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Five departmental goals that will help us reach our Mission statement (PMMPI)

PMMPI- *Prevent loss of life, injuries and prop damage
* Maximize Service to the public and assistance to allied agencies * Manage Traffic and Emergency Incidents* Protect Public and State Assets * Improve Departmental Efficiency-


Organizational Values to help us reach our mission (REEF)

Respect for others, Fairness, Ethical Practices, Equitable treatment for all


Can there be Courtesy Cards or Badges?

Never issue any type of Pin or badge- Souvenir pin may be 1 x 1/12 or smaller.


Citizens Advisory Board

The primary focus is to examine the use of force policies and procedures. They mays also include citizens complaints, eeo, management and sup practices, hiring procedures, public perception. They are considered a neutral 3rd party. 11 members, at least one from each division. normally 3 year term.


How many on Citizens Advisory Board?

11, 1 from each division, and 3 at large.


What is the primary focus of the Citizens advisory board?

To examine the use of force policies and procedures.


How man Designated Alternates commanders Shall there be?

Commanders shall, have first and second Alternate in writing, and they need to be available for "on call"


How often must our Professional values be reviewed?

Review with new hires, transfer's, and yearly 118.


What is our Professional values?



Use of State owned resources

May only be used to then furtherance of the departments mission.


What are the Supervisors and Managers responsibilities in regards to use of state owned resources?

Ensure employees, have adequate equip to perform their duties, ensure equip and resources are maintained, ensure all employees and acknowledge policy use of stated owned equip is for business use only and misuse could lead to Administrative Action.


When is top management meeting?

normally the third week of odd numbered months (Jan, March, May, etc)


Smoking SHALL not be permitted within ___ feet of doorways, ground level air intake structures and operable windows?

25 feet


Who may review a 415 or 415 d?

Sgt or above.


How long must an OIC be on duty to receive pay and how many employees?

At least six hours, and two or more officer's.


Lactation Accommodation- May the enclosed room be a restroom?

No it must be other than a restroom that is away from public view, and provides privacy, and is available when the employee requests it. (vacant office, first aid room, etc)


Lactation Accommodation- If it takes longer than the normal break what should happen?

Extra time may be given if it doesn't disrupt operations, but they must use cto, or vacation time, no sick.


How many Standards are organized into different chapters for Calea?




Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies


How often will be Calea Standards be reviewed? What date?

Annually, usually Sep 10th 9/10.


How long can you be on limited duty?

SHALL not exceed 6 months, except if applied for disability ret, AA longer than 6 months and human charity or dep needs.


May unsatisfactory performance in past 12 months be cause for denial of transfer?



How long are promotional lists valid for ?

PER GC 118901 (a)- 12 to 48 months


Can you transfer if you are on interim reporting?



when can you put a 220 in while on probation?

shall not be submitted to HRS more than 90 day prior to completion of probation for Officer-non command LT's.


Who may attend Parole hearing for crime against officer?

Prosecutor, victim, next of kin and designated "support" person. CHP may not attend unless requested by family to be "support" person.


Honorable Retired- define

Service retirement or retired due to disability and didn't retire in lieu of termination.


How long is retired ID card good for?

5 years


Early Intervention System (EIS) the program seeks to

1 address problematic behavior at earliest opportunity
2 identify and develop risk management strategies
3 enhance managements oversight capabilities
4 provide timely guidance to employees
5 identify and implement approp. intervention strategies
6 provide a way to allow employees to correct training deficiencies
7 improve employee safety and professionalism


EIS events that will be used to identify circumstances warranting intervention and advisory review.

Citizens complaint 3 in 18 months
use of force 3 in 12 months
MOD 2 in 12 months
Censurable for 2 2 in 12 months
positive written documents 2 in twelve months


Intervention options that employee SHALL participate in if requested- ?

1. review of related policies
2. coaching (non disciplinary counseling)
3. Career development activities
4. Referral to EAP


BLUE TEAM Color Chart?

Green indicates - the employee is not near threshold
yellow indicates- employee is one incident away from threshold
red indicates employee is at or surpassed threshold


What color's on the EIS dashboard require evaluation by area manager?

REd is the only one required evaluation and/ or supervision


How should the EIS dashboard be treated?

In a confidential matter, however employees may view their own info with supervisor.


Are Blue Team entries just for negative documentation?

