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Deadly force is authorized when?

-Defend yourself or other from what is believed to be imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury
- When necessary to apprehend a suspect who you believe has committed a felony involving the use or threatened use of deadly force (except ADW vehicle)
- When necessary to apprehend a person who has committed ADW with vehicle and you believe it has resulted in serious injury or death.

(the last two require you to avoid voce that might subject innocent to possible death or injury and "all other means have been exhausted")


Is Demeanor a force option?



What are the 7 different use of force options?

Control Hold
Deadly Force
Personal Weapons
Less-Leathel Shotgun


What two key principles must employee's be guided by in the understanding and application of the use of force policy?

-Sound force reasonable for the situation as provided by law and in conformance with Departmental policy.
- The use of only that force reasonable for the situation as provided by law and in conformance with departmental policy


How often shall the contents of 70.6 be reviewed by officers and sgts?



When shall a 268 be done in regards to use of force?

-Whenever any of the force options are use in an enforcement situation. (doesn't include display)
-When the use of a control hold or handcuffs on a suspect results in an injury or complaint of an injury.
- when a high risk or felony stopped is used on an innocent party


When can an officer discharge a firearm at an animal?

-self defense or defense of another
-to destroy critically injured animal, (when safe to do so)
-when necessary to destroy rabid animals or animal attacking livestock


Do you have to have supervisors approval to dispatch animal?

Should be obtained, with consideration to location and employee's experience.


Supervisor Responsibility in OIS

1 notify commander(S) (your agency and local authority)
2 respond and assume IC responsibilities
3- Coordinate resources with the primary agency
4- request appropriate CIIT (if applicable, depends on sop)
5- ensure all the first responders responsibilities have been completed.
6- provide safety of employees, victims, suspects and witness. Make sure all weapons are accounted for.
7-Provide the integrity of shooting scene by establishing perimeter.
8- do not allow allied agency to interview or interrogate our employee until our investigator can be consulted first.
9- use OIS on scene guidelines


What do we do if the primary agency doesn't want to let an supervisor (one rank higher than shooter) form our department in on the interview?

Shall inform employee of the legal representation program


How long do we keep a copy of the shooting report?

10 years plus the current year.


How long do we keep the evince from a shooting?

10 years plus current year unless there is still civil litigation


How much time can an employee receive off after a shooting if its requested by the commander and approved by ACF?

5 days


If the officers soft body armor is penetrated by a bullet what is required?

a report shall be forwarded to business service section w/ 10 working days concerning ballistic protection


For officer safety reason's, what is not discussed when a officer involved shooting is being discussed with the media?

whether or not the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest
Shall not*


Should you try to get the owners permission before dispatching an animal?

if possible


When does the discharge of a firearm need to be reported? 6 of them

1-intentional discharge of any firearm by an officer on duty
2- the intentional discharge of any firearm while off duty, in the direction of or causing injury to any person or toward the property of another person without their consent
3- accidental discharge on duty
4-off duty A/D with a firearm that may be concealed
5-warning shots fired off duty in attempt to apprehend a suspect
6- intentional or a/d by a non uniformed employee while on duty


what is required if you shoot an animal on duty?

shall submit a memo to his commander


Can info b withheld from the media if it can be proven it would jeopardize the investigation or endanger the safety of a person?

YEs, includes employee's, victims, suspects.


When are we exempt from the rules of the road? 4

in response to emergency call
engaged in rescue operations.
in the immediate pursuit of suspected or actual violator
in response to, but not returning from fire alarm


Can you engage in a pursuit with civilian in the car?

should not, peace officers only


Supervisors responsibilities in pursuit? 4

1- shall take active role in pursuit and conduct evaluation
2- discontinue when necessary (unsafe speed, risk vs gain)
3- ensure purist is conducted within policy (# of units, request for air, notification of allied agencies)
4- proceeding to the termination point if at all practicable to supervise and collect info


Is a supervisors permission needed before legal intervention?

should be obtained


Ramming shouldn't occur above what speed?

35 mph


What can you not use spike strips on?

m/c's, haz mat, busses with passengers, anything else that would pose a hazard


If a vehicle experienced brake fade or any other problems during a pursuit, what SHALL they do?

place it out of service


When shall pursuit policy be reviewed?

For officer and sgts, quarterly or when they transfer


What needs to be completed annually by employees every year in regards to pursuits?

CHP 228 Pursuit Policy Attestation


How often does policy require vehicle speedometers to be calibrated?

90 days or 30,000 miles


How should firearms be pointed on a high risk stop?
What about shotgun or rifle?

low ready
low ready, with round racked, and safety on


What's the major difference between high risk stop and felony stop, as far as tactics?

high risk = gun at low ready
felony stop= gun pointed at suspect


Minimum amount of officers that should perform high risk or felony stoP?

3, but should be more


Can you use a frontage road to pace a vehicle?



What enforcement me should be directed towards during commute?

hazardous accident and congestion - causing violations


How often must uniformed employee's attend training for enforcement tactics, arrest tech, and use of safety equipment? and how long? What happens if you fail?

8 hrs/ annually
refresher training for a period not to exceed 30 days after certificate is due, if they fail again after training, they are plead on interim.


Where should you attach with personal weapons?

eyes, throat, groin, neck, and back


What are the two approved control holds?

bent wrist, and twist lock


Do all person's arrested have to be handcuffed?
what about to the front?

officer may cuff to the front if, sick (injured or disabled), elderly, visibly pregnant


When is the only time a female riding in a car doesn't need to be announced to dispatch?

government employee's on official business or on ride alongs


How is a hogtied prisoner transported? Any special considerations?

shall be placed on his side and monitored the entire time


What should employee's do when they apply a spit sock?

shall advise supervisor


Where should the spit sock be in a patrol car?

fist aid kit in the trunk


What shall you do if you 10-15 is combative?

Have dispatch alert the jail


who can a spit sock go on?

only 10-15's, 5150's or minors who you have taken car of per 305 of W&I


Injuries to prisoner's shall be documented on what?

arrest report, CHP21, and CHP268


What are the rules for using pepper spray?

shall not be used at less than 3 feet, unless extreme danger exits.
The projected should not be aimed at the eyes at a distance of less than 5 feet


How do you decontaminate oc spray?

remove from area, flush with cool water (no more than 30 minutes after spray), and document the OC spray on the booking sheet and notify jailer


Can you put regular ammo in a less leather shotgun?

AT NO TIME Shall it be done!!!!


Can you shoot a less lethal shotgun at a potentially lethal are of the body? what are they?

only if deadly force is justified
head, neck, throaty, and spine


What are the normal targeted areas for less lethal shotgun?

hip, pelvic, or buttoch regions, or other large muscle mass ground in the lower body suck as thighs and calves


Where shall the officer avoid intentionally aiming for with the CEW?

head, face, neck, throat, groin and spine


Officer shall not use the few if they believe....

-the suspect has been exposed to flammable liquids
-they could fall from a substantial height or into water
-or on pregnant women, elderly or frail, suspects less than 80 pounds, or children.
- should not be used against a person who is in control of a vehicle if it can be put into motion.


If the probe can be removed from a CEW deployment, what shall be done?

swabbed with an antiseptic wipe and a first aid adhesive strip applied


What area shall a CEW probe not be removed from?

breast (on female)
head or eyes
spinal column


After a probe is shot from a CEW what shall be done with it?

it shall be dealt with like biohazard and booked into evidence