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How many training phases for FTEP are there? How long are each phase?

4 phases
Phase I 5 orientation days 15 training days
Phase I and III 15 Orientation Days
Phase IV 5 evaluation days (with first phase FTO)


Can FTEP be extended?

It can be (not required). usually one 10 extension will be given.
In rare occasions an 2nd 10 day extension may be granted. The commander can end it early to if they want


How many FTEP coordinator's are required at each area?

Each area with a trainee with have at least one. If there are has more than two trainees, they area also will have an alternate FTEP coordinator.


What are the training requirements for an FTEP coordinator?

Post certified FTO class
Post certified Field/admin/ class


Can probationary Sgts be FTEP coordinators"

They Should not be


When new officers come to the area there initial training should at a minimum cover what?

firearms, impact weapons qual's, arrest and control techniques.


What happens if the trainee misses more than two of the programs scheduled training days?

The phase must be increased by the same number of days beyond two that they missed.


When are the Limbo days for a trainee?

The first six days of phase I, and the first days of Phase II and Phase III. Not DOR is done on these days.


When is the end of phase report due to the FTEP coordinator ?

it SHALL be done on the last day of they phase or extension


During the orientation what training is required for new officers?

they Shall have a 4-hours sit along with dispatch


What is the FTEP coordinator required to do in regards to the critique forms? How long are they kept for?

they shall create a confidential file
they are not to be placed in trainee's training file
They will be retained for 1 year from trainee's successful completion of FTEP


What shall the FTEP coordinator do in Phase III of training?

Go on a ride-along


Requirements to be an FTO?

Post basic certificate
one year patrol experience
successful complete of for course
supervisors recommendation


When must FTO's take a refresher course?

every 3 years