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Shall officers always arrest somebody when they have a warrant?

yes, shall, unless originating agency says cite and release is ok


What CHP form shall be filled out if you are arresting somebody for an out of county warrant?

CHP 412 and shall be issued to suspect


If arresting for somebody for an out of county warrant, do they have the right to be taken to that county?

YES, shall


If a person is taken into custody and they have a valid medical marijuana card, how should the marijuana be handled?

like property


If an allied agency will not or can not respond to a DV, hate crime, sexual crime, or missing person call what do we do?

We shall take it


What forms are required to be given to the victim of a hate crime when we handle it to the conclusion? (4)

CHP 876 (rights of Hate Crime Brochure), CHP 174 Right to Privacy Acknowledgment, Marsy's right card, chp 170 if violent.


What shall be in the title of the report of all or suspected hate crimes?

"possible hate crime" after the ( example assault/possible hate crime)


What form is required to be given to victim of a hate, sexual, or domestic abuse crime?

CHP 174 (right to privacy acknowledgment) , if they chose to exercise the right the CHP 174 shall be completed with the victims name and address.

The CHP 174 will become the face page to the report. If not, the CHP 174 will become an attachment.


What forms must be given to a victim of a sexual crime?

CHP 174 Right to Privacy Acknowledgment, Marsy's right card, Victims of domestic violence card, and CHP 173. CHP 170 Victims of violent crimes


IS A VICTIMS STATement of abuse or threat of abuse sufficient to justify an EPO?



Who should carry EPO's while on duty?

All officers hall carry the order on duty


CHP 174 is what? Who is it for?

Right to privacy acknowledgment. given out to domestic violence victims, hate crime victims, and sexual assault victims.


CHP 182 is what? Who is it for?

Domestic Violence Resource Information. Given to victims of domestic violence.


CHP 173 is what? Who is it for?

Domestic Violence Referral. For victims of a sexual or domestic violence crime.


Marsy's Rights Card is for who?

Given to victims of any criminal act when a report is taken


Victims of Domestic violence card is given to who?

Victims of domestic violence.


CHP 170 is for who?

Victims of violent crimes.


Should officers arrest both people in a domestic incident?

Officers shall attempt to identify the dominant aggressor and when possible arrest that person, rather than making dual arrests.


Is a dominant aggressor the first person to instigate?

Not necessarily, the most significant


Should you inform the victim of their right to make a citizens arrest for domestic violence?

You shall inform them. it shall be noted in your report. If t


IF there is a weapon present at a domestic violence scene, the officer should take it?

He shall confiscate it if it is in plain view. hold for at least 48 hrs unless evidence.


What forms are required to be given to a victim of domestic violence? (6)

CHP 170 victim of violent crime notification
CHP 173 domestic violence referral card
CHp 174, right to privacy
chp 182 Domestic violence resource card
victims of domestic violence card (local card
marsy's card


Are out of state, military, or tribal EPO's or restraining orders good here?

Yes they shall be enforced in the same manner as any other.


Can you arrest a suspect for an EPO violence that wasn't committed in your presence?

You SHall


When does an EPO expire?

no altar than the close of the judicial business on the 5th court day or 7 calendar day following the day of issuance.


Should or shall permission be granted from a supervisor to get an EPO?



Who shall the officer notify after the EPO has been issued?

dispatch so it can be entered into DVROS within one business day.


What forms shall be completed after issuing a EPO?

either 216, or 202, and CHP 176 (protective order LOG)


How long shall the CHP 176 protective order logs be retained for?

4 years from the date of the latest entry on each page.


What is required by officers if they suspect child abuse or neglect regardless if the case is turned (even just standing by) over to the LCDA? what are they required to do immediately?

Shall fill out DOJ form SS8572, and it shall be submitted to the LCDA within 36 hours.
immediately contact LCDA via telephone


If you located a missing person (adult or child) what shall you immediately do?

you shall notify the attorney generals office via mups immediately!!!!!


If you take a preliminary missing person report for another agency, when shall it be forward to the responsible agency?

Within 24 hours, then a mandatory follow up within 24 hours of the mups entry to make sure they created there own mups entry.


If we take a preliminary missing persons report for age 21 or under or at risk, how soon shall it be entered into MUPS?

within 2 hours


What must you do if you locate a person under 16 or at risk?

Forward your report to the attorney generals office within 24 hours.


The agency accepting the missing person report under 21 or at risk must issue a BOL and submit a report the attorney generals office within ____?

2 hours


Who is the only authority to issue amber alerts, silver alerts, blue alerts, or change message signs, or the chp website for these instances?



Criteria for Amber Alert? 4
Must they all be met?

Confirmation an abduction has occurred (witness)
victim is 17 or younger or mental or phsyc challenged
victim is in imminent danger
there is info that could assist in capture (lic plate)
yes to issue amber alert


What shall any on duty employee do if they receive the initial request for an amber alert?

Immediately report it to supervisor


What shall supervisor do wether or not they think the criteria is met for an amber alert when notified?

shall notify chp comm's and request notification be made to entac.


Criteria for blue alert?

officer killed or serious bodily injury and suspect fled
suspect is imminent threat to public or leo's
there is suspect vehicle description
putting info while assist in capture


Can EAS be used for blue alert, amber alert, or silver alert?

YES- Amber
NO- blue or silver


Silver alert crier?

missing is 65 or older
local agency used all available resources
they are determined to be missing under sus circ.
they believe they are in danger because of health, metal of physical disability.
There is info that could be put out to the public to assist in helping