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Through the south ____________ authorized local officials to apprehend unemployed blacks, fine them, and hire them out to private employers. Some forbade blacks to own/ leased arms to take jobs other than plantation workers/ domestic servants (like slaves).

Black codes


What settled the election of 1876, where federal troops were removed from Louisiana and south carolina and concessions for building a southern transcontinental railroad?

Compromise of 1877


Secret society entitled _________. Whites used intimidation and violence to undermine reconstruction regimes and prevented blacks from voting.

Klu Klux Klan


The union officer who marched through Atlanta to the sea in 1864-1866 was?

William T Sherman


The union general officer that elected president after the civil war was named__________?

Ullisys S Grant


The name of the colonel led the Colorado militia to the sand creek massacre.

John chivington


The name of the southern Cheyenne chief who died at the Battle of Washita was ________?

Black Kettle


Made human labor compatible with demands of the machine age and increased employers control on the work place. Sped up production and made workers more interchangeable.



Produced the first of famous cars in 1917 almost 5 million automobiles in America. Also introduced moving assembly lines for automobile plants in 1914.

Henry ford


1873 opened steel works and soon dominated the industry. Used stock to finance and created US steel corp.

Andrew Carnegie


1870 formed standard oil company of Ohio & soon acquired 20 to 25 refineries in Cleveland (started expanding horizontally) By 1880s, he established great dominance with in petroleum industry that he was the leading symbol of monopoly to nation.

John D Rockefeller


misapplication to human's society of Charles Derwin's laws of evolution and natural selection among species. Believed only the fittest individuals survived and flourished in the marketplace.

Herbert Spencer, carterism


Powerful AFL leader. Concentrated on wages, hours, and working conditions. Demanded national 8hr workday and called for general strike if goals were not achieved by May 1886

Samuel Gauntless


American railway union leader, defied fed court after using injunction forbidding Union to continue strike, Arrested and imprisoned, and strike collapsed.

Eugene Debbs


Developed first telephone with commercial capacity. 1900 had 1.35 million telephones and 1920 had 13.3 million.

Alexander Grambell


Militant labor organization which sometimes used violence/ murdered in battle with coal operators. Instigated by informers and agents employed by mine owners who wanted to

Molley McGuires


A Quaker women who worked tirelessly for women's rights in America

Susan b Anthony


an infamous riot that generated attention to the terrible conditions of American factory workers in then late nineteenth century

Pullman strikes


Most celebrated state-level reformer (Wisconsin) "laboratory of progressivism" Won approval of direct primaries , initiatives, and referendums. Regulated RR/utilities. Passed laws regulating workplace and compensation for job injuries

Robert M. La Follette


Upton Sinclair's novel in 1906 revealing appalling descriptions of conditions in the meat packing industry, Roosevelt passed meat inspection act (helped)

The jungle


Journalist who produced study of standard oil trust. (Showed new spirit of national reform... Directed public attention toward social, economic, and political injustices)

Ida Tarbell


Social scientist who proposed new economic system which power would reside in hands of highly trained engineers (they could understand "machine process")

Thorstein Veblen


One of Wilsons proposed measures to deal with monopoly problem 1914. Proposed stronger measure to break trusts (Wilson lost interest and did little to protect it from conservative assaults)

Clayton antitrust act


British passenger liner sank by German submarine without warning, causing 1,198 deaths (128 Americans). Most Americans considered the attack an unprovoked act on civilians.



Two Italian immigrants charged with murder of a play master in MA. Case against weak, but both men were confessed anarchist. Convicted and sentenced to death

Sacco and Vanzetti


1904 announced Monroe Doctrine. Roosevelt claimed that US had the right to oppose European intervention in western Hemisphere but also intervene in domestic affairs of neighbors( if they unable to maintain order/ national sovereignty).

Roosevelt Corelary


British gave Wilson intercepted said sent by German foreign minister (Arthur Z) to gov't of Mexico. proposed that in war between US and Germany, Mexicans should join Germany.

Zimmerman Tellegram


Laws in 1918 that were said individuals who combat spying' sabotage, or obstrustion of war effort or made any public expression of opposition to war illegal. Allowed officials to prosecute anyone who criticized president or gov't.

Espinoge & Syndiction act


An organization that was to be constructed via the 14 pts. , that turned out to be weakened from lack of membership of Russia and the United States.

the league of nations


Encouraged blacks to reject assimilation into white society and to develop pride in their own race and culture



Palmer and J Hoover led raids on alleged radical centres through out country, arresting more than 6,000 people. These became known as the

Bomber raids


The court held that separate accommodations did not deprive blacks of equal rights if accommodations were equal in 1896

Plessy v. Ferguson


Name 3 neutral countries

Sweden, Norway, & Spain


Offered amnesty to southerners who pledged loyalty. Resembled Wade-Davis Bill.

Johnson reconstruct


Name 3 central powers

Austria Hungary, Germany,& Ottoman Empire


Forbade states and fed government to deny suffrage to any citizen

15th amendment


Name 4 allied powers

U.K., France, Russia, Serbia


Under the system of ------ most black agricultural laborers became tenants of white landowners. They worked their own plots of land and paid their landlords fixed rent/ share of crops

Share croppers


name the country that has dissappeared from the pre 1914 map?



Name this gun

Maxim Machine gun


What is this an example of?

Tight lacing


Women who wore this were wearing what?