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What are the four levels of Mutual Aid?

Local (cities)
Operational Area (Counties)
Regional (Two or more Counties)


What are the two exceptions of us needing permission to first assist a local city?

Officer needs assistance and Emergency Traffics assistance


Can the CHP be used to assist local law enforcement with duties like firefighter protection or other appropriate missions even before a request for mutual aid has been placed?



Who can commit CHP resources for mutual aid?

Only the Commissioner or his designee


How are request's for mutual aid at a jail handled? DO we have to go in unarmed?

Just like any other mutual aid request.
All requests for unarmed assistance will be denied!


IF we respond to an 11-99 and the allied agency has requested mutual aid, may we stay and assist until the mutual aid arrives?

yes we MAY


Can a chief or area commander move their personnel as deemed necessary for a situation prior to the approval of commit of resources for mutual aid?



Who can approve the department assisting a local pd or sheriff with a job action (strike)?

Assistant commissioner or higher


Do we provide patrol in national parks?

NO, and we will not
we have a no assistance position in national parks under exclusive jurisdiction


IF a city becomes incorporated, when do we leave?

We will stay until the reminder of the fiscal year of incorporation or until the PD is established. whichever happens first.


How far do our peace officers power's go into another state if our assistance is needed?

50 miles


When we go 10-15 in another state while assisting another state agency what do we do?

Shall relinquish the person or property to home agency


Can we pursue a into another state? should we turn it over?

Yes, felony is no problem per the fresh pursuit act.. A misd should not go over the 50 miles miles because the fresh pursuit act doesn't apply . Turn it over as soon as possible to appropriate law agency having jurisdiction.


Can felony follow up go into a another state? IS supervisor approval required?

YEs, approval should be obtained. if not hall make notification as soon as possible. Officers shall also notify local agency


What are the two ways a suspect can be returned to california?

a suspect who is not in-custody may voluntarily return

an incustody suspect may be returned consistent with the asylum state's extradition acts


What do yo do if you follow a dUI into another state they pull over there?

contact local agency, sense the DUI occurred there as well, we should turn it over.


Does the fresh pursuit act extend to felony follow up?

Yes, but must be documented that it was continuously investigated


What are the 4 different jurisdictions as it relates to federal property?

Exclusive Jurisdiction- all powers are vested with fed government. State has no power here
Partial Jurisdiction- State shares some but basically none
Concurrent Jurisdiction- stat and federal have the same authority. We can enforce state laws here, but not federal
Proprietary Jurisdiction- Fed has no jurisdiction. Fed's can only make private person arrest. WE provide full serves here including collisions, and haz mat incidents.


Where do not patrol in regards to federal proprrty?

Exclusive and partial jurisdiction


Do we patrol concurrent jurisdiction area's?

all highways unless agreement has been made to defer to fed agency


Do we patrol Proprietary jurisdictions?

all state and county minted highways within the federal property. Federal highways as well unless they are patrolled by tribal police, military police, or park rangers.


What is required with all incidents involving a NNSA convoy (e.g.. enforcement actions, assistance provided. or problems)?

Shall be reported to commander in memo


What foreign nationals are exempt from arrest?

diplomatic agents (and their family members) and consular officers (their family members are usually not exempt, but some are. THERE DOS ID will show if they do).


How should you know if someone has diplomatic immunity ? What if they have no iD?

There DOS will show there level of immunity. if they claim immunity but have a card, you shall call DOS protocol office to confirm.


Can a 215 be issued to someone who has diplomatic immunity? What if they refuse to sign?

if they are confirmed to have immunity and if they refuse, write "Refused" in signature box and they shall be released.
If they don't have immunity, they should be dealt with like normal.


If someone claims diplomatic immunity what shall you not do?

Physically restrain them, unless its for officer safety


If someone claims diplomatic immunity what shall you do?

Promptly advise a supervisor, and they should reposed if possible


Can a subject who has full immunity have their car searched, stored, or impounded?

only with there permission.
may be moved out of road if blocking


What shall be done if if any documentation was taken involving a diplomat?

all 215, 216, 202, or shall be sent via fax w/ 48 hrs to the assistant commissioner field whether or not the claim is verified.


When is the only time you can arrest somebody for illegal re-entry into the country?

if you actual observed them cross the boarder


When a federal violation is suspected in regards to immigration, what should you do?

contact ICE and turn it over.


You are required to notify foreign nationals that are under of arrest to their right to ________ with an official from their consulate or embassy of their country when they have been detained or booked for more than ______.


2 hrs


What needs to happen if a foreign national is killed in a t/c?

local government shall inform the consulate form that country. if coroner doesn't do it, we shall