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What Are the EEO protected parties?



What are the two types of sexual harassment under federal and state law?

Quid Pro Quo

hostile work environment


If the manager knows, or should have known acts of sexual harassment were going on, and fails to make timely action can the department be held liable?

Hell Yeah


Within how long after promoting must you take sexual harassment training? and long after that must you retrain?

w/ 6 months
every 2 years


When shall a supervisor have an employee sign and initial a CHP 273a (sexual harassment prevention and discrimination policy admonition?

annual review or after any training on the policies


What is the parity figure the SPB has established for the California labor force in regards to persons with disabilities?

16.6 %


In order to participate in the departments person with disabilities program, what must they have?

A physical or mental impairment which limits one or more of that person major life activities.


What form is an employee required to fill out if they need specific needs or modifications to perform an essential function of their position? HOw long will it be retained for?

CHP 163

Medical file for 2 years from date of approval/disapproval


What role would take priority if an eeo counselor was also a supervisor?

The primary role is supervisor?


How long does an employee have to file an internal discrimination complaint?

11 months from last incident to contact an eeo counselor.
after the informal meeting with counselor, if not satisfied victim could file complaint with chief w/ 10 workings days of eeo counselor's CHP612b


How often shall the language survey be conducted?

every 2 years


General time frames to file EEO complaint?
dept of fair employment and housing
EEO commission

dept of fair employment and housing 365days
EEO commission 300 days
CHP 11 months