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How many bargaining unites is the CHP in contract with?

12 of the 21


What does the Dills Acts provide?

Represented employees have the right to be rep'd by their exclusive rep's for wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.


If there is a conflict between policy and the MOU what is controlling?

The MOU or contract is always controlling


Are rep's on equal ground when dealing with management while in there representative capacity?



What is required if a rep wants access to state facilities for rep business?

1-must states purpose and request from commander or designee with a reasonable amount of time prior
2- must also have permission from their immediate supervisor to do it during work hours
* it will be granted unless it would interfere with efficient operations, or it could create a safety, security or work load issue. IF access is denied an alternative time should be provided.


What is required if a reap wants to use a bulletin board to post association business?

1-it shall be dated, and initialed by the rep and and a copy shall be given to commander
2- if doubt exists about the material posted, per should be consulted before removal
3-if it is taken down, the association should be contacted. management retains final authority for removal


What state items can be used state employees for rep duties?

phones, copiers, audio-visual equipment, fax machines can all be used as long as the state doesn't incur any cost for the use of them.


What things shall not be by state employees for association duties?

State vehicles, and USPS


Can the state email be used for association business?

the union is permitted incidental and minimal use .


Can an employee shift adjust for representational matters?

No the use of release time for employee rep matters may only be granted during the employee's working hours.


Can a rep go outside of his area to rep somebody?

STATE release time is only allowed from employee's from their area of primary responsibility. However they could use time from vacation, dock, or another bank.


CAN STATE release time be used for off site meetings for rep matters??

shall not, if operations will won't be impacted they can use their own time though (CTO, vacation, etc.)


Can an employee be granted state release time for representing themselves?



What are the retention times for grievances and complaints ?

1 year from final action


What are the speciality pay positions that require "removal for cause"? (4) Who must approve it?

pilot or flight officers

Must be approved through channels by appropriate assistant commissioner