pharm midterm 1

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P450 induction,
P450 inhibition,
Displaced from plasma protein
9  cards
Direct Cholinergic Agonists
Plant alkaloids,
Bind m only
44  cards
Indirect Cholinergic Agonists
Dx for myasthenia gravis,
Tx for anticholinergic overdose,
Reversal of nmj block by non depo...
40  cards
Muscarinic Antagonists
Belladonna alkaloids,
Tertiary amines
37  cards
Ganglion Blockers
What are the ganglion blockers,
What do they antagonize,
Effect of ganglion blockers on ar...
6  cards
NMJ Blockers
Structure of nmj blockers,
What are the nmj blockers,
Which nmj blocker is non depolari...
16  cards
Presynaptic Cholinergic Antagonists
What are the presynaptic choliner...,
What blocks choline transporter ch1,
What blocks vesicular ach h antip...
10  cards
Endogenous Catecholamines and D1 Agonists
What binds alpha and beta 2,
What binds alpha and beta 1 2,
What binds d alpha and beta
44  cards
Beta Agonists
What acts on beta 1 and 2,
What acts on beta 1,
What acts on beta 2
14  cards
Alpha Agonists
What acts on alpha 1,
What acts on alpha 2,
What causes peripheral vasoconstr...
11  cards
Indirect Adrenergic Agonists
What causes serious vasopressor e...,
What is the mechanism of amphetamine,
Effects of amphetamine
9  cards
Presynaptic Adrenergic Agonists
Cocaine receptor,
Atomoxetine receptor,
Action of cocaine
7  cards
Mixed Adrenergic Agonists
What s used as a nasal decongesta...,
Prophylactic tx of asthma broncho...,
Synergistic with ache in myasthen...
7  cards
Alpha Antagonists
Acts nonselective on alpha,
Selective for alpha 1,
Useful for htn tx
32  cards
Beta Antagonists
What is the prototype beta blocker,
Major ae of propranolol,
Contraindication of propranolol
21  cards
Alpha 1, Beta Antagonists
What are the alpha 1 beta antagon...,
What is the function of labetalol,
How does labetalol decrease bp
8  cards
Partial Adrenergic Agonists
What is the only partial beta ago...,
What is pindolol used for,
Why use pindolol
3  cards
Presynaptic Adrenergic Antagonists
What inhibits tyrosine hydroxylase,
What causes irreversible damage t...,
What does metyrosine do
11  cards
Histamine Agonists
How are histamine agonists formed,
What kind of receptors do they bind,
G protein for h1
21  cards
Histamine Antagonists
Physiological antagonist of hista...,
Mast cell stabilizers,
1st gen h1 antagonists
18  cards
Serotonin Agonists and Antagonists
When do you give 5ht,
5ht 1d 1b agonist,
5ht 4 agonist
20  cards
What are the eicosanoids,
What are the eicosanoid antagonists,
Pge2 analog
21  cards
What are the loop diuretics,
What are the thiazides,
What are the k sparing diuretics
54  cards
Stage 1 first line anti htn,
Ace inhibitors,
104  cards
What is stage a in chf,
What is stage b in chf,
What is stage c in chf
89  cards
What do ia block,
What do ib block,
What do ic block
108  cards
What are the types of angina,
What are the classes of angina,
What is the only tx rationale tha...
44  cards
What lipid levels is cvd most clo...,
If you decrease ldl by 30mg dl ho...,
Aside from lipid profile what are...
47  cards
Reduce Clotting
What are platelet aggregation inh...,
What are anticoagulants used for,
What are the platelet aggregation...
72  cards
Which is a tpa inhibitor,
Which are antidotes for bleeding ...,
What does aminocaproic acid do
16  cards
Used in oral fe therapy,
Used in parenteral fe therapy,
What are the fe chelators
37  cards
Drugs affected by bche polymorphisms,
Drugs affected by nat2 polymorphisms,
Drugs affected by 2d6 polymorphisms
26  cards
Asthma and Resp
What are the 3 categories of resp...,
What are the short acting beta 2 ...,
What are the long acting beta 2 a...
57  cards
What can contraceptives be used f...,
What are the estrogen contraceptives,
What are the progestin contracept...
38  cards
What are the oxytocics,
What are the tocolytics,
How does oxytocin work
43  cards
Hypertensive Emergencies
What is a hypertensive crisis,
What is a hypertensive emergency,
What is hypertensive urgency
33  cards

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