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Overall the United States in 1790

Was predominantly rural society 82% of households were involved in agricultural production


They were much more free blacks

As a result of the social turmoil during the Revolutionary war


Why did Pres. Washington assume office

He felt he had been summoned by his country


Although John Adams criticize Washington for being too ill literate Washington possessed

Virtues that Adams liked


Washington also possessed

Political skills convincing the Continental Congress to keep his army supplied


What did Washington appeal for in his inauguration

National unity and pleading the new Congress to abandon local prejudices and party animosities in order to create a national outlook necessary for the republic to survive


For the department of state Washington appointed



For secretary of treasury

Pick Alexander Hamilton


Edmund Randolph fill the new position

Attorney general


Congress set the membership of highest court to

Six members and five associates and created 13 federal district courts


Who was the first chief justice

John jay


Who requested a Bill of Rights

Massachusetts New York Virginia and North Carolina


Who proposed the Bill of Rights



The first eight amendments to the Constitution provided

Safeguards for specified rights of individuals including freedom of religion press speech and assembly


Ninth and 10th amendments address the demand for

Specific statements and the numeration of rights in the Constitution shall not be constructed to deny or disparage others retained by the people


The man who drafted an amended the constitution

No direct mention of God


They were determined to protect

Freedom of religion from government and Fred was interference or coercion


Governments have three basic ways to raise money to pay their bills

They can impose taxes they can borrow money by selling interest pain government bonds and they can print money


To raise government money Hamilton believe

United States needed to unleash the energy in the Bashan of its citizens so as to create a vibrant economy driven by the engines of capitalism


Hamilton insisted that the state debts from the revolution were a

National responsibility because all Americans had benefit from the war for Independence


Hamilton also believed that a government commitment to repay its debts would give

Investors a direct stake in the success of the new national government


A national debt he claimed would serve

Mechanism for national unity and prosperity


Hamiltons controversial first report on public credit made two met commandments

It called for funding the federal debt at face value which meant that citizens holding deflated war bonds could exchange them for new interest-bearing bonds and second I declare that the federal government should assume state debts from the revolution


Madison was troubled by Hamiltons economical system

Because it would make speculative investors become the chief beneficiaries


New England with the largest unpaid debts stood to be

The greatest beneficiary of Hamiltons plan for the federal government to pay off the state debts


Madison had another alternative which was

How the government assumes state debts as they stood in 1783 at the conclusion of the Peace treaty


In return for northern votes in favor of locating the permanent national capital of on the Potomac River

Madison pledge to seek enough southern votes to pass the debt assumption plan


Hamiltons financing scheme was in

Immediate success


What did the second of the reports of public credit include

Proposal for a liquor tax to raise revenue to recommended a national Bank and a national mint


What was the report on manufactures

It proposed an extensive programof government aid and other encouragement to stimulate the development of manufacturing and prizes so as to reduce the dependence imported goods


What were the three priorities of the bank

To serve as a secure repository for government funds and facilitate the transfer of money to other nations to provide loans to the federal government and two other banks to facilitate economic development and to manage the nation's money supply by regulating the money issuing activities of state-chartered banks


I holding government bonds and using them for collateral

The national Bank could issue banknotes thereby providing a national currency that would address the chronic shortage of gold and silver coins


Why did Madison oppose the national Bank

There is no basis in the Constitution for a national Bank


The national Bank demonstrated the differences between the north and the south

Because the north favorite at it but the South opposed it


What were the main questions with the national Bank

Should there be a strict or broad construction of the Constitution or the powers of Congress only those explicitly stated or were others implied


In the last of us celebrate reports the report on manufactures

He set in place of the capstone of his design firm of a modern national economy: governmental encouragement of manufacturing enterprises


What were several advantages that Hamilton believed manufactures could do

It would bring diversification to an economy dominated by agriculture improve productivity by the greater use of machinery provide paperwork for those not ordinarily employed outside the house encourage immigration to provide industrial workers create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and expanded domestic market


To nurture industrial development Hamilton endorse the imposition of

Tariffs on foreign imports


Hamilton also urged the federal government to

Find improvements in transportation including development of roads canals and rivers for commercial traffic


Republicans worried about the threat to

Individual freedoms and states rights posed by a strong central government


What were the main differences between Hamilton and Jefferson

Hamilton feared anarchy and loves the building Jefferson feared tyranny and love liberty


Americans viewed the French Revolution with

Sympathy as a reminded them of the American Revolution


The much celebrated front experiment and liberty equality and fraternity began to transform

Itself into a monster


Thomas Jefferson wholeheartedly endorse

The efforts of the French revolutionaries to replace the market with the republican form of government


The French Revolution also transform international relationships and set in

Motion a series of complex European wars that would frustrate the desire of the young United States to remain neutral and won't


By the 1778 treaty of alliance do United States was a

How are your friends obligated to defend European nations possessions in the west Indies


Why did America want to stay neutral

To maintain lucrative trade with both sides


In addition the American had no

Navy To support the war


What was Hamilton's answer to the Revolutionary War?

