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When can evidence be destroyed without a court order ?

if it's over 10 lbs of a controlled substance and a sample is collected. per H&S


Who does all restoration of serial numbers of weapons?

shall be done by academy weapons unit


Within how long shall evidence be entered into AIS after it was received?

w/ two business days


What type of evidence shall be heat sealed in polyester bags?

all controlled substances

PCP shall be double bagged


Over what amount of pills are to be weighed instead of counted?

over 300


What shall not be booked stored in the regular evidence locker (pass through)? 2 items
What shall be done with them?

drugs w/ a street value over $10,000
money in excess of $1000
They shall be put in evidence room, safe, or allied agency evidence room


What shall happen when a peace officer takes a firearm from somebody?

They shall be issued a receipt


Can an officer remove the contents from a syringe?
Can they recap needles that are bent, broke, removed?

No shall not


What special considerations shall be conducted while dealing with money and evidence?

1 shall be counted by two employees, one of whom should be a supervisor (both shall initial next to amount)
2 money should be documented on chp 308 asset forfeiture tall
3- over $1000 can't be put in temporary locker


What is required of serialized property or evidence before being stored?

It shall be checked through APS/AFS and if positive attached to 36 form


What 6 purposes does a 36 serve?

notice (right to property)
Declaration (claiming stolen property)
Affidavit ( for someone who found property)


How should a nik kit be disposed of?

shall utilize the acid neutralizer in a well ventilated area, then you can throw in trash


What shall happen with guns taken into custody?

all firearms and cew shall be entered into AFS
All firearms shall be entered it etrace
firearms w/ criminal acts shall be entered into nibin/ibis


How often should officers purge evidence?

weekly basis


how long shall blood and urine samples be retained for?

1 year, even if adjudicated earlier


How long shall firearms be held if found?

180 days


How long shall property taken from a person, other than firearms shall be held for how long?

60 days prior to disposal


What is the process for found property?

If less than $250 and after 90 days nobody claimed it, it may be given to finder
if more than $250 and after 90 days nobody claims it, the evidence officer will place notice in local paper for one day. it still unclaimed after 7 days it shall be given to finder after the pay for advertising cost.


Is a court order needed to release marijuana?

if its booked as property, no
if its booked as evidence, yes


How often shall the evidence supervisor conduct Inspections? How much shall be done?

10%from each category (drugs, guns, money, other)
is there are discrepancies, and additional 10% shall be done. if there are more discrepancies, the entire property room shall be inspected.


How shall a supervisor document a evidence inspection? how long is it retained?

memo to area
2 years from day of inspection


How often shall an inventory be done?

at least once a year, upon change of command , property officer, anytime there is doubt of the integrity of the system.


How many evidence keys are there, and who has them?

just the primary property evidence officer (s), and one sealed envelope with a key for the commander for emergency


When shall the security log be filled out for the evidence room?

anytime any goes inside other than the primary property officer


What else is done when there is a change in the primary evidence officer other than a 100% inventory?

the locks shall be changed


How long can evidence stay in the temporary lockers?

shall be more than 1 day, excluding weekends or holidays


How often shall the evidence supervisor inspect the mvars dvds?

quarterly must do 10% inspection, if problem do another 10 %, if there is more problems they must do 100%
documented on memo, retained for 2 years.