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How are supervisors to document reported unsafe or unhealthy conditions? (form)

CHP113B and make sure it is posted so all employees can see it.


The command safety coordinator has several duties in support of the commanders occupational safety program. within what time frame shall a newly appointed coordinator conduct a command self inspection (chp453m)?
What rank shall they be and how long shall they appointed for?

within 30 days

SGT or above, for at least 1 year


What are the target projections for occupational safety based on?

the previous 3 year average, and a percentage reduction established by executive management


What does an employee need to do if hey want to use a private vehicle on state business?

authorized by commander only and the driver certifies to keep the vehicle in safe condition and maintain insurance. A CHP 261 must be on file. the must also take authorized training


Legally, each manager/ supervisor is held accountable for ensuring that employees receive _______ on the proper use of _______ __________.


safety equipment


How long does a command have to respond to an alleged unsafe condition when DOSH issues a complaint letter? What else is requited until the unsafe condition is fixed?

the command must investigate and respond w/ 14 calendar days in writing.

A copy of the complaint otter and the commands response are to be posted for at least 3 days or until the condition is corrected.


how often do non-uniformed employee's who "frequently drive" (once a month or more) need to complete driver training?

every four years


How often must uniformed employees receive commentary driver training? how long is it and who does it?

minimum of 1 hour per year and it will be conducted by a supervisor