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Can travel expenses be claimed for interviews?



What two ways can a travel expense claim be filed by an employee?

CHP262 or Calaters online


Business expenses over what price require a receipt?



Do lodging reimbursements require a receipt?



Can an employee claim sick leave while on while away on business and claim reimbursement?

Yes up to 3


How many hours can an employee drive?

8 hrs and is not to drive again for 8 more consecutive hours.
An employee can volunteer to extend the time by 4 hrs. can only go longer in an emergency.
When two or more employees share the driving 12 hour limit doesn't apply.


Can you claim mileage for your personal motorcycle? What about a bike?

no for m/c
yes for bike. .04 per mile.


How many travel claims can you submit per month?



How far in the past can a TEC be filed?

current year plus two fiscal years


What price levels are receipts required for when filing TEC?

any expense over $25
taxi, parking fee's, bridge tolls, bus fairs, etc. over $10
Telephone, fax, or other business charges over $5


What color must TEC's be signed in?

blue ink


What is required for a on duty t/c? in What time?

Chp 270 w/ 48hrs
CHP 208 w/ 48 hrs
CHP 555
CHP 121 if injuries to employees.
CHP 442


What form shall be filled out when there is an incident where a non-CHP is injured and there is no damage to a CHP vehicle? EX- a driver t/c's while you are pulling them over?

CHP 270
A CHP 208 is not required


What needs to be done if a motor goes down and there helmet is worn and believed to have prevented and injury?

a comm-net shall be completed


What is a CAT A Threshold event? Who needs to be notified? when shall it be completed?

immediate notification to entac, shall be input into threshold-arty-client priv 24/ hours
1-anytime member is seriously hurt or killed at work
2- any use of force, including k-9 that results in serious injury or death
3- any in custody death
4-a patrol car t/c that results in serious injury or death, and it appears we are liable
5-special relationship w/ serious injury or death


What is CAT B Threshold event? who needs to be notified? When shall it be completed?

no notification- shall be input w/ next business day.
1-employee intentionally or a/d w/ firearm@ a person, on or off duty, regardless if there are hit
2-any sensitive or complex internal investigation when it appears we are liable
3- any critical incident that could effect employee welfare or morale
4- ecd deployment of elderly, preg female or juvenile
5-any protest or riot, when employee creates liablitliy
6- any pursuit that ends with suspect injury or injury to bystander


What is a non-threshold event that should be entered as a PCL-atty-clinet- priv?

1-use of force resulting in an injury (doesn't include CEW deployment where probe marks are only damage, or complaint of pain, or red marks from handcuffing)
2-high risk or felony stop on innocent person
3- slip and fall at front office with broke ankle
4- innocent person runs over spike strip


What is required to be attached to pcl?

Just CHP271 checklist


How soon shall a CHP 287 be transmitted after being received?

48 hrs.


Are these of force BT entries confidential and protected by attorney client privilege?

NO they are not. the summary shall not critique the officers tactics or compliance with policy


How long shall evidence be preserved for a CAT A or CAT B threshold incident?
How long for non-threshold incidents?

at least 10 years, unless otherwise instructed by rms or las
5 years unless otherwise instructed


How long does a calinaint have to file a CHP 287 $1000 or less claim?

6 months from incident


What shall an area do if they receive a CHP 287?

Complete a CHP 268 if one hasn't already been done?


How is the claim number assigned at the are?

EX area-year-calim number


after a claimants check has been received shall it be given the person?

asap, no later than 24 hrs.


Who can approve travel for subpoenas out of state?

assistant commissioner


Can subpoenas be for an on-call basis?

NO shall not, and officer shall not agree to b e on call


What shall an employee do if they receive a subpoena by the defense?

notify the da and their commander


Water heater temp?
Temp of office?

can't heat over 68
can't cool below 78


When can we request to recover costs from a dui crash? CHP735

1- they were at fault in t/c
bac of .08% or more or .04% commercial

or if they are convicted for 23152 or 23153 and they are any of the below
even if they were under. 08
positive for drugs only
or they were a refusal


When shall the CHP735 (DUI Cost Recovery) be forwarded the FMS?

w/ 10 business days of getting info of there bac being over the legal limit or they being convicted of 23252 or 23152


What is the amount that can be used when using and X number?

4999.99 or below


What are the 5 classifications for documents ?

law enforcement sensitive (op's plans, CI&I)
confidential (arrest reports, citizen complaints)
Sensitive (SS#, home address)
Secret (cause serious damage if released)
Top Secret (exceptionally grave to national security or someone else)


What classifications o documents require a chain of custody

confidential, secret, and top secret