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what did Sol Bloom have a knack for?

Promoting and spectacular advertising.


What was Sol Bloom put in charge of inspite of the fact he didn’t
really want to do it?

He was put in charge of selecting and managing concessions for the
Midway Plaisance, and then put in full control of the Midway


With what/whom did Bloom have a contract for to bring to the fair?

The Algerian villiage


What were 2 of the submitted ideas to be the challenger to Eiffel's tower?

J.B. McComber wanted a nearly 9,000 ft tall building with cables
traveling to different cities so you could ride home from the fair.
C.F. Ritchel wanted a tower with a tower inside it, then a tower
inside that, then another inside that.


Burnham had shown level of compassion that was extraordinary up
until he called for round the
clock work crews, what are some examples of his extraordinary compassion?

He paid them even when illness or injury kept them from working and
started a hospital for them. He also made quarters in the park where
they slept in comfortable heat and ate three large meals a day.


Why is Samuel Gompers famous

He is president of the afl


Explain the conflict between Burnham and Davis.

Burnham and Davis vied for control over the building of the fair. As
the lead architect, Burnham thought designing the inside of the
buildings and the exhibits were his job, but Davis wanted to control
them himself. Davis also inferred to congress that Burnham lied about
how much money the fair needed.


Who were Holmes’ next two victims (not the mother/daughter who
were killed but two major love interests) in this chapter?

Emeline Cigrand and Minnie Williams


What did the families of the girls start to do to track down their
lost daughters?

They hired private detectives ("private eyes"), to try to find their
girls killers. They also sent letters.


What was Holmes’ cover for the disappearance of Emeline?

She had gone away and to get married


What other piece of “evidence corroborated his story?

A wedding announcement from Emeline and Robert E. Phelps announcing
their marriage on December 7, 1892.


What did Holmes’ intend to copy from Pitezel’s trip?

He wanted to mimic the popular Keeley cure (for getting over
and sell it in his
own drugstore.


What part of the fair had come under repeated assault by people
wanting their exhibits placed
there, but Olmstead held firm on?

Wooden Island


Who assassinated President Garfield? and who is compared to in the book?

Charles Guiteau. he was compared to Patrick Pendegrast


What was the full name of the steel engineer from Pittsburgh who
came up with the whimsical idea that would top Eiffel’s tower?

George Washington Gale Ferris


While Jack the Ripper found “impoverished whores” in Whitechapel,
Holmes sought out what type of women?

Transitional women. Young, fresh women who had just set out on their
own and didn't know the dangers of freedom


What did he crave from these women according to the author?

Possession and the power it gave him. He adored the anticipation and
slow life of love together and finding out the womens' secrets.


What alias did Holmes use with his new wife?

Robert E. Phelps


Why was Holmes attracted to her?

Her beauty and outgoingness


What was the Silver Ash Institute?

Holmes' own curative spa on the second floor of his Englewood building.


McCallister suggested what in his column in New York World about
the upcoming dedication and
Chicago as a whole?

he said quality, not quantity, was what new yorkers and their society
wanted. He urged Chicago to hire French chefs and told them how to
frappe their wine.


Adedlaide Hollingsworth published a cookbook for the fair, what
funny piece of trivia is located towards the end for inducing

Injecting tobacco into the anus through a pipe stem.


Who was Jacob Riis?

A New York journalist who devoted himself to revealing the squalid
housing of the nation's poor.


Why was he so impressed with Jane Addams?

Her Hull House provided great housing for the poor.


What form of 1900’s mass media launched a crusade against public
nuisances and also backed
mayor candidates?



Who was the 4 time mayor candidate who wins a fifth term much to
the chagrin of Burham?

Carter Harrison


Which President was supposed to kick off the fair with a parade
around Chicago?

Grover Clevand


The Opening Day celebration was behind schedule thanks to
prodigious amounts of what?



What problem did Olmstead have with his replacement for Codman?

He threw himself into minute tasks instead of focusing on big picture
things. He needed to get better at delegating smaller tasks to
subordinates. He also mislead and deceived Olmstead.


What was Millet’s “whitewash gang”?

it was a group of people who painted buildings white by spraying paint
through a hose-like object. They were the first spray-painters.


Burnham’s agreement was a victory for organized labor, explain

It gave the laborers minimum wage and established pay and a half for
overtime, Sundays and holidays.