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How many critical tasks have been identified as essential to performing the job of an officer?



When shall 118's be completed and submitted to HRS?

w/ 60 days of officer's anniversary date


When shall the probationary reports be completed for officers and submitted to HRS?

w/ 10 days of the end of the 4th, 8th and 12 months.


What happens if a supervisory feels an officer needs to immediately put an officer on interim reporting?

The normal 118 process will be preempted and the supervisor with the concurrence of the commander, shall complete a 118 immediately.


What two ratings have bee designated for substandard performance?

100= needs improvement
118= deficient which = interim reporting


What are the three ratings for a 118?



When should the officers 100 form be reviewed by the sgt?

promptly after the 15th of the month and again after the last day of the calendar month (and any other time deemed appropriate)


All road patrol officers, regardless of their assignment shall be evaluated ion Critical Tasks ?

1-8 and when appropriate 9


If you are not assigned to the road What two tasks may you not be rated on?

7 and 8, however they shall be rated on 9


Comments on the 100 form whether positive or negative _________ be made asap after the performance is observed.



Comments on the 100 form are required of what two ratings?

excellent or needs improvement


How many hours are required for a probationary officer to get off of probation?

1680 hours.


What happens if an officer off duty 30 consecutive calendar days or more because of illness, injury or leave of absence?

The officers 118 will be extended three additional months after returning to work. The following year, the 118 will be done on anniversary (ex works 11 months, off for 2 and returns and works 3. the total performance period will encompass 16 months)


What paperwork is required to be attached to the 118 if an officer is put on interim reporting?

All supporting documentation ....
100 forms, form 2's, incident reports, MOD, etc.


If an officer is on interim reporting for substandard enforcement activity, could he be not allowed to work an OT detail such as HOV enforcement?

Yes, it is in accordance with the mou. he could still be allowed to work cozeep or other non pro active enforcement detials


How long are CHP 118s kept for?

The latest 3 118's, regardless of age, shall be retained in the personnel files services

the most current CHP 118, plus three years, shall be retained in the field personnel folder.


How many critical tasks for a SGT?



When are the rating periods for sgts? 118's

Calendar year. Jan1 to dec 31