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When should a stop just for expired reg be made?

the beginning of the second month following the month of expiration.


What is the policy on partial year reg enforcement?

shall be dismissible for the first 20 days its expired.
after the first 20 it should be non dismissible


Can you tow a vehicle for 22651(o)VC just for no record on file?

not just the license plate, but if the vin comes back no record on file, the officer may tow it.


After a vehicle has been towed for 22651 (o) VC, what needs to be done for it to be released?

1- proof of reg in compliance is shown
2- the storing agency may, at it's discretion, issue the r/o a citation and release the vehicle.


Who must approve towing a vehicle under authority of section 9801 vc? Who needs to be noticed and when?

Supervisor who is familiar with the contents of the section.
DMV shall be advised by noon of the first business day after the seizure


Explain 6700 VC foreign Reg...

owner a vehicle (other than commercial vehicle) registered in a foreign state are to apply w/ 20 days of employment or residence in this state, including a corporation having an established business within the state and regularly using a vehicle subject to registration (immediately). `


All areas will maintain a viable CRFR program and shall assign an area coordinator. What is the minimum what will they do in regards to enforcing the program?

A CRFR letter should be mailed to any r/o possessing a ca DL who is evading California regs fee's.


Can a CRFR can grant an extension to an r/o who is diligently working towards properly registering their vehicle in California an extension for how long?

no longer than 6 months form day the letter was first sent.


What three types of fees are paid on commercial registration?

Basic reg fee
Vehicle license fee (based on value)
Weight Fee's


Who can drive a special plated dealer vehicle for personal use?

A manufacturer or rep, a dealer, or a distributor or a rep.
The privilege is not extended to employees or family members.


How long can a prospective buyer operate a special plated dealer owned vehicle?

7 days max (shall have authorization letter if sales person not present)


Who shall suspected special plate dealership violations be reported to ?

memo to CVS