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Category A Blue Team entries require notifications to who and when?

immediate notification to Entac and entry into Blue teams "Threshold-atty-client priv w/ 24 hrs.


Category B Blue Team entries require notifications to who and when?

Just require entry into Blue Teams Threshold-atty-client priv on the next business day


When shall a potential civicl action incident be entered into Blue teams "pCl attorney client priv" ?

within 48 hrs of incident. This doesn't include a use of force with just minor injuries.


How would a slip and fall in the of the area office with a broken ankle be entered into blue team?

w/ 48 hours into the PCL attorney client priv.


How would an innocent party running over a spike strip be entered into blue team?

w/ 48 hours into the plc attorney client priv.


What do you do when you cannot complete a "threshold-atty-client-priv" or PCL Attorney client priv" in the required timelines?

you shall Input as much info as possible into blue team.


A CHP 271 ( critical incident risk management response protocol documentation/materials checklist shall be attached to what?

all entries"threshold-atty-client-priv" or PCL Attorney client priv" into blue team


All reports, documents, audio tapes marked on CHP271 should be scanned and attached as files in blue team? what about mvars files?

no, you SHALL
Mvars are too large, they shall be mailed to rms.


How long shall documents that are listed on CHP271 be retained for at the area office?

five year litigation hold


RMS stands for what?

risk management section


What shall happen to each CHP 287 prior to it being submitted to RMS?

it shall be date stamped.


What are the EEO protected parties?

Age (40 and above), ancestry, color, disability, gender (gender identity), marital status, genetic information, medical condition, national origin, political affiliation or opinion, race, religion, retaliation, sex (includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and sexual harassment), sexual orientation, and military status.


how long will a 20001 vc with severe injury report be retained at the office?

7 years


how long are unsolved fatal 2000 1vc retained for?



Must a non-unformed or uniformed show their CHP employee ID during the commission of departmental business if requested?

Yes they MUST


Officers and Sgts who are not EMT's shall attend Emr training how often?

8 hour course every two years


HOW should the CEW X-2 be pre-patrol checked?

with the safety on, take out both cartridges, and pull the trigger while it's in tube or designated safe location, turn off, then put cartridges back in and press the arc switch for .


Who does in state explorer competitions need to be approved through?

chain of command at area and division


Who does out of state explorer competitions need to be approved through?

appropriate commisioner


Explorers SHALL not handle any weapon or firearm unless what?

participating in level 4, or during sanctioned explorer shooting competitions.


How often shall Cultural Awareness and ethics training take place?

Annually, however classroom training will be every 4th year.


What is required if a juvenile has been entered into any "shared gang database"?

notification must be sent to the juvenile, and the parent or guardian, unless it would comprise there safety. Just 1 notification is required, not each entry.


If a police officer or firefighter is driving their personal car at the request or direction of their department in the performance of their duties what happens?

They shall report within 10 info to their insurance company. it is considered an on duty accident. the employer shall be listed as the r/o and the insurance will be listed as the government entity.


New training policy for shooting?

at least one shoot annually shall incorporate a component of tactical movements while firing the weapon. For officers and sergeants.


Investigations of internal complaints of discrimination shall be completed and submitted to EEOS within?

60 calendar days. if extension is needed the division chief shall request through appropriate assistant commissioner.