considered static refers to child...,
This refers to dynamic techniques...
52  cards
Finish Strong Peds Exam V - Ch 24- Sensory Integration
What is si training,
The means by which the brain rece...,
What is a cva
38  cards
What of ot practitioners work wit...,
In 1975 the us congress passed wh...,
Provisions under the education of...
34  cards
As health care expands to meet th...,
Skilled svcs delivered by health ...,
This is defined when skilled svcs...
25  cards
Any item piece of equipment or pr...,
Team whose potential members are ...,
Anything that helps a person be m...
22  cards

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