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Five departmental goals that will help us reach our Mission statement (PMMPI)

PMMPI- *Prevent loss of life, injuries and prop damage
* Maximize Service to the public and assistance to allied agencies * Manage Traffic and Emergency Incidents* Protect Public and State Assets * Improve Departmental Efficiency-


Organizational Values to help us reach our mission (REEF)

Respect for others, Fairness, Ethical Practices, Equitable treatment for all


Can there be Courtesy Cards or Badges?

Never issue any type of Pin or badge- Souvenir pin may be 1 x 1/12 or smaller.


Citizens Advisory Board

The primary focus is to examine the use of force policies and procedures. They mays also include citizens complaints, eeo, management and sup practices, hiring procedures, public perception. They are considered a neutral 3rd party. 11 members, at least one from each division. normally 3 year term.


How many on Citizens Advisory Board?

11, 1 from each division, and 3 at large.


What is the primary focus of the Citizens advisory board?

To examine the use of force policies and procedures.


How man Designated Alternates commanders Shall there be?

Commanders shall, have first and second Alternate in writing, and they need to be available for "on call"


How often must our Professional values be reviewed?

Review with new hires, transfer's, and yearly 118.


What is our Professional values?



Use of State owned resources

May only be used to then furtherance of the departments mission.


What are the Supervisors and Managers responsibilities in regards to use of state owned resources?

Ensure employees, have adequate equip to perform their duties, ensure equip and resources are maintained, ensure all employees and acknowledge policy use of stated owned equip is for business use only and misuse could lead to Administrative Action.


When is top management meeting?

normally the third week of odd numbered months (Jan, March, May, etc)


Smoking SHALL not be permitted within ___ feet of doorways, ground level air intake structures and operable windows?

25 feet


Who may review a 415 or 415 d?

Sgt or above.


How long must an OIC be on duty to receive pay and how many employees?

At least six hours, and two or more officer's.


Lactation Accommodation- May the enclosed room be a restroom?

No it must be other than a restroom that is away from public view, and provides privacy, and is available when the employee requests it. (vacant office, first aid room, etc)


Lactation Accommodation- If it takes longer than the normal break what should happen?

Extra time may be given if it doesn't disrupt operations, but they must use cto, or vacation time, no sick.


How many Standards are organized into different chapters for Calea?




Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies


How often will be Calea Standards be reviewed? What date?

Annually, usually Sep 10th 9/10.


How long can you be on limited duty?

SHALL not exceed 6 months, except if applied for disability ret, AA longer than 6 months and human charity or dep needs.


May unsatisfactory performance in past 12 months be cause for denial of transfer?



How long are promotional lists valid for ?

PER GC 118901 (a)- 12 to 48 months


Can you transfer if you are on interim reporting?



when can you put a 220 in while on probation?

shall not be submitted to HRS more than 90 day prior to completion of probation for Officer-non command LT's.


Who may attend Parole hearing for crime against officer?

Prosecutor, victim, next of kin and designated "support" person. CHP may not attend unless requested by family to be "support" person.


Honorable Retired- define

Service retirement or retired due to disability and didn't retire in lieu of termination.


How long is retired ID card good for?

5 years


Early Intervention System (EIS) the program seeks to

1 address problematic behavior at earliest opportunity
2 identify and develop risk management strategies
3 enhance managements oversight capabilities
4 provide timely guidance to employees
5 identify and implement approp. intervention strategies
6 provide a way to allow employees to correct training deficiencies
7 improve employee safety and professionalism


EIS events that will be used to identify circumstances warranting intervention and advisory review.

Citizens complaint 3 in 18 months
use of force 3 in 12 months
MOD 2 in 12 months
Censurable for 2 2 in 12 months
positive written documents 2 in twelve months