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Record only Injury or Illness

Nondisabling injury or illness which nodes not require first aid or medical treatment.


First Aid Injury or illness

Minor nondisabling injury or illness which involves one-time treatment (splinter, scratch)


Nondisabling injury or illness

Injury or illness which requires more than first aid, may require more than one medical care, and employee is able to return to work next day after injury.


Disabling Injury or illness

Injury or illness which results in an employee being unable to return work following the day of the injury.


Serious Injury or illness

disabling injury or illness which requires overnight hospital care other than for observation, a lengthy disability status, or disability retirement.


Hazardous Exposure

Exposure to chemical, physical agent etc, which does not result in illness or injury


recurrence of Injury or illness

It does not have a new clearly defined incident to cause injury or illness. it is a spontaneous reappearance of a prior condition. w/ 24 hrs employee is required to submit a memo w/ details on in recurrence and a description of injury


Aggravation of injury or illness

An aggravation of an injury or illness has an identifiable new incident of injury or illness and shall be processed as a new injury.


When an employee is off duty as a result of an occupational injury is supposed to be where?

shall be assigned to their residence m-f 0800-1700


what shall an employee do when they are prescribed a medication which might adversely affect their job performance?

shall report it to their commander.


CAL OSHA requires what in regards to logging injuries? within how long?

Copile a log of specific occupational injuries and illnesses. shall be recored w/ 6 workdays.


What CAL OSHA injuries are required to be logged? When shall it be submitted to division?

All occupational illnesses, deaths and injuries other than record only or first aid.

by January 15th of each year


When shall and for how long shall the prior year's CAL osha injury log be posted?

February 1st to April 30th


How long does a supervisor have to complete a CHP 121, 121a, 121b, 121c ?
Who needs to sign it and within how long?

w/ 24hrs of notification

employee must sign w/24 hrs or reporting it. if they can't, supervisor shall document why not.

If they refuse, write "refused to sign"


When shall the 121 be filed with scif?

w/ in 5 days of notification


CHP 225 (CHP Officer Task Statements)
is required when and to who?

asap after notification a unformed employee sustained a injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid, the supervisor shall provide the medical care provider with CHP225 to determine if the employee may perform full or limited duty.


CHP 442 (Individual Accident, injury and safety recognition record) is required when ?

w/ in 3 days of initial notification of, or any status change of, an employee injury, illness, or hazardous exposure, the supervisor shall record or update the incident not he employee's 442.


CHP 443 (approval of limited duty assignment) is required when ?

asap after notification of a non disabling injury or illness which requires assignment of limited duty, the supervisor shall provide the employe's medical care provider with a CHP 443.


CHP 600 (right to privacy instructions relative to occupational injuries and vehicle accidents) and CHP601 (coping w/ injury) shall be given to who within?

the employee w / 24 hrs of notification of injury


How long does a supervisor have to initiate a SCIF3301 after notification of an alleged injury or illness other than record only or first aid?

How long until it shall be forwarded to scif?

w/ 24 hours

w/ 5 days shall be sent to scif


What kind of message shall be sent to Disability and Retirement Unit after a non disabling (other than record or first aid) or disabling occupation injury or illness?

Comm-Net w/ 24 hrs


What is the absolute longs an employee can be on limited duty? who approves it?

2 years max w/ approval from assistant commissioner

commander can approve up to 1 year


If an employee is attending his own workers comp hearing or trial, can they use state time?

no not for their own case

only if you were testifying on someone else's case


What kind of trained personal is required to be at the annual fitness day before it can start?

A Department EMT