No, they include letters from the public, commendations, CHP 2, and MOD


What are Cat A Blue team entries?

Civil liability incidents (use of force, t/c's or special relations incident where member is seriously hurt or killed)


What are Cat B Blue team entries?

Intentional shooting, AD on or off duty, any sensitive invest, any incident which division believes could affect moral or welfare, CEW deployment involving preg women, juv, or elderly, CHP 287 claim, protests where employee created liability, pursuits with injury to suspect or innocent 3rd party. any use of force and civil liability incident.


How many entries for each Blue Team event? Does it need a summary?

As many SHALL be made as necessary to encompass each event. Each entry shall have summary


When SHALL a documentations/materials checklist be completed and attached for Blue Team civil liability threshold incidents? What is CHP#?

CHP 271


Do resident posts have their own area number?

No, they utilize the same code as the area to which they report.


Who will receive free meals at the academy?

State employees receiving meals as part of their comp, state employees receiving OT meals in lieu of reimbursement, persons receiving meals as part of an activity in which they are performing a non-compensated service for the state, "official guest"


What shall be entered into blue team?

Citizen complaints, written documents (CHP 2, MOD, letters etc), anything which would have civil liability (use of force etc).


Should CEW downloads be entered into BLUE TEAM?

They SHALL be electronically attached.


What phone should be used in emergency situations when lines may be down?

"Green phone" 36 of them are installed at critical locations throughout state.


A command with 30 or less should be lead by ?

30 or less lt
30 or more should be CPT


When was the Commissioner J. A. Farrow appointed?



Who is responsible for death notifications?

there is no statutory designation. Death notifications should be done in person, Injury notifications can be done by phone.


How do we input our injury and death info to dispatch

CHP 144 system


When is the Organizational Roster to be updated?

Quarterly Basis at the beginning of the quarter. Jan, April, July, October


WHen should LiveScan reports be forwarded ?

Annually, before march 1 of each year.


What are the livescan reports for ?

certification, licensing, and employment purposes


Can private grant funding be sought?

Shall not, unless approval by executive management


What is the most monetarily important grant for CHP?



How SHALL grants be used?

Only for purposes and by the commands for which they were justified.


4 Requirements for Golf Cart crossing zones?

prohibited during darkness, posted speed cannot be over 45mph, highway must be immediately adjacent to golf course, crossing angle must be 90 to angle of roadway.


When does the Pursuit Reporting System (PRS) need to be completed? Form number?

CHP 187 SHALL be completed within 10 calendar days following the day of occurrence.


Freeway Memorial Dedication Ceremonies- Who has jurisdiction? How long prior should OP's plan be submitted? Can you stop traffic?

CHP area with jurisdiction of freeway, 30 days before, and no stopping traffic, just traffic breaks at 30-40 mph.


Can the Automated Vehicle Locater System data be used to determine patrol cars speed?

Shall no be used solely to determine speed.


Automated Vehicle Locater System policy shall be reviewed how often? What's the policy on viewing it?

Annually- Uniformed personnel shall not be routinely accessed during shift. SUP and Managers- data may be reviewed as part of an investigation if need to complete incident reports. Shall not be routinely viewed for evaluations, nor shall it be randomly viewed for the sole purpose of locating policy/and or criminal violations.


Pistol Team- How much ammo annually? Can you have outside sponsorship? Can you use state vehicles for travel?

6000, no, Yes


How many levels of POST certificates?

3- basic, intermediate, advanced


LPR- How long will data be stored for?

SHALL be purged after 60 days


LPR data shall not be displayed while prisoner is in car?
T or F?



Employees shall complete Community Outreach and Media relations (COMR) social media training prior to utilizing an account the represents the department?




Special Relationships- A peace officer owes a duty of care to the public when the officer ________?

1 places a person in peril
2 affects or increases the risk of harm to a person by specific conduct
3 creates a special relationship y making an expresses or implied promise.


If you created a special relationship you shall stay at the scene until?

1 you are properly relieved by departmental personnel,
2 they have relinquished the scene management to a rep from agency having jurisdiction there
3 there is a greater emergency requiring your need elsewhere
4 directed by a supervisor to assume duties elsewhere
5 a peace officer's assistance and/or protection is longer reasonably necessary


How often shall every office have be available for the public to make CHILD safety seat inspections?

1 per week.


May a party drop off their Child protective seat that has been involved in a t/c?

