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Who may use EAP?

employee, spouses and dependent children


Can management force an employee to go to EAP? Is supervisor approval required?

no, its voluntary

no approval needed


How many sessions are provided free of charge for EAP?

7 sessions for unit 5,7, and non represented employees

3 for all others


What time can an employee use for EAP sessions?

sick time

vacation or CTO if they want to keep it confidendtial


When is the only times EAP info would be released? (4)

1- written approval of employee
2- when lawfully subpoenaed
3- when they express a desire to hurt themselves or someone else
4- confession to a crime


IS peer support required?

no, voluntary


Can a peer support person be found insubordinate for failure to divulge information obtained in their duties as peer support in an Admin investigative for misconduct?

NO, only for illegal actives they admitted to


How much training is required for peer support personnel?

initial 32 hour course

16 hours annual maintenance training


IF a commande requests peer support for an incident, what rank SHOULD the personnel be?

AT least equal or higher rank


Are state time and state vehicles authorized for peer support call outs?

they are if the commander requested it.
if no state car is available, reimbursement for personal car will be approved.
direct to a person they know are voluntary and conducted on peer supports on time.


When is the Critical incident response team respond to an area?

for any line of duty death, they can also be requested for off duty death.


When is a critical incident stress debriefing required? within how long?

when involved in a shooting and is to occur within 72 hours or asap