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How many area reps per office?

1 Rep and 1 alternate.


How much time is a rep allowed to assist employee at each level of grievance or complaint? What about skelly response? Arbitration?

4 Hours for each
8 hours for Arbitration
time may be extended with approval of commander of oer.


Can a CAHP rep inpsect an employee's personnel file?

Yes, with there consent during business hours.


When can CAHP reps hand out literature?

Before or after work, or during meals where work isn't being performed.


What is IDR (informal dispute resolution)?

Where a CAHP rep acts on half of an employee using (meet and confer" to informally resolve adverse written comments (10 form, mod, form 2, incident reports, etc) If employee initiates process, they shall not file a grievance, or complain for same matter.


IDR times frames

Informal discussion first w/ 21 days of event, sup has 7 days to respond
Level 1
21 days w/ in issuance of form to advise and meet and confer
21 days for decision by commander shall render after meet and confer
Level 2
21 days after commanders decision you must appeal
21 days for decision by division commander shall render after meet and confer
Level 3
21 days after division commanders decision you may request formal meet and confer
21 days after meet and confer, the office of the commissioner will render a decision.

IDR can be withdrawn at anytime, and level 3 is the highest



is a dispute involving the interpretation, application, or enforcement of the express terms of the MOU.



Is a dispute involving the application or interpretation of written policy or rule.


Are the time frames the same for grievance and complaint?
what are they?

YEs, it shall start as a discussion w/ supervisor w/ in 21 days of event. Supervisor shall give decision w/ 7 days of discussion.
level 1 within 21 days after after initial incident or 7 days after supervisor gave decision a it shall be filed
department must respond w/ in 14 days
Level 2 within 14 days of decision it shall be filed
department must respond w/ 21 days
Level 3 within 14 days of decision it shall be filed
department must respond w/ 21 days (end of line for complaint because goes to commissioner for final decision)

(Grievance only)
Level 4 within 14 days of decision, it can be appealed to DPA and they have 45 days to respond.


Additional info on grievance and complaints-?

employee can withdraw at any time, if employee fails to meet times lines its null and void, if department fails, it automatically goes to next level. shall not be put in employee's personnel file and shall be kept confidential.


What is minor discipline?

suspension without pay of 5 days or less, or 5% pay reduction for five months or less (excluding formal reprimands)


How long before minor discipline shall the employee be notified?

in person or by mail 5 working days before.


How soon must an employee appeal a minor discipline?

must be in writing within 10 calendar days of the service to them.


Bilingual pay?

$100 per month


Canine care and maintenance $

156.65 per month it is not a subject to removal for cause either because it is for maintenance


Educational incentive pay?

2.5 % (no less than $120 or 5 % ( no less than $240)


field training pay?

5% per day they train new employees, retraining old, or cmto


vehicle theft or fraud pay

$50 per month- must meet or exceed in all critical tasks


motor pay

%4, no less than $175 per month


Paramedic who work full at duties

$50 per month, must meet or exceed in all critical tasks


night shift pay? when and how much?

$1.50 per hour, with 4 or more hours between 2300 and 0600


Swing shift pay? when and how much

$1.00 per hours, with 4 or more hours between 1800 and 0100.


PPP incentive pay?

under 5 years $65 per month
5 years or more $130 per month


Business calls?

1 call per day, less than 30 minutes = $10, more than 30 minutes = 4 hours of ot.


When is the only time CTO required to be taken?

when travel no connected with enforcement duties, such as travel to or from the academy or other school for training


Max CTO amount

480 hours


Call back

4 hours credited if call out was not prior to completion of last work shift
4 hours credited if notification is prior to end of shift, an call out begins more than 3 hours after shift ends.
4 hours credited if court call back is limited to 4 hours unless multiple cases, then entire time is accrued unless, second case is more than 6 hours after first case ends. then 2 call backs are allowed. If there are 3 hours or less before or after shift time, ot shall be paid, call back doesn't apply employee can be required to work during these hours.
1 1/2 hours travel can be claimed each way.


Telephonic subpeonas

If on rdo or off, and you are required to testify over the phone, he shall be credited with 2 hours ot, unless he responds to the office, and then he would fall under call back status.


Short notice cancellation-

If not notified within 24 hours prior to scheduled court or OT, you will get $50. Can't get this if you have two subpoenas and one goes, and cant get two in one day unless they are more than 6 hrs apart.


STandby pay

Must be available to report in 1 1/2 hours. shall be paid at 1/4 ratio. may only receive 5 hours per day.