Yes, we shall take it and destroy it.


How many levels of child seat trainings are there for officers?

2- Level 1 technician and level 2 is instructor training


What is need for a red light ticket? What happens if violator doesn't respond to notice to appear?

must have sign 200 ft from intersection, two photos must be taken, one of face and one of plate number. If violator fails to respond, a hold is placed on DL and Reg.


Can an officer's enforcement and service activities be the sold basis for a supervisors performance evaluation?

No, cannot be the sole basis


Who decides if helmets shall be worn while on duty ? when must you have it with you?

Supervisor, or senior officer present. Shall have it with you while on duty.


If you are wearing protective vest and your name and badge is covered, what is required?

Shall have numbers clearly printed on the front of the helmets. Grease pin Yellow, 1" large.


Employee's who haven't been available for 24 hrs within a court appearance to be notified of cancellation should contact their office between 0800-1700 hours m-f, excluding holidays. Collect calls will be accepted for this purpose. T or F

False, they SHALL


Supervisors shall refuse a subpoena for a employee that is received the same day except when the area commander deems the attendance critical? t or F



Should a A415 be completed on a DUI checkpoint or commercial strike team?

It SHALL be completed.


If you stop a driver with four occupants, and two of them are on parole and you search them, how many entries will be on the a415?

3 entries


What does not qualify as a DOJ recordable offense (JUS8715 and JUS8716)?

647 f pc, any offense which incarceration is not possible (infractions)


What CHP form is filled out if a subject is cited and released for a DOJ recordable offense? when is it to be completed?

CHP 194, at the time the 215 was issued. Right thumb print goes on 215 and CHP 194


How long for average freight train to stop going 60 mph?

Minimum of 1 1/2 miles


What happens if the owner of livestock cannot be located and it becomes necessary to confine the animal or store carcass?

Immediate notification shall be made to the secretary of food and ag. this can be satisfied by advising the appropriate state hide and brand inspector having jurisdiction.


What is required if you authorize the removal of livestock from a roadway?

SHALL submit CHP 51 (memo) with circumstances


The area shall use the AIS system to issue all F #, S #, Misd. and misc. case numbers?
t or f?

False they issue all except the S # which dispatch issues.


HOw long does SVS store info on stolen cars? Plates? and Impound?

cars- 4 years
plates 1 year
impound- 30 days


Retention schedule for cases
open felonies?
Incident report?

open felonies - 7 years
felonies- 4 years
misd- 3 years
Incident report w/ o prosecution - 3 years


Children less than what age must be secured in the rear of a patrol car?

8, must be in car seat, unless emergency, then they just have seatbelt.


Ride Along policy ?

shall be approved by commander, CHP 428 shall be signed by non-chp,
You can't go for an armed ride-along without written permission from commander.
un-armed no permission required to go with allied agency while off duty


Mvars policies apply to all sworn employees who operate an enforcement vehicle equipped with it? t or f
how often must policy be reviewed?

True, Annually by those who use or immediately supervise or manage such employees.


MVARS shall always be powered on while on shift?



What enforcement actions and activities shall be recorded in there entirety? 5 of them

1 enforcement contacts (include peds on frewy)
2 pursuits
3 code 3 operation
4 vehicle searches ( excludes vehicle inventories)
5 disabled motorists


When may MVARS be turned off to preserve the battery?

1 when vehicle is empty for extended time (booking, hospital)
2 court
3 fixed post of 30 minutes or more
4 circumstances that would require the engine to be turned off for an extended period of time outside normal duties


If MVARS goes down during shift what do you do?

notify sup over radio (doesn't include an issue that can be resolved easily in the field) , try to resolve issue in field, if it still doesn't work, the officer shall get another car with mvars as soon as practical, except when no other mvars cars are available.


What is done if no mvars car is available?

Sup notified, a notation shall be made on the CHP 36d


How long are mvars dvds kept for?

At least 1 year


Can an employee make a copy of mvars?



What can a supervisor or manager view on mvars?

any pursuits,
in custody death
any event causing a chp 268, or chp 270 due to a severe injury or death of party or employee
any discharge of a firearm at a person
any CEW deployment


When can a non-threshold event be reviewed on mvars?

1) Anytime employee agrees to viewing (sups shall not direct employee to give consent)
2) prior to the approved release of the recording outside the department in resonde to a legal request ( public records act)
3) for the purpose of proving or disproving specific allegations of misconduct
4) If not covered above and there is need, the division commander approval shall be obtained and oer shall be notified. will be on case by case basis.


What happens if improper conduct is discovered during the review or MVARS?

1 Conduct not rising to the level of adverse action should be viewed as a training opportunity
2 If employee has engaged in similar misconduct, and it doesn't warrant adverse action super should
a- discuss w/ employee (formal counseling) and document (100, Memo of counseling) or
b- commander approval shall be obtained when issuing action documentation (MOD, or CHP 2) for misconduct unrelated to the incident at hand
c- nothing prohibits disciplinary action w/ commanders approval if the behavior becomes habitual after being addressed informally.


Can a sworn employee review their mvars recordings prior to preparing written reports or providing testimony?

it is strongly encouraged


Can an employee review their MVARS recordings if they are the subject of an allied agency investigation or in an admin interview where the footage is being used as evidence?



What are the Mvars responsibilities for supervisors?

1- make sure sworn personnel is rolling policy
2- repair and replacement of units is coordinated through eps and done by authorized provider
3- ensure mvars ins't being used for personal use (watching dvds)
4- make sure all sworn are properly trained
5- make sure area mars coordinators are maintaining equip and repair records


If the driver's history record indicates that the driver has not been notified of suspension the officer SHOULD???

complete DL310 and attempt to get signature, verbally notify drive of suspension, issue cup 215 for 12951 (a)VC


How should CHP field interview cards be maintained?

in a secure area with access restricted to authorized personnel.


When may field photographs be taken of suspect?

if suspect is detained upon reason suspicion of criminal activity it may be taken, or during a consensual encounter if they knowingly and voluntarily give consent.


How often must the WST train?

one 8 hour day per quarter.


How often SHOULD team members re-certify?

every two years?


When SHALL a WST op be turned over to a swat team?

Chemical hazard
suicidal person
hostage situation
barricaded and armed person
know presence of explosives
presence of sniper
attempt to ambush
paramilitary extremist group


What are three basic requirements of WST ops?

All officers who participate SHALL be at the briefing, there must be at least one black and white chp car, and there shall be a debriefing.


Does knock and notice apply to public buildings?

No, doesn't apply to stores, businesses or there premisses that are open to the public.


Is each field division required to have a Terrorism liaison officer?

Yes, can be officer or Sgt


MEP requirements

if on 10's or 12's use your regular schedule if you have one, if not 80% of all available field officers shall be scheduled.
on 9 or 8's shall schedule 80 % of field officers


Requests for days off on mep's (Should or shall) not be issued?



When can an employee under our policy ask for consent to search?

with supervisor's approval, and Shall not request unless they have reasonable suspicion or pc---except for officer safety (pat down),


How often is search and seizure policy requited to be reviewed?



When shall a CHP 202 d be prepared?

For all requests for investigatory consent searches, whether or not a search was conducted.


Is a 216 required for a search of a parole/prcs/s-7 probationer when no contraband is found?

no, a dispatch log number an ID info is entered in 415


If a cell phone is worn on you while in uniform, what mode shall it be in?

silent/vibrate mode


You shall not call dispatch on the phone unless?

exigent circumstance, tone activated, or to relay confidential info


When can an employee talk on cell phone while operating marked enforcement vehicle?

SHOULD not except for exigent circumstances, if circumstances do exist it shall be done hands free ( speaker phone, headset, or bluetooth)


Can an employee wear an earpiece if they are not actually engaged in a phone call?

NO, shall not


All digital images, regardless of value shall be downloaded directly to a non-rewritable disc using a chp computer and those images shall not be deleted, altered o renamed? t or f



Work stored on any type of date storage is the property of the state and shall be relinquished upon demand? T or F



How long after an in custody death must the commander report the death to the attorney general?

within 10 days


What for is required to be performed after pursuit and by when? What if there is a collision involving the pursuing unit?

PRS requires chp187 within 10 calendar days of incident.

CHP208 (accident prevention report) is also required if t/c by unit


What checklist shall be utilized during the pre-patrol check on a vehicle for MVARS? Does it need to be filled out every shift?

CHP 179 , It only needs to be filled out if it is inoperable. IT shall be signed and reviewed by Oic/supervisor and then forwarded to the mvars coordinator.