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What are the 4 modes for a civil disturbance? VNAF
how should the baton be held?

Visible Presence Mode -ring
nonaggressive contact mode- port arms
assertive contact mode- port arms
Forcible contact mode- long extended holding position


In regards to civil disturbance, when can you never use a pr-24?

in the assertive contact or forcible contact mode on a seated or prone passive demonstrator.


How big is a team?

3 officers (sometimes 1 sgt)


how big is a squad?

3 teams . (8 officers and 1 sgt)


How big is a platoon?

2,3, or 4 squads (LT leader)


How big is a company?

5 squads (Captain leader)


How big is a battalion?

2-4 companies, (Assistant Chief or higher leader)


Who is the only person who can authorize the assignment of rifle officers and chemical agent officers?

On scene incident commander
used only for exceptional circumstances


What rank insignia may be placed on helmets?

captain- two parallel vertical bars
lt- 1 vertical bar
Sgt- 1 horizontal bar

all bars are 1/2 inch wide by 3 inches long


Who may authorize use of the wooden dowell as a distraction tool?

only the chp incident commander or designee.


Who may authorize the use of the Marc-30 arrest chain?

chp incident commander


What do we do with a minor who is under 12 at a protests when the parents are arrested? what if the minor is under 18 and there parent is are arrested?


Release to responsible parent if possible, if none CPS


What is the procedure for handcuffing suspects in civil disturbance in an encirclement?

if they are resistive/combative should be handcuffed before leaving the encirclement

if they are passive/nonresistive they may be handcuffed at the prebooking area


When can chemical agents and/or nonlethal weapons be used?

DISPERSING LARGE, illegally assembled and/or riotous crowds that are endangering lives and/or property.


Who may authorize the use of chemical agents and/or nonlethal weapons ?

on scene chp commander or in his absence, thank ranking on scene manager/supervisor


When will 37mm nlw's be assigned?

only during civil disturbance operations with approval of division commander or designee


the 37 mm nlw shall not be fired at an individual or group closer than ________?

30 feet. rounds shall be skipped off of the ground about 6 feet in front of target


Can a 37mm be shot close up?

only in deadly force, only effective w/ 10 feet though probably


How often shall chemical protective masks be inspected ?

before use and semi annually


How long is an area considered contaminated after use of chemical agents?

24 hrs


what color canisters are for smoke and gas?

gas= blue
smoke = yellow