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When can a 2nd firearm be carried in lieu of the primary firearm?

only while traveling to, during, and returning from court in civilian attire, in a privately-owned vehicle.


When shall employees have their primary firearm with them?

any time traveling in a marked enforcement vehicle, regardless of destination or attire.


Firearms may be stored in the trunk of the patrol while at jail, if????

the magazine shall be removed prior to unholstering the weapon.


HOw long before a flight that you are flying armed can you not drink?

at least 8 hours before, or during


How many shoots per year with primary firearm? can you miss any? any other requirements?

12 per year
can miss three and make up if ok with commander
at least 2 shoots shall be done in darkness


If you are in an on duty shooting, at a person, what shall you do before returning to full duty?

shall fire a qualifying score on the TOQC


Shooting requirements for shotgun?

shot quarterly by officers and sgts 18 rounds
pass TOQC TWICE a year
Should have at least 1 shoot a year at night


Shooting requirements for rifle?

shot quarterly by officers and sgts
pass TOQC TWICE a year
Should have at least 1 shoot a year at night


Shooting requirements for 2nd firearm?

if carried on duty, it shall be fired annually and required to pass SWQC


Make up shoot requirements?

can't shoot more than 100 rounds in single shoot to make up rounds (regular shoot = 1 make up)

if your off duty for more than 3 months your exempt from make up


malfunction drills for pistol

tap rack ready

slide mage slide mag rack ready


HOw often shall the primary firearm be inspected?

1 complete disassembly annually shall be with 118

6 months later field stripped


How many loaner guns shall there be?

2 at each area, and 5 at division at least


When is an employee required to check and clean their primary weapon?

clean after any training session
shall inspect at least once a week SHALL on both


How often shall shotguns and rifles be cleaned and inspected?



Malfunction for rifle?



How close can a modified firearm be shot at somebody?

never closer than 24 inches


When is the annual inventory of firearms due to Academy WCU?

april 30 annually


When is inventory of CEW due to Academy WCU?

September 30 of each year


Requirements for purchase of state firearm?

at least 120 months service or retire from job incurred disability

Request w/ 30 days of retirement day

4006 only, cant but 4013


What do you do if you lose or your weapon is stolen?

immediately notify command, report to local agency. call academy wcu w/ 24hrs, memo shall be forwarded to WCU with details


When shall inspections and cleanings be done on less lethal shotguns?

cleaned and inspected quarterly

or cleaned after 100 rounds of shooting


How many rounds to re qualify shooting the less lethal shotgun?

2 rounds annually


Who has to approve all scenarios utilizing NTLA?

Academy tactical training program


Who can swap out parts install conversion kits for NTLA ?

Only academy staff and AOST for pistols

Division or are may do 9mm conversion for rifles


How many NTLA instructors are required for scenario training? How often shall instructors recertify?

at least 2

recertification every 3 years.