Declare the French alliance formed during the American Revolution invalid because it had been made with the French government with that no longer exist


However Jefferson wanted to delay

And use the alliance as a bargaining point with the British


Washington in the end took

Neither side and instead declared United States friendly and a partial towards the belligerent powers and warned the citizens of the US that they might be prosecuted. For aiding or abetting hostilities


Austin's proclamation brought to a boil the feud

Hamilton and Jefferson as Jefferson dashed off and every letter to James Madison urging as I want to take up your pen and cut Hamilton to pieces in the newspapers


What did Citizen Genet do?

He had recruited privateers the captured British ships and also conspired with the frontiersman and let land speculators to organize attack on Spanish Florida and Louisiana


When radicals again power in France they send agents to America to

Arrest Genet


Jefferson was so disgusted by Pres. Washington's refusal to support the French Revolution that he he

Resign from Secretary of State


What did Jay's treaty promise

Excepted the British definition of neutral rights that exports of our pitch and other products needed for warships for contraband and that military products cannot go in neutral ships to enemy ports, French privateers would not be outfitted in American imports, The British need not compensate US citizens for the enslaved African Americans during the Revolutionary war and that pre-Revolutionary war debts would be paid


What were the political parties view of the Jay's Treaty

The Democratic Republicans favored France and it's a war with Britain and was furious as they claimed the treaty was unconstitutional


74% of those voting against the treaty



Who led the march into the Indian country with some 2600 men and built fort Greenville

Anthony Wayne


What was the battle of fallen timbers

It was a battle between the Americans and the Indians the Americans repulsed them and then destroy their fields and villages Indians frustrated by their inability to stop the relentless with the white sellers encroaching on the tribal lands finally reached the Treaty of Greenville


What was the Treaty of Greenville

United States bought from 12 tribes the rights to the South eastern corner of Northwest territory


Alexander Hamilton's federal tax on liquor

Infuriated frontiersmen because it taxed their most profitable commodity


How did the rebels respond to the tax

Burn the house of the federal tax collector and destroy the skills of those who paid the whiskey tax, stopped court proceedings and assault on Pittsburgh


Excessive force use against the frontiersman led many

To become Republicans


What was Pickney treaty

It one of substance of the boundary of the 31st parallel open access for Americans to ship goods on the Mississippi River the right to transport goods to New Orleans and a promise by each side to refrain from inciting attacks on the other side


What were the two viewpoints on the matter of land policy

Somehow that federal land should serve mainly as a source of revenue where as others thought it was more important to get the new country settle quickly and an endeavor that require dlow land prices


What was the land act of 1796

Congress extended the rectangle or surveys ordained in 1785 and doubled the price to 2 dollars per acre. It was well beyond the means of ordinary settlers in a bit much even for speculators


What was the land act of 1800

Produce the Mendham unit two 320 acres and sprite payments over four years


What was Land act of 1804

The Mendham unit was reduced to hundred and 60 acres and the price per acre went down to a dollar 64


What were washington's main achievements

He organized a new national government security national treasury recovery of territory from Britain and Spain a stable washing frontier and the admission of Vermont Kentucky and Tennessee


What did Washington's farewell address call for

Unity among the people


Washington opposed

Permanent foreign alliances


The Federalist counter that Jefferson was

A French loving atheist eager to insight another war with Great Britain


Also charge that the philosophical Jefferson was

Not decisive enough


Hamilton hatched on and impulsive scheme that said

Pinckney would be more subject to his influence than would the strong minded Adams


John Adams inherited an undeclared naval war with

France a byproduct of Jay's Treaty


What was the XYZ affair

It was when the Americans try to compensate with France but the negotiations can only begin if the US paid a bribe of $250,000


What was the response to the XYZ affair

It's slogan was millions for defense but not one cent for tribute


It was so bad that many Republicans

Quit making excuses for France


Congress responded to the affair

By authorizing the capture of French ships, suspended commerce with France and suspended the 1778 treaty of alliance


As a result of the nation patriotism with patriotism and war fever

Militias March and both mobilized and a navy began to emerge


By the end of the year and undeclared naval war

Have begun in the West Indies with the French capture of an American schooner


Adams relented but expressed his disgust

For naming Hamilton general as he was the most restless intriguer of United States if not the world thus the rift among the Federalist widened further


What was the convention of 1800

And return of giving up all claims of indemnity for American losses they got official suspension of the 1778 perpetual alliance with France and the end of the navel conflict with France


What were the alien sedition acts

Limited freedom of speech and the press and the liberty of the aliens they were goaded by his wife and Adam signed the controversial statute


What did Timothy Pickering claim

Claim that Adams had acted without consulting any member of government because he knew that we should all be opposed to the measure


By succumbing to the partisan hysteria and by enacting the vindictive acts

Adam seemed to not do well for his country


The naturalization act

Like then from 5 to 14 years the residential requirement for American citizenship


The alien enemies act

Authorize the president in time for the declared war to expel or in prison enemy aliens


The sedition act

Defined as a high misdemeanor and a conspiracy against legal measures of the government


The sedition act was designed

To punish Republicans Federalist lumped together with French revolutionary radicals and American traitors


Accuse Republicans based their defense

On the unconstitutionally of the sedition act


What were the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions

Denounced the alien station acts as alarming infractions of human rights


The Virginia resolutions drafted by James Madison

Declare that states have the right and are in duty to impose the progress of